Cheirin Bão está contente com resultado da qualidade da máquina Fiamma nós atende super bem, parabéns pela nossa parceria Fiamma 🇵🇹 ☕️🇧🇷

Cheirin Bão is pleased with the result of the quality of the machine Fiamma we meets super well, congratulations for our partnership Fiamma 🇵🇹 ☕️🇧🇷
Arte do café com o Tiago
Curso de Barista Inicial já está!!
Já não somos meros "amadores" 😂👍
Agora falta o Pro 😉
Um dia também vou conseguir reproduzir um destes!!😁
Um obrigada a cada um de vocês por estes dois dias de partilha e um agradecimento em especial ao Tiago André, nosso Grande Formador, que nos transmitiu os seus conhecimentos e nos deixou ainda mais despertos para o mundo do café.
Cresci um pouco mais com vocês 🙏
Um convite especial pra vc.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines crafted since 1977 to power your coffee story

Funcionando normalmente


Season's Greetings with ❤ & ❤ from


Will we be meeting you soon? Our first coffee industry event in 2023 is not far away: , taking place January 21-25.

The Fiamma team awaits you at Stand 110 in Hall 3, and you can also find us in the Baking Arena... 🤩 so stay tuned for more news!

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Photos from Fiamma's post 08/12/2022

Love is coffee and time, measured by the heart. Do you agree?

Coffee lover Marcel Proust would have enjoyed the Fiamma NAU Classica. Manual Hanhart chronometer, nostalgic group and extraction levetta make for a heartfelt espresso experience.

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Photos from Fiamma's post 05/12/2022

Lisbon vibes, coffee love, and delicious espresso drinks is what you find at specialty coffee shop & roaster .pt

Their barista team works with a Fiamma Astrolab Pressure Profile, but a Fiamma NAU Classica has arrived! 💚😍 Want to explore the espresso machine?

Head over to their profile and check out the coffee event where coffee lovers can immerse in the barista experience, steering the NAU!

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Photos from Fiamma's post 28/11/2022

A new coffee creation, a new story. Wishing you a good new week!

📷 by Fiamma Place .lisbon, extracting with a Fiamma Caravel. Tag us in posts with your Fiamma Espresso machine

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Let's Go for Gold in South Korea! 🤩 We are preparing for , taking place November 23-26 in Seoul.

Join us at the space of Fiamma Partner , stand D401. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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Photos from Fiamma's post 17/11/2022

Up close: Fiamma VELA Dual 🖤 Looks good and delivers

Have a look at our last post for the feature of this commercial espresso machine or head over to our website 👉 link in bio

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Photos from Fiamma's post 15/11/2022

😍 May we introduce you to the features of Fiamma Vela Dual?

▫️Commercial-sized and powerful
▫️Dual boiler system with efficient temperature control
▫️Advanced barista features
▫️Energy saving options

What detail are you most interested in? Let us know!

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❤️‍🔥 The birth of a NAU Classica today.

With ☕ & ❤ from


Big, soft keys 💞 for intuitive barista-machine-interaction 💞

▪️ASTROLAB Multiboiler
▫️VELA Dual
▫️VELA NineBar

With ☕ & ❤ from


Don't dream it, do it! 💪 A more sustainable and safe future is possible. Fiamma's production team has just started to add a fully automatic laser cutting line to its machinery.

The 15t-giant not only increases productive capacity, but brings us closer to the espresso machine factory of the future with

❇️ less energy consumption
❇️ more precision
❇️ less waste

After all, our factory is a place where humans and technology blend with ☕ & ❤

Yours truly


Fiamma VELA DUAL is coming to Madrid! In the cool-down of the Spanish LAGS BATTLE competition, Fiamma partner Global Espresso Machines places the commercial-sized Vela in the limelight.

Masters and admirers of the Latte Art Grading System system, madrileños and you are invited!

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Your 5 o'clock coffee ☕ or tea 🍵?

Either way, did you know the Fiamma ASTROLAB Multiboiler allows baristas to use hot water ad libitum, assuring perfect temperature stability for espresso?

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Coming up: Fiamma at FHA Horeca in Singapore, held October 25-28.

We are looking forward to meeting horeca pros with a love for excellent espresso at this trade fair. Meet us at stand 2C2-07 in the space of Portugal and get to now new Fiamma espresso machines!

See you soon in Singapore!

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Foto: Sreehari Devadas via unsplash

Photos from Fiamma's post 13/10/2022

❤️ Specialty coffee bar encounters during .

Meet up, relax or meddle in electronics and sounds at this space in the historic heart of our hometown Aveiro. Barista Carlos from neighbouring Porta do Café and a Fiamma Vela are there to pamper you with coffee and love!

Drop in between 17:30-01h30 until October 15!

Fotos by Marília Maia e Moura - Fotografia

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Latte Art and lots of ☕ & ❤ from


Will you be at the ? Fiamma will be present at the space of Fiamma partner , stand 354

The prodigious Australian coffee event will also host the World Barista Championship 😎 and we're crossing fingers for .d.rosa from our home country, Portugal! 🇵🇹

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Thanks to Dmitry Osipenko for the beautiful photo of Melbourne!


