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A Mental Space Academy ® Portugal divulga, faz consutoria e dá formação Mental Space, Panorama Social e metodologias na área da Psicologia do Espaço Mental

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Mental Space Academy International

We start with the 2-day Mental Space Psychology training by Lucas Derks in Estoril, Portugal ar PNL-Portugal.
Mental Space Academy
With our lovely translator Maria Estrella.


Society for Mental Space Psychology

Saturday Lucas Derks is at the NLP international conference Londen.


Society for Mental Space Psychology

Lucas Derks explains Mental Space Psychology.
MSP workshop at Padberg-Beratung GmbH 24/02/2019

Mental Space Academy ® on LinkedIn: "Existe agora mais um digno representante de Psicologia do Espaço Mental, desta feita na Índia. Acolhemos e congratulamos Bhavana Nissima PhD a este movimento mundial." February 24, 2019: Mental Space Academy ® posted on LinkedIn 20/02/2019

13º número de Aecop Magazine

Panorama Social também em países de língua Espanhola.
Psicologia de Espaço Mental ainda mais divulgada pelo nosso mundo.
Mais informações em Coaching y Empresa


Society for Mental Space Psychology

What is Mental Space Psychology?
In this 15-minute video Lucas Derks explains.

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É já nos próximos dias o lançamento da agenda oficial e calendário de 2019 de cursos em Portugal em Mental Space Psychology e Panorama Social.

Agradecemos a todos pelas solicitações, a breve trecho iremos fazer chegar toda a informação solicitada.

Panorama is an unbroken view of an entire landscape, a vista, a bird's eye view.

Dr Lucas Derks who has been researching Social Panoramas since 1995 has shown that "most people tend to represent family members, and all other people in general, as if they were solid, standing, objects in space. And the way these objects are located in space –in relation to the self– is the main factor defining a relationship. Location appears to be the most common critical submodality in social life."

Here is the registration link for this course.

Did we tell you that you will be receiving international certificate as a Social Panorama Consultant?

Dates: March 23-27, Mumbai.

Early bird closes Feb 24. Tick tock tick tock. Are you in?

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Lucas Derks on NLP-Applications of Mental Space Research

Lucas Derks himself, do allow this investment of 9 minutes in Yourself.
Have You met him yet?
You will have the chance in a short notice to do it personally.

The research into the spatial aspect of cognition results in practical psychotherapeutic tools. Like the Personal Timeline and The Social Panorama. Lucas Der...


Lucas Derks demonstrates the Partners and Ex-Partners Experiment

Lucas Derks demonstra o modelo de Panorama Social - Aproximadamente 7 minutos para ver algo que habitualmente se pode sentir e experienciar nos nossos cursos na Mental Space Academy:

The Partners and Ex-Partners Experiment is part of most Social Panorama Consultants Trainings. The reason is, that it will instantly clarify the role of ment... 13/01/2019

SOMSP, the Society for Mental Space Psychology on LinkedIn: "”We can think about our family and friends in a similar way; for example, on the basis of their height, humour, or income, coding them as tall or short, humorous or humourless, or more...

O Panorama Social e outro estudo científico.
Navigating our Thoughts: Fundamental Principles of Thinking. January 12, 2019: SOMSP, the Society for Mental Space Psychology posted an article on LinkedIn


Mental Space Academy

A Mental Space Academy ® Portugal divulga, faz consutoria e dá formação Mental Space, Panorama Social e metodologias na área da Psicologia do Espaço Mental


A Mental Space Academy aumenta a sua abrangência e chega a mais pessoas a nivel global:

Introducing Dr. Lucas Derks.......

You now have a rare opportunity to meet Dr. Derks in India, but why should you? Who is he?

Dr. Derks is, among other things, a world-renowned Social Psychologist, award-winning Coach, veteran NLP Trainer, pioneer of Mental Space Psychology, and the creator of the Social Panorama model.

