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All systems GO!
June 2024 Exam Season!
Pearson Edexcel


Let's get ready to rumble!!!


"First to the key, first to the egg!"

We're the FIRST centre approved to offer OxfordAQA international qualifications in Portugal!

Thank you all for your positive energy!


OxfordAQA has a brand new blog aimed for Exam Officers detailing some exciting top tips and new malpractice guidance. If you are looking to gain further insight into our robust expertise to help you make sure your exam series runs smoothly, this blog is a must read for you!

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Exams Officers – are you new to OxfordAQA, or require a refresher on some of the technical aspects of running an OxfordAQA exam series? Join us at our dedicated Exams Officer webinars later this month and learn more about:

• Malpractice – 24 April – what is considered malpractice, how it can be avoided and what to do if you suspect malpractice in exams or assessments.
• Running Exams - 29 April – all the information you need to ensure everything runs smoothly before, during and after the exam series.

These sessions will provide you with all the information you need to deliver your vital role with confidence, alongside the opportunity to ask any questions.

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AICE SCORE 420/420!
Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics


Car@s amig@s, estamos a partilhar as histórias de sucesso d@s noss@s alun@s.
Caso queiram partilhar a vossa "aventura", por favor, enviar uma foto e respetivo texto por mensagem privada.
Teremos muito prazer em partilhar!

O nosso sucesso = vosso sucesso!

Obrigado por 30 anos de partilha, aprendizagem e crescimentos!


Private Candidate (AS)

"Thank you to Paulo who has really gone far and beyond, for our daughter Saffiya. The extra math lessons and helping her throughout her exam season.

My daughter, Saffiya has written her AS level and will write her A-levels at Sapienti. She felt comfortable in the exam space meaning she felt she could apply her work well during the exams."


Private Candidate

"I am taking the A-Levels examination for IU International University. As a private candidate, finding an exam centre here in Portugal was tough.
Fortunately, I came across Centro Sapienti. The school was quick to respond and assisted me with my enrolment process. They were always happy to help and answered all my questions. The staff was very polite and professional. They considered and valued examinee’s comfort. The exam venue was quiet, well monitored, and fair for all.

I would definately recommend Sapienti to all private candidates for examinations."


Private Candidate

"I had the privilege of taking my A Levels exams at Sapienti in Lisbon in November 2022, and I must say, it was a remarkable experience. The staff at Sapienti truly went above and beyond to ensure my comfort and success.
The staff members were always available to address any concerns, and their assistance made the entire process much less stressful.
Moreover, the comfortable and conducive environment they provided for the exams was the best. It allowed me to focus entirely on my exams.
I am incredibly grateful for the positive experience I had at Sapienti during my A Levels exams.
I truly recommend anyone that studies online or needs to take exams to take them on Sapienti!"


Ana and A. M.
Private Candidate

Ana- "Paulo and his team at Centro sapienti are very professional, efficient, organised and attentive. We feel very fortunate that they exist and we are grateful that they have been supporting our son and his education."
A.M.- "The instructors and teachers at Sapienti are very nice people. I have always felt welcomed and have quite enjoyed the experience. “attentive to details” in my part."


Private Candidate

“Centro Sapienti has been the biggest help to me as a private candidate! Paulo and his team are friendly professionals who have helped and supported me so much with course content, revision questions and exam tips throughout my examinations. I’m very happy I chose their centre!”


Private Candidate

"Thank you Sapienti, but especially Paulo, for helping my daughter navigate her way through her Cambridge International A levels as a private candidate. Sapienti has been the ideal environment to write her exams in. More than that, Paulo has guided and supported her through the entire process, always willing to answer all our questions and checking in to make sure that she was on the right track. Sapientis attention to the personal learning journey of each student has proved to be invaluable. We highly recomend Sapienti."


Private Candidate

"Sapienti is a wonderful experience, especially with the cooperation of school staff and the best point is that fellow students are friendly and there is harmony. Furthermore, studies are never stressful rather it’s fun!"




"It has been a blessing and a pleasure sending Hugh to Sapienti Centre. A blessing as prior to arriving in Portugal, Hugh was already following the British International system. A school with the right fit was needed in Portugal. Attending online classes from home, even post covid made it possible for Hugh to continue with classes at Sapienti, although located in Lisbon.
The teachers have been professional and their English has been outstanding. It has been a pleasure dealing with the school as the Director has always made time to answer any concerns and questions. He has gone beyond and above to ensure that Hugh, as a student, understood the work and was well prepared for the exams.