This week: Athens Coffee Festival, September 24-25.
Join us at stand 35, space of Fiamma partner Espressor

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Photos from Fiamma's post 18/09/2022

Beautiful coffee spot Onus Coffee 🖤🤍 extracting with a Fiamma Quadrant Barista.
The love and care we put into each machine becomes visible when it becomes the heart of a coffee place.

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Photos from Fiamma's post 13/09/2022

🌶️ Let's spice up your tuesday with this red NAU Classica!

Do you notice anything different about the machine in this picture?
Let us know what you think!

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Just around the corner: Coffee Summit in Istanbul, Turkey!

Find us for at the space of Fiamma partner .
Will you be there tomorrow?Find

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We thank talented photographer Volkan Vardar for the beautiful background photo


Your time is precious, honor it. ❤️ N A U Classica comes with a Hanhart chronometer for manual time taking.

Find out more about Fiamma's youngest machine on our website!

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🖤 Back at work, proud to start yeat another espresso story from scratch.

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Photos from Fiamma's post 23/08/2022

What's your answer: How much volume has the small espresso machine boiler? 👇 Write your answer in the comments!

These two boilers have the assembly belt all to themselves 😉 as the Fiamma factory lies quiet during summer break.

The boiler in the background is for Fiamma's biggest espresso machines, the other one for the smallest. Just imagine creating coffee with such perfectly crafted components! 🥰

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☕ In a month from now, will be in full swing!
Please join us at the stand of Fiamma Partner for some ☕ & ❤

Will you be there? We look forward to seeing you!
Thanks to Florian Wehde for this cool photo of the Greek capital

Photos from Fiamma's post 16/08/2022

Fiamma´s espresso machine factory slumbers during the summer break, dreaming of love & coffee and you 😍

We wish you restorative summer holidays ☀ or successful summer weeks! 💪

P.S.: Our customer care teams are still there for you - and our production will be back at work 31st of August! 😎

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While Fiamma's factory is in pause for summer break, we reminisce about great coffee moments and look forward to new ones coming up!

Are you interested in barista competitions?

Here's a moment of the Portuguese Barista Championship by SCA Portugal, captured by the lens of photographer Marília Maia e Moura - Fotografia

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Lisbon Coffee Fest

Photos from Fiamma's post 05/08/2022

Premiere for a powerful A S T R O L A B Pressure Profile 😎 with multiboiler system, digital management and the character of a personally created piece.

made with ☕ & ❤ by

Photos from Fiamma's post 02/08/2022

Work is good when you do something meaningful - like bringing ☕ coffee and ❤ love into the world!

Here, Tiago from Fiamma's espresso machine factory is assembling a copper boiler. Very soon, it will be the heart of a coffee place, helping a team of baristas to serve delicious espresso.

Do you work in coffee? Does your work fulfil you? Let us know!

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When Fiamma's factory closes for summer holidays in a week from today, our commercial team will be available to you as usual! 👍

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Good news! Fiamma has received the COTEC INNOVADORA seal for companies committed to innovation.

We are delighted to receive this statue which recognises our focus & investment in innovative processes and products.

It is the second time we have received this seal, awarded by COTEC Portugal and its partners from the banking sector.

Let's keep going!

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🔺 When time stops for coffee: N A U Classica

Meet her at this week!
We look forward to seeing you at📍 H3-J05

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V E L A NineBar starting out on her coffee journey
News about the V E L A line of espresso machines coming up!

With ☕ & ❤ from

Photos from Fiamma's post 09/06/2022

Essential time for espresso with N A U Classica.
Which moment you can't live without?

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Silence is silver, coffee is gold 🌟

Repost from Fiamma place extracting with a C A R A V E L by Fiamma. What are your coffee plans for this weekend?

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Photos from Fiamma's post 02/06/2022

Powerful pleaser 🖤 A S T R O L A B by Fiamma navigates you to perfect espresso.

You can meet her at , June 23-25 ♠️
Will you be there?

With ☕ & ❤ from


🕺💃 If you visit Fiamma headquarters, you come across our "Wall of Fame". It's a gallery with quirky portraits of the people that nurture and grow our Espresso machines.

It's not fame or fortune that secures you a place on this wall. It's being part of Fiamma's crew where each individual contributes with ideas, skills and dedication. Without fancy-pants, just lots of ☕ coffee and love ❤

Look in the stories and see who's new to the crew here at !

Photos from Fiamma's post 25/05/2022

☕ Before one day becoming the ❤ heart & soul ✨ of a lucky coffee place, each Fiamma espresso machine is subjected to close scrutiny.

⚡ Here, an electrical safety test makes sure all components function perfectly. Can you recognize the machine that's being inspected?

With ☕ & ❤ from


❤️ & ☕️ with N A U Classica by Fiamma

Photos from Fiamma's post 18/05/2022

⚓ We are inspired by the navigators that sailed into the unknown, encountering new societies and developing ingenious instruments and vessels.

Our maritime heritage is beautifully reflected in the collections of Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo where you can explore ancient ships, corals and nautical instruments 🧭

It's the perfect backdrop for the N A U Classica by Fiamma, and a great place to visit when roaming the Atlantic shores. 😍

With ☕ & ❤ from

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