He was born in the Netherlands in 1950. His interest in geometry, geography and drawing made him turn to arts. Having worked as a graphic designer for some time, Lucas realised that the life of an artist was a lonesome one. At the age of 26, he switched to psychology and took up Social Psychology as his major. Reading “The Structure of Magic, Vol 1” by Bandler and Grinder changed the course of his life as he decided to focus on NLP work. Lucas was one of the first people in the Netherlands to know about NLP, and in 1983 he became an NLP trainer.

Lucas Derks holds a PhD in Mental Space Psychology (mental space psychology and social psychology both being the basis for the Social Panorama model he has developed).**The Social Panorama model** came from Derks’ avid research into unconscious social cognition, and today the model has become a powerful tool used by many professionals in the fields of coaching, therapy and management consultancy.

Lucas is coming to India for the FIRST TIME ever in about 11 weeks’ time, to deliver his classic Social Panorama Consultant training, which he's been running internationally since 2001. It offers coaches, therapists, counsellors, educators and management consultants a wide range of new tools and methods to solve clients' RELATIONSHIP issues with a simplicity and precision previously unknown. This applies to personal, workplace and other relationships, including larger groups like religions, castes, even nations.

You now have the opportunity to get internationally certified as a Social Panorama Consultant by Dr. Derks himself, using this simple and effective tool in your practice; Training details: Mumbai, March 23 - 27, more info at

More info about Dr. Lucas Derks

Information on the brilliant assistant trainers *Gert Arts* (NL) and *Jacqueline Heemskerk* (NL), also coming to India to support the March training, to follow soon! Watch this space.✨


Mental Space Academy India

*In 1993 - 25 years ago - Dr. Lucas Derks developed the Social Panorama model, based on his vast knowledge of Social Psychology and NLP.

*In 2001, the Social Panorama Consultant Training was developed by Lucas Derks, and it slowly became a global classic.

*In 2005, Dr. Derks published a book called Social Panoramas. This nearly 400-page publication offers coaches, therapists and counsellors a wide range of new tools and methods to solve clients' relationship issues with a simplicity and precision previously unknown.

*Last year, Dr. Derks produced a video-course called Mental Space Atlas (, which covers topics from the history of this new psychological paradigm up to the future use in psychotherapy and psychiatry. It consists of 12 modules.

*In about 11 weeks’ time, Dr. Derks will come to India for the first time, to deliver one of his few trainings in English language. If you’d like to take this rare opportunity to learn from Lucas Derks himself and get internationally certified, get in touch with us.🙏


Society for Mental Space Psychology

Take a look at the site of SOMSP,
You will find free articles, video's, MSP-news and in the bookshop the latest book of Lucas Derks Mental Space Psychology, just like the video course the MSP Atlas.

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Afinal, não há pessoas "normais". Todos temos (uns mais do que outros) a nossa "pancada"

...E é também com esta consciência que trabalhamos na Mental Space Academy.

Obrigado, Visã

Bom Ano! Neurocientistas da Universidade de Yale, nos EUA, dizem que é necessário ter uma visão mais ampla no que diz respeito ao conceito de normalidade, principalmente no campo da psiquiatria

[01/01/19]   A Mental Space Academy Portugal deseja a todos um muito bom 2019.

Até breve !!!


Um Feliz Natal !!!
Mental Space Academy Portugal 05/12/2018

What psychology badly missed; a clear view on the spatial organization of all mental activity.

... And even inforrmation on Mental Space Psychology and mental spatial organization: After 25 years Lucas Derks and his colleages could bridge the gab between spatial cognition theories and the practical psychotherapeutic work with "space". Why is spatial psychotherapy so surpizingly effective: because space is at the heart of the operating system of the mind.


Conhecimento sobre ferramentas para transformar as nossas relações sociais.
Também é exatamente isso que abordamos diariamente em Panorama Social.
Saiba mais em e ligue para +351 918 541 233 ou +351 919 398 776 .