May Sapienti continue to grow from strength to strength!"



Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

"Sapienti was a great experience despite the difficult circumstance that was COVID, plenty lessons were learnt. Unlike many institutions, Sapienti has a warm family-like atmosphere, dedicated to constant improvement & ensuring that every student is not only catered to, but guided on the path to great achievements."

Princeton sets 70% financial aid and 22% Pell enrollment goals 04/04/2024

Princeton sets 70% financial aid and 22% Pell enrollment goals Building on decades of growth in socioeconomic diversity, the University will seek to enroll even more students from low-income and middle-income households. A limited legacy preference will be retained to recognize Princeton’s special bond with an increasingly diverse alumni base.


The latest issue of our biannual publication, Research Matters, is out now!

Explore recent developments for maths assessments in 'extended reality', new research on ways that undergraduates might use in writing essays, and more here: https://ow.ly/gqNB50R42Fy


Há tanto para ver...

«O tom do pomar [Invasor abstracto #7]»

📷 EGEAC, Atelier-Museu Júlio Pomar
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OxfordAQA courses open doors – with our globally recognised qualifications, students can progress to top universities across the world, including the Russell Group in the UK, Ivy League in the US and Group of Eight in Australia, confident that they’re equipped with the skills to thrive in higher education.

We have guides to enrolling at universities in the UK, US, Canada and Australia available and you can browse the list of all our recognising universities across the globe on our website → https://ow.ly/veYH50R4kxw

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Pursuing a Master’s in Health Management 03/04/2024

Pursuing a Master’s in Health Management Xiaolin Yao, currently studying MSc International Health Management (now known as MSc Global Health Management) at Imperial College Business School, shares her journey exploring the dynamic field of health management and the enriching experiences she has encountered along the way.

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Outra Escola em Cascais (mostrar todos)
Curso Multimédia Cidadela Curso Multimédia Cidadela
Rua Drive Fernando M. F. Batista Viegas
Cascais, 2750-503

O Curso Profissional de Técnico Multimédia da Escola da Cidadela, permite aos alunos adquirirem competências técnicas na área de Multimédia, preparando-os para o actual e exigente mercado de trabalho.

Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Estoril
Avenida Condes De Barcelona
Cascais, 2769-510

A EHT Estoril pertence à rede escolar do Turismo de Portugal,IP e é responsável pela formação de jovens quadros e profissionais do sector do turismo, nas áreas da hotelaria e restauração.

Colónia Infantil Colónia Infantil
Avenida Marginal (EN 6), 6799
Cascais, 2765-587

Esta é a página da Colónia Infantil Educação Popular, criada com o objetivo de informar e dar a conhecer o nosso trabalho às famílias que nos acompanham e a todos aqueles que querem conhecer a nossa escola. Bem-vindos!

Sup com Alma Sup com Alma
R. Frederico Arouca 175, L
Cascais, 2750-642

Praia da Conceição Cascais Lisbon 💠The Best Sup & Yoga School Cascais💠 🌀Paddle Boarding 🌀Sup Yoga 🌀Hatha Yoga 🌀Meditation

Ser.semente Ser.semente
Cascais, 2775

Aprender fora da caixa, um mundo cheio de possibilidades! Brincar a Aprender...

Teacheradrianaaoquipt Teacheradrianaaoquipt
Cascais, 2750-411

Externato Novo Calypso Externato Novo Calypso
Av. De Sintra

TOP - Artes Marciais TOP - Artes Marciais
Rua João De Barros, 141
Cascais, 2775-208PAREDE

TOP – Artes Marciais tem instrutores certificados, que oferecem um sistema de ensino moderno e positivo que promove a autoestima e a confiança, em simultâneo com o desenvolvimento físico e mental dos seus alunos.

Escola N.º1 de Birre Escola N.º1 de Birre
R. Fausto De Figueiredo
Cascais, 2750

A nossa escola vai ser centenária em 2011. Quem tiver fotos ou outra documentação, publique. Passe a palavra para nos encontrarmos todos!!!

Pure Emocean Bodyboarding School Pure Emocean Bodyboarding School
Avenida Marginal, Cascais Surf Center, Carcavelos
Cascais, 2775-000

Escola de Bodyboard www.puremocean.com

Cenfortec Cenfortec
Aeroporto Municipal De Cascais
Cascais, 2785

Centro de Formação Técnica em Aeronáutica