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Inspiramos as pessoas a viverem uma vida mais saudável e feliz através de exercícios desafiantes e treinos em grupo. Sê um Active Circle! O Active Circle procura melhorar a qualidade de vida das pessoas através de uma abordagem holística e de atividades únicas e agradáveis que visam ajudar as pessoas a sentirem-se bem com o seu próprio corpo.

Exercise designed to improve quality of life in all people, from physical to psychological wellbeing, giving physical activity the role of medicine...

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Perfect day, perfect hike, perfect lunch... it’s getting difficult to top this every week

Post quarantine workout... stairs and some fun on the pier. How good is that sunshine ☀️😎😍 @marifernandes6340 #postquarantine #outdoorworkout #cascais #estoril #getfit #havefun #treinoaoarlivre #escadaria #fitnessportugal #saudemental

There is something about stair climbing workouts we associate with mental health.
Maybe it’s the fact that there’s so many ups and downs, or because it seems like an impossible mission until we conquer it.
The funny thing is that if you run up stairs, walk down, run up again, walk down and repeat asMany times as you can, you will feel better, you will feel happier and it will fight the stress, anxiety and depression that you have inside.
So tackle your ups and downs by conquering them on your favorite stairs!
#stairworkout #mentalhealth #quarantinelife #exercisemotivation #escadaria #fitnessportugal #adidas #lisbon #saudemental #lisbonhills @ Lisbon, Portugal

Sabias que nós organizamos caminhadas quase To Dos os fins-de-semana? Por acaso nós começamos um grupo no Facebook não só para organizar caminhadas mas qualquer atividade física ou social. Juntem-se ao grupo e criam atividades ou juntem-se às nossas. #caminhadas #atividadefísica #atividadesocial #saudemental #hiking #sintra #monsantoportugal

[02/27/20]   Tenho muitos saudades de fazer as minhas aulas de Pilates. Adorava abrir aqui um estúdio assim, a fazer aulas muito dinâmicas divertidas para todos níveis.
Esta série de exercícios que estou a fazer um tem uma dificuldade muito alta por não haver resistência nenhuma colocada na máquina através das molas. Mas a coisa que eu adoro é que é possível ajustar sempre para qualquer nível. #pilatesportugal #reformerclass #boralacrescer #acredita #trabalha #realiza #saudemental #exerciciododia #instrutordepilates #kxpilates

Uma manhã tranquila... nem apetece escrever. 2020 vai ser um ano de trabalhar e acreditar, então estou a #ponderar @mo_marrakech do programa da Cristina pra Marrocos na piscina #restarting #chillin #killing2020

Nós todos adoramos o TRX, está aqui uns exercícios para os abdominais e que eu gosto fazer para criar estabilidade nos músculos para fazer o pino. #activecircle #saudemental #treinoaoarlivre #trx #abdominais

Check out this easy to do 20 minute Matt work out.
Focusing mainly on the core, adding in some mobility, and upper leg exercises.
More exercises at @activecircle 💪
Thanks @timsgaragecascais for the backdrop.

You know, sometimes cookies are the “bad guys” in your daily diet, but we can change the original recipe and make healthy cookies. Check out a vegan, gluten-free recipe. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #cookieday

It's the last month of the year but you can still start a routine of regular physical activities in 2019. Come to Active Circle and adopt a healthy lifestyle. We are waiting for you! #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle

Did you know that papaya can help kick a cold right out of your system? The beta-carotene and vitamins C and E in papayas fight off inflammation throughout the body, reducing the effects of asthma, cough and keeping flu at bay. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #worlddiabetesday

Situps are traditional core exercises and have lots of benefits, making them an ideal addition to your fitness program. Here are a few reasons:1) improve posture; 2) reduce risk of back pain and injury ; 3) increase flexibility. 📷 popsugar. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #situp

Did you know that barley may help you lose weigh? This grain contains an important soluble fiber known as beta-glucan, which reduces hunger and enhances feelings of fullness. 📷 healthline. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #barley.

Starting the week with a good workout training it feels really good. Join Active Circle! We are waiting for you! #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle

Today is the World Diabetes Day and that's why we remember you: Nutrition and physical activity play an important role in blood sugar control. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of a better life 😉. #activecircle #saude #vidasaudavel #juntossomosmaisfit #worlddiabetesday

Today is the Saint Martin's Day and while you are eating roasted chestnuts, did you know that they have a number of important health benefits such as improving digestive health and controling blood pressure? 😋🌰 Enjoy it! #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #chestnut

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruits on Earth. This fruit has impressive anti-Inflammatory effects, may lower your risk of heart disease and help fight bacterial and fungal infections. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #pomegranate

Side jumps help you to develop more explosive leg strength and improve stability and coordination. This exercise also help reduce the risk for sports injuries. 📷 Popsugar. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #sidejumps

