Fiamma, Aveiro Video October 21, 2019, 4:57pm

Videos by Fiamma in Aveiro. A coffee is the starting of many incredible stories. ☕❤ That's why every Fiamma espresso machine has its own personality.

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A history of charm with an industrial character
A history of charm with an industrial character. In 2014, Daniel, the eldest son, decided to continue the family business and dare to open his first ice cream parlor. Six years after his first ice cream parlor and his first Fiamma, we found Daniel again, with more energy and still without white hair, eager to venture again to open another Milano. Fiamma followed the process from the beginning, after Daniel chose Astrolab to be the protagonist of this new place where every detail was thought out in detail. 👉 With ☕ & ❤ from #fabricadobarista

Today we celebrate Earth Day, a day dedicated to our planet and everything it has to offer and that we have to preserve. 😊 You might not know it, but this day means a lot to us at Fiamma. Our machines are inspired by the sea, especially by the time when the Portuguese sailed across the seven seas to discover a yet unknown planet. The courage of these men, which took them as far as their technology allowed, still inspires us. 😍 The history of our machines, which has only just begun, is illustrated in blue and coral in honor of this richness of the seas that is interconnected through millions of living beings – reminding us of how coffee creates innumerous connections between people. Happy Earth day!🌎🥳 With ☕ & ❤ from #fabricadobarista

Today, we present some of the traditional coffee shops that we love, which have often warmed our souls, with a coffee in the morning.☕️❤️ But in this moment of uncertainty they had to close their doors. We all want a world where we can be together. We want the doors that now are closed to open again when we can finally go out, meet and live together again!🤩

Hello coffee lovers! 😍👋 As you know, we are at a time when we have to unite. Only with a joined effort can we overcome all adversities. Do you know