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Cheirin Bão está contente com resultado da qualidade da máquina Fiamma nós atende super bem, parabéns pela nossa parceria Fiamma 🇵🇹 ☕️🇧🇷

Cheirin Bão is pleased with the result of the quality of the machine Fiamma we meets super well, congratulations for our partnership Fiamma 🇵🇹 ☕️🇧🇷
Arte do café com o Tiago
Curso de Barista Inicial já está!!
Já não somos meros "amadores" 😂👍
Agora falta o Pro 😉
Um dia também vou conseguir reproduzir um destes!!😁
Um obrigada a cada um de vocês por estes dois dias de partilha e um agradecimento em especial ao Tiago André, nosso Grande Formador, que nos transmitiu os seus conhecimentos e nos deixou ainda mais despertos para o mundo do café.
Cresci um pouco mais com vocês 🙏
Um convite especial pra vc.

Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines crafted since 1977 to power your coffee story

Funcionando normalmente


Silence is silver, coffee is gold 🌟

Repost from Fiamma place @_buongiorno_cafe_ extracting with a C A R A V E L by Fiamma. What are your coffee plans for this weekend?

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Photos from Fiamma's post 02/06/2022

Powerful pleaser 🖤 A S T R O L A B by Fiamma navigates you to perfect espresso.

You can meet her at , June 23-25 ♠️
Will you be there?

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🕺💃 If you visit Fiamma headquarters, you come across our "Wall of Fame". It's a gallery with quirky portraits of the people that nurture and grow our Espresso machines.

It's not fame or fortune that secures you a place on this wall. It's being part of Fiamma's crew where each individual contributes with ideas, skills and dedication. Without fancy-pants, just lots of ☕ coffee and love ❤

Look in the stories and see who's new to the crew here at !

Photos from Fiamma's post 25/05/2022

☕ Before one day becoming the ❤ heart & soul ✨ of a lucky coffee place, each Fiamma espresso machine is subjected to close scrutiny.

⚡ Here, an electrical safety test makes sure all components function perfectly. Can you recognize the machine that's being inspected?

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❤️ & ☕️ with N A U Classica by Fiamma

Photos from Fiamma's post 18/05/2022

⚓ We are inspired by the navigators that sailed into the unknown, encountering new societies and developing ingenious instruments and vessels.

Our maritime heritage is beautifully reflected in the collections of Museu Marítimo de Ílhavo where you can explore ancient ships, corals and nautical instruments 🧭

It's the perfect backdrop for the N A U Classica by Fiamma, and a great place to visit when roaming the Atlantic shores. 😍

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Wherever you are, may your weekend be filled with excellent coffee. And love 💕

Here it's a Q U A D R A N T bringing out the best of these early summer days. Repost from the feed of Fiamma Place @fabrica__cafe in Agrínion, Greece 🤍💙

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❤️🔩 Today we've got a question for baristas & techies alike: What temperature has the steam when it comes out of the steam wand?

Isn't it a magical moment when that vortex starts to swirl inside the pitcher? 😍

Here you can see it happen with an A S T R O L A B Multiboiler by Fiamma.

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Summertime 💛 and the livin' is easy!
Happy weekend from Aveiro, Portugal

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Photos from Fiamma's post 04/05/2022

👶 A new espresso machine is being born in Fiamma's factory! Teams come together to learn how to nurture and grow the new model.

And then, the NAU Classica come to life on the assembly lines! 🐣

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😍 Happy to announce Fiamma's presence at the World of Coffee Milan! Save the date: June 23-35

The Specialty Coffee Association European trade show will open its doors for the first time after three years, giving coffee people a long-awaited opportunity to reconnect face-to-face, cup-to-cup!

Do you feel the coffee community stirring up again after the pandemic? We do, and we're very excited about creative coffee events near and far.

Look in our stories for inspiration!

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Photos from Fiamma's post 21/04/2022

🌿 Brand new and beautiful: NAU Classica by Fiamma

Made for whom loves to nurture excellent espresso.

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Photos from Fiamma's post 19/04/2022

😍 Happy coffee tech tuesday! Do you know what's this espresso machine component we found waiting to be installed in Fiamma's factory today?

Share your answer in the comments! ✍️

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❤️ NAU by Fiamma

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Photos from Fiamma's post 13/04/2022

🧐 Do you know what this is?

