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Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 15/03/2023

Class of 2011 alumna Bárbara de Carvalho is a dietitian.
"We felt safe and that there was interest in our necessities."
Check out the interview here:


Throwing it back to the good old days at Carcavelos beach 🌊☀️ Remember when the biggest decision was which spot to lay your towel? Share your favourite beach memories below!


Throwback to the 96-97 academic year! A group of St Julian's students had the opportunity to represent Norway at the International Model United Conference in The Hague. They not only had a blast at the conference, getting to know delegates from all over the world but also got to explore Amsterdam and visit the Rijksmuseum. Even with a little hiccup on the trip back, when one student forgot their plane ticket at the hotel, they eventually made it onto the plane. What an unforgettable experience!

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 27/01/2023

Class of 2009 alumn João Ferreira is a Policy Expert at the European Securities and Markets Authority.
"It was so good that I would love to go back and relive everything."
Check out his interview here:

April Ivy – Modo Voo (Lyric Video) | Festival da Canção 2023 26/01/2023

April Ivy – Modo Voo (Lyric Video) | Festival da Canção 2023

alumna April Ivy is participating in the 2023 Song Festival. We wish her all the best!
Listen to her entry here:
April Ivy

April Ivy – Modo Voo (Lyric Video) | Festival da Canção 2023 “Modo Voo”, de April Ivy, faz parte do alinhamento da 1.ª semifinal do Festival da Canção 2023.Autor Convidado: April IvyCanção: “Modo Voo”Intérprete: April ...

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 06/01/2023

His Majesty King George VI was coronated in 1937. The school organised a grand fair on the patio to commemorate the occasion.
A Maypole was placed in the centre of the patio for the celebration.
Various merchants in 18th-century costumes sold trinkets and food. There was also a tavern, a tea room, a vegetable stall and a herb stall.
Out in the field, people had their money’s worth on donkeys and a merry-go-round!


Class of 2009 alumn João Cruz Ferreira has published the short novel "Geração do Milénio".
Listen to an interview with the author here:
The book is available online (Wook, Fnac, Bertrand, Almedina, etc) and in bookstores across Portugal.


The 90th Anniversary Cocktail at was a truly joyous occasion. We are sharing a video with the best moments here


1972 - Mrs Pitt's birthday celebration
From Left to Right:
Mrs Filomena, Mrs Margarida, Miss Nicola Pitt, Headmaster Mr Pitt, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Leonor (the cook known as Cuca) and a 14-year-old Mrs Maria José.


Class of 2009 alumna Joana P. Santos has been voted the UK winner of the category for Globant's . This award recognises, supports, and promotes the development of women leaders in the field of Technology. Congratulations!
Find out more here


Alumna Ana Paganini's photography exhibition opens tomorrow in Lisbon. Go and see!

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 21/11/2022

Class of 2019 Alumn Pedro Lucas is part of the Portugal team that has qualified for the Rugby World Cup!
He is the boy holding the ball in the Sub-12 photo.
Find more here

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 14/11/2022

Class of 2014 alumna Ana Paganini is a Portrait & Documentary Photographer.
“My time at St Julian's continues to guide me.”
Please find the interview here:


We invite you to visit SJS this Saturday and enjoy Bonfire Autumn Night!
The event is open to all.
Adults 3 tokens & children free

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 25/10/2022

An English cannon believed to be from a shipwreck during the Napoleonic invasions was found near Carcavelos beach!
Click here for more info and a video featuring SJS alumna Joana Balsemão talking about this find.


Dear Alumni,
We are preparing an exhibition to celebrate our 90th anniversary (more details about it soon!).
We know that many years ago, some children wore blue uniforms to school. Unfortunately, we haven't got one in our archives.
If you have a blue uniform at home, we would appreciate it if you got in touch with us at [email protected].
Best wishes,
Alumni Department

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 30/09/2022

Class of 2012 alumna Isabella Goldsbrough is an Associate Medical Writer at OPEN Health Communications.
"At St Julian’s, I felt I could always be me and was genuinely accepted for my personality."
Check out her interview here:

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 28/09/2022

Class of 2018, Rita Costa has graduated from King's College London with First Class Honours in BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence). She will start at Meta as a Software Engineer this November. Congratulations!


Congratulations to SJS alumna Olivia Sirley, who graduated from
the London College of Communication, University of the Arts, having achieved the degree of Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Media Communications.
Well done!


A group of girl guides at St. Julian's School in the mid-1930s.


Caros Alumni,
O velório da Professora Lina Vidigal terá início hoje, às 10h30, na Igreja de Carcavelos. Às 17h00 será celebrada uma Missa de corpo pressente. Às 17h30 o corpo seguirá para o cemitério de Barcarena.

Dear Alumni,
Ms Lina Vidigal's wake will start at 10h30 today at Igreja de Carcavelos. A mass will be celebrated at 17h00.
At 17h30, the funeral procession will proceed to Barcarena Cemetery.