¡Final feliz y exitoso del último seminario 2018!
En Alicante.
Organizado por @mayte.gxg y @marcelgenestar de @pnlplus, a quienes agradezco de corazón el esfuerzo y la valentía de haber sido los primeros en llevar un modelo y herramientas completamente nuevos, el Modelo del Panorama Social -PANSOC- a la provincia de Alicante.

El método PANSOC se expande y valora cada vez más entre coaches y psicólogos.

¿Quieres conocerlo?
¿Quieres experimentar el trabajo bajo un nuevo paradigma -la psicología del espacio mental-, o formas parte de un grupo de profesionales interesados?

¡Contáctame! Soy hoy el único formador habilitado directamente por el creador del modelo, el Dr. Lucas Derks para el mundo de habla española/castellana! Hazlo a través de

Te respondo personalmente.

Con alegría y un gran abrazo



Sociaal Panorama

Momentos inesquecíveis de Lucas Derks e José Figueira acerca de Panorama Social.

Sociaal Panorama Portugal
Lucas Derks geeft ieder jaar de Sociaal Panorama Consultant training in Portugal
José Figueira


New book presented by Lucas Derks about one of our common points of interest:
Our Mental Space Psychology.

If needed, Pls contact us as we will help You get Your own official copy of it.
+351 918 541 233
+351 919 398 776

Where do we go with Mental Space Psychology in the coming years?
The board of SOMSP had a great day about the future plans.
We did this at a special location, the workplace of Michiel, the former prison the Koepel in Breda.
We also received a wonderful present from Lucas: his latest book about Mental Space Psychology.
It is for sale in the Somsp webshop:
The price is for the Netherlands, outside the Netherlands shipping costs are added.

Met Lucas Derks René Y. Koppelaar, Gert Arts, Robert Hemelaar, Jacqueline Heemskerk, Christine Beenhakker, MichielBrandt KennisPraktijk

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Panorama Social e uma das suas bases.
A curiosidade aumenta a cada momento em que o cliente encontra dentro de si mesmo o seu próprio bem estar e recursos. "Como é possivel...?"
É por esta e outras razões que grande parte de profissionais de saúde ligados às areas emocionais e/ou mentais utilizam o modelo de Lucas Derks no seu portfólio de ferramentas de intervenção.
Psicólogo? Terapeuta? Hipnoterapeuta? Psiquiatra? Psicopedagogo? Entra em contacto e certifique-se.
Enriqueça as suas consultas. Traga aos seus pacientes também este modelo. Especialize-se.
Conheça o conceito na Mental Space Academy Portugal.

De las personas que nos rodean, sólo tenemos imágenes en nuestra mente. En ese espacio mental podemos mejorarlas y sentirnos mejor


Panorama Social. Toda a metodologia baseada em conceitos novos da psicologia do espaço mental, que permitem a cada um de nós, seres humanos, ser o que pretendemos em determinados contextos e ter os comportamentos adequados que entendemos como indivíduos, potenciar a nossa identidade e sobretudo atuar em congruência no âmbito das nossas relações.

Alguns dos exemplos:

🧠 Exploração da “Auto-Imagem”
🧠 Lidar com relações sociais
🧠 Relações amorosas e familiares
🧠 Relações de autoridade
🧠 Relações espirituais
🧠 Relações conflituosas

Em respondemos a estas e outras questões.

Conheça e utilize esta ferramenta. Aumente as suas possibilidades e competências técnicas nas áreas de saúde terapêutica, psicológica e mental. 25/11/2018

Fotografia. Na Coreia do Sul, há quem se feche numa prisão para fugir ao trabalho

Como forma de evitar condições psicológicas ou mentais mais desagradáveis, existem soluções criativas, como é o caso do artigo abaixo.
O que tem o modelo Panorama Social a ver com estas e outras condições psicológicas?
Pergunte-nos e respondemos-lhe. Fugir para dentro da prisão é um conceito que poderá confundir as mentes mais convencionais. Longe de caber nesse rótulo est 23/11/2018

Quase um quinto da população portuguesa sofre de doenças mentais

Saiba em que pontos exatamente pode o modelo de Panorama Social ser eficaz em alguns destes casos.
Contacte-nos e saiba mais. De acordo com o relatório Health at a Glance 2018, divulgado esta quinta-feira, Portugal é o quinto país da União Europeia com mais casos de doenças mentais. Os problemas mais comuns são a depressão e a ansiedade.


Society for Mental Space Psychology

Where is my depression gone? by Lucas Derks

The society for mental space psychology ( investigates this treatment method for moderate depression. After explaining the psychology behind it, Lucas Derks demonstrates the method. This is a spontaneous demonstration with a unprepared but very smart and fast client, making it nice to watch.

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Numa era de Powerpoint e outras igualmente boas tecnologias, Lucas Derks faz as suas próprias ilustrações exclusivas para cada ponto e cada conceito. Torna assim a Psicologia do Espaço Mental acessível e divertida em todas as culturas.

In an era of powerpoints and tech-driven decks, Lucas Derks makes his own unique illustrations for each point, each concept. Making Mental Space Psychology accessible and fun across cultures.

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O Panorama Social também em Países de língua espanhola.

Una estructura tan sencilla . . . con la que se pueden generar cambios increíblemente positivos.
Una de las herramientas que brinda el Modelo del Panorama Social


Sobretudo para psicólogos, psicoterapia, psiquiatria, terapeutas e Coaching:

Escolha receber também a newsletter diretamente da Society for Mental Space Psychology.

❗️Note the new newsletter of the Society for Mental Space Psychology with very interesting articles‼️
If you want to receive the newsletter 3 times a year in your mailbox, register.
We hope you find it valuable.
Post your comment below this post.
The board of SOMSP:
Lucas Derks, Robert Hemelaar, René Y. Koppelaar, Gert Arts, Christine Beenhakker, Michiel Brandt, Jacqueline Heemskerk

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Também em espanhol existem ferramentas para sabermos melhor acerca de Panorama Social.
Psicólogos, Psiquiatras, Terapeutas, Coaches, Profissionais da área, estamos todos conectados e ligados, juntos fazemos utilização diária deste modelo.
Mais informações em !

¡Qué alegría! Otro paso más en la difusión de este impactante #ModeloDelPanoramaSocial en el mundo hispanohablante. Desde ahora, a disposición de psicólogos y coaches en formato ebook pdf :-)

Now, the spanish version of the Social Panorama Model of Lucas Derks also avilable as ebook pdf!

Lola Garcia Martín Society for Mental Space Psychology PNL Plus IPH Instituto Potencial Humano AECOP España Escuela Aúna


Mental Space Psychology: An emerging paradigm (by Lucas Derks)

The “International Laboratory For Mental Space Research” (ILMSR) proudly presents this documentary about a new perspective on central issues in cognitive and clinical psychology – the emerging concept of “Mental Space”.

Some of the main proponents of this emerging paradigm talk about their understanding of this concept. Practitioners demonstrate some therapeutic applications in their work.

But what is the concept of “Mental Space” all about?

Everything that exists in the physical universe is located somewhere in space. So the fundamentally 3- dimensional nature of everything can be expected to be reflected in the mind itself, too. And there is good evidence, that spatiality is the major feature of our individual mental models of the world. Moreover 3D-imagery seems to be the basis of cognition and feeling itself – an idea which might have the potential to turn psychotherapeutic practice upside down.

Implicitely, yet not fully recognized in its potential for therapeutic change work, the concept of “mental space” emerged already in the early 1980s. Today “Mental Space Psychology” studies both the influence of spatiality on human cognition and emotion and its implications for psychology, mental health and education.

Most of the current body of knowledge has been accumulated over the last 20 years – primarily through systematic patterning of practical experience in imagery-based clinical work.

Over the last decades cognitive psychology is getting grips on the spatial foundation of experience. All demonstrations in this video are spontanious and rea...

Mental Space Academy ® Portugal

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Vídeos (mostrar todos)

A relação que tenho comigo, as relações com quem me é próximo, com quem vivo, com quem trabalho, com quem quero construi...




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