The weekend is coming so you can enjoy an outdoor training and even get vitamin D. Did you know that if you get some sunshine at least 30 minutes a day, you can increase your body's calcium levels, prevent heart disease and also autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis? #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #vitamindday

Are you looking for a healthier lifestyle? Active Circle has always a set of activities that can help you feel good about yourself. Join our team and accept the challenge. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle

Side leg raises is a lower body strenght exercise and helps you performing daily activities like walking and lifting. It also tones your hips and thigh muscles, reduces excess fat, and increases lean muscle mass. 📷 WiderHips. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #SideLegRaises

Did you know that today is the Apple Day. This tasty fruit brings several benefits for our health such as preventing cancer, lowering risk of diabetes and fighting asthma. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #apple

Today is the World Bread Day and nothing better to celebrate this day than to share with you 15 recipes for healthy breads that are both low-carb and gluten-free. ➡ #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #WorldBreadDay

In our tribe you can find people who share the same thought: being free to take care of your physical and mental healthg. If you have the same thought then join us. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle

Hill Sprints is one of the most powerful and dynamic exercises and do wonders for your health. Here is why ➡ #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #hillsprints

Banana is a tasty fruit and a easily digested carbs that may improve your workout. Eating banana reduce exercise-related muscle cramps and soreness, help with post-exercise recovery and restore energy to your body. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #banana

Jumping jack is an exercise that activates various muscle groups and gives you also mental health benefits while stimulates the release of serotonin and adrenalin (hormones responsible for making you feel happy and lower your stress levels). 📷 popsugar. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #jumpingjack

Today is the World Vegetarian day and to celebrate it we will share with you some tasty recipes with vegetable. Check out the following link: #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #worldvegetarianday

The Push-Up is one of the most popular exercises in existence and there are lots of variations. Hand-release push-up is one of them and its potencial benefits includes building a big chest, developing power and improving your bench press. 📷 julielohre. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation

Autumn begins today, but at Active Circle we are always ready for another day of training no matter the season. Here we take care of our physical and mental health the whole year 😉. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #fit

Butt Kicks is a powerful aerobic exercise with lots of variations and benefits. know more here ➡ 📷 popsugar. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #buttkick

Peanuts are from the same family as beans. They are an excellent source of fiber and help you maintain a healthy weight. Know more about other benefits: #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #peanut

Side plank activates important muscles such as the internal and external oblique abdominals and the quadratus lumborum, which help us twist and side bend and provide key lateral support for the lumbar spine. 📷 plankpose. #activecircle #outdoorfitness #outdoortraining #fitnessmotivation #sideplank

For those who are vegetarian or don't eat fish, flax seed can be your best source of omega 3. This super food is loaded with nutrients that help you reducing cancer risk and controlling blood sugar. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #flaxseed

Active Circle is formed by a group of people who live a culture of freedom and welfare. Join our team. #activecircle #fitnessportugal #healthy #healthylifestyle #fit

Como tudo começou...

O Active Circle foi criado, em 2013, por Luís Santos com o objetivo de causar um impacto positivo na prevenção de doenças crónicas relacionadas com o estilo de vida. O personal trainer viveu na Austrália desde os 3 anos de idade e aos 38 anos decidiu voltar para o seu país de origem, Portugal, para realizar o sonho de viver na Europa e para adquirir uma experiência de vida valiosa que o ajudasse a crescer como treinador.

Demorou menos de seis meses para que Luís Santos percebesse que a indústria da Saúde e do Fitness em Portugal não estava nos melhores dias. Ao fazer uma análise aos setores que obtiveram um crescimento incrível na Austrália e em outros países, o personal trainer percebeu que sabia exatamente o que Portugal precisava. Com um olhar otimista, reparou que a oportunidade estava em toda parte e que poderia fazer a diferença. Em primeiro lugar, sabia que alguns aspetos culturais teriam de mudar, tais como o estigma negativo associado à depressão, a aceitação do stress, a ansiedade na vida diária e a redefinição do valor da atividade física na comunidade.

Deste modo, criou o Active Circle, que tem tudo a ver com comunidade e que enquanto organização pretende alcançar alguns objetivos simples, como ajudar as pessoas a melhorar a sua qualidade de vida e a conquistar a felicidade e o sucesso.

Formar parcerias valiosas é o que torna o Active Circle forte. Ao associar-se aos líderes da indústria de Saúde e do Fitness, o Active Circle auxiliará os profissionais a desempenharem a sua função e ajudarem os seus clientes a descobrirem e a alcançarem os seus objetivos. Acreditamos que isso, por si só, criará ideias e colaborações que aumentarão exponencialmente a adesão à atividade física.

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