It's the inlet water filter of a Fiamma Espresso machine. It's coupled to the pump. So before reaching the pump and entering the espresso machine's water circuit, incoming water flows through the mesh that's inside the filter (see the second photo in this post). Small solid particles like sand are caught in the mesh wire.

😍 Result: Water can flow freely into the pump and through the espresso machine's water circuit.

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🤎 Liquid delight, extracted with an A S T R O L A B Pressure Profile.

Repost from Nicolas Marcelo Saa Bull photo by Hairo Reyes 🙌

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Steam knob ready for speedy action 💪
Did you know the barista can hit it from any angle to start and stop steam production?

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Specialty Coffee Expo - Boston 2022 04/04/2022

Specialty Coffee Expo - Boston 2022

Heading to Boston this week! Join us at the and get to know the new NAU Classica and see the beautiful ASTROLAB by Fiamma, among other espresso machines.
Looking forward to seeing you!

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Specialty Coffee Expo - Boston 2022 Fri 8 Apr - Sun 10 [EDT]: The Specialty Coffee Expo, the largest coffee event in North America, is the ultimate platform for the coffee industry to see what's new. Learn more about the Specialty Coffee Expo.


In the meantime... 🇫🇷 une tasse de café espresso chez Salon Rest’Hôtel Clermont-Ferrand where Fiamma Espresso Machines were displayed at the booth of Ambience Cafés.

Here it's the QUADRANT Barista by Fiamma 🙂

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Coffee people, thank you for sharing three days of love and coffee at the Lisbon Coffee Fest

☕ visiting us & enjoying espresso together
❤ wowing us with amazing performances at the SCA Portugal Barista Championship
☕ meeting NAU Classica and VELA espresso machines
❤ having a good time! Thank you and see you next edition!

Are you going to the SCA Coffee Expo in Boston? We look forward to seeing you there!

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Photos from Fiamma's post 28/03/2022

And the prize for best barista of Portugal goes to... @pe.d.rosa ! 🏆 Congratulations!

A champion is made when coffee, creativity and love meet with skill and innovative technology. It was delightful to see the in the winning performance.

🙌 We congratulate all the wonderful baristas of the Barista Championship Portugal by @sca_portugal 🙏 Thanks to the MC, the judges, volunteers and coffee lovers who came together at @lisboncoffeefestival for this great show!

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Photos from Fiamma's post 27/03/2022

Who will win? First day of the SCA Barista Championship Portugal with the ASTROLAB Multiboiler by Fiamma

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Photos from Fiamma's post 25/03/2022

Finally Lisbon Coffee Fest, at home in Portugal.

😃 Will you be there this weekend? Visit us on stand P4. Watch out for brand new Fiamma Espresso machines around the festival! 😊 Not in Lisbon? Don't worry, we will bring you all news here.

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Proud to sponsor the upcoming Specialty Coffee Association Barista Championship Portugal ❤ where coffee love, competition and camaraderie will rule!

Did you know Fiamma has been supporting the barista championship by SCA Portugal ever since its first edition?

For us, it's not only an important event, but most of all an exciting opportunity to give back to the coffee community. 🙌 After all, we have been learning and growing with some of the best baristas in Portugal and around the globe.

Will you be in Lisbon this weekend to watch the new champion win with the ASTROLAB Multiboiler by Fiamma? 🤩

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🕞 The time is right for coffee

NAU Classica with 1 group, manual Hanhart chronograph, classic E-61 group and water reservoir.

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Photos from Fiamma's post 16/03/2022

We craft exceptional machines every day, but these two machines will make one barista famous! 🏆

Our production team is perfecting two A S T R O L A B Multiboiler, destined for the stage of the SCA Portugal Barista Championship Portugal, March 26-27 at the Lisbon Coffee Fest 2022

🤩 Are you as excited as we are about the upcoming competition?

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💐 Happy International Women's Day! Giving flowers might be an oldfashioned gesture but they make you smile, just like love and coffee.

Today flowers, all other days equal opportunities & power for women in coffee technology!

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Meet the N A U Classica 😍

✔️ Compact yet packed with professional components and noble materials
✔️ Made to delight espresso purists
✔️ Ready to work almost anywhere you like

She can't wait to get to know you!
You can meet her live Lisbon Coffee Fest 2022

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