Caros Alumni,
Manifestamos o mais profundo pesar pelo falecimento da Professora Dra Maria Lina Vidigal, Diretora Pedagógica da Secção Portuguesa entre 1964 e 1992. Neste período, o seu contributo foi fundamental para o sucesso e perpetuação do St Julian's.
Endereçamos à família as mais sentidas condolências.

Dear Alumni,
We are deeply saddened to inform you that Professora Dra Maria Lina Vidigal has passed away today. Professora Lina Vidigal was at the helm of the Portuguese Section from 1964 to 1992.
Her importance to St Julian's cannot be overstated. During her tenure, her contribution was fundamental for the success and perpetuation of St Julian's.
We send our condolences to the family.

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 19/09/2022

To mark today's HM Queen Elizabeth II funeral, we had a Scottish Bagpiper to start the morning by playing a series of laments.

A tradition started by Queen Victoria at Balmoral Castle, a Bagpiper would play outside the monarch's bedroom window for 15 minutes every morning starting at 9 o'clock.

Following the period of mourning, the Book of Condolence will be closed today.


Congratulations to SJS alumna Viviana Chen, who graduated from
the University of Bristol, having achieved second class upper division and first class in Management Dissertation.
In September, Viviana will join Mott MacDonald as a Graduate Project Manager.
We wish you all the best in your future career!


Dear Alumni,
With great sorrow, we inform the community that Mrs Jean Spayne, MBE, has passed away.
Mrs Spayne was the nurse at SJS from 1969 to 1991. She also taught in the junior and senior schools, directed the catering, ran the tuck shop, helped in the production of plays and ran the Girl Guides.
Quoting teacher Mrs Zilhão: "Mrs Spayne was loved by everyone. Deixou muitas saudades."
We share a link to a wonderful interview Mrs Spayne gave to Y11 students in 1991

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 16/08/2022

Congratulations to SJS alumna Charlotte Ross, who graduated from Oxford University with a first (MPhil degree in Medieval Literature). She will return to Oxford in September to start a PhD in Medieval Manuscripts. We wish her the very best!

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 18/07/2022

It was a pleasure welcoming the Class of 1991 back to !

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 15/07/2022

SJS Alumn Rodrigo Barros Rodrigues (1986-1996) is an entrepreneur who works in networking and business development.
"The idea of nurturing relationships is what I keep the most from St Julian's."
Check out his interview here:


Did you know that alumn Eric Dier scored the penalty that made England win a World Cup penalty shootout for the first time in their history?

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 01/07/2022

Class of 1990 alumn Ed Garcez is Director of Transformation at Central Bedfordshire Council.
"One of the things that St. Julian's did was to make everyone feel valued."
Check out his interview here:

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 22/06/2022

Thirty-three years separate the boys in the photos. They are the son and grandson of our dear teacher Mrs Bastos de Sousa!


For many years, conductor César Batalha played a vital role in the Music Department at .
We share below a moving text dedicated to him kindly written by our alumna Maria Beatriz Borges.


"Life is too short to be spent doing something you don't like."
Wise words from SJS alumn Jorge Valadas featured in the national newspaper expresso. Jorge is currently a consultant at Egon Zehnder.


SJS alumna Nicole Mueller is an Environmental Educator and Teacher. Last week she gave a fantastic presentation on the importance of sharks and why they are endangered to our secondary students. Many thanks!
Ms Mueller is a member of the Sharks Educational Institute (SEI) - Portugal, a shark and marine conservation NGO.


Today, we had the pleasure of welcoming the visit of teachers Sallie Simões da Conceição and Diane Fishwick. It was great to hear about their memories of the school. We wish them all the best!


We are sad to hear of the passing of SJS alumna, Mrs Paula Rego.
Her extraordinary body of work will live on for years to come.
We send our condolences to the family.


Class of 2014 alumna Giulia de Oliveira Camargo is hosting TEDxIEMadrid conference!
For further info and tickets check here


alumn and Governor Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade wins best CEO at the prestigious IRGAwards ceremony.
Please visit

Photos from St. Julian's School Alumni's post 21/05/2022

A warm thank you to our Class of 1999 alumna Ms Sara Ferro Ribeiro, for the beautiful, moving speech at today's graduation.
We wish the class of 2022 the best of luck!


We had the pleasure of welcoming the visit of Alumn Mr D. Keith Mackay, who attended St Julian's in the early 60s. Mr Mackay lives in the USA and hadn't been back to SJS since! He kindly sent us the following message:

"At the Assembly attended by faculty, students and parents I was awarded the 1st prize in recognition of being the top of my class. The book prize was Tom Brown Schooldays which I treasure.
St. Julians stands out in my mind as preparing me for my future education. I graduated from Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts which is recognized as one of the top US boarding schools. I was accepted to Princeton University and graduated as an English major in 1974. My reading and writing skills were developed at a young age at St. Julian's. To this day, I give St Julians credit for my early education and for preparing me so well for the rigorous education that I later had at Deerfield Academy and at Princeton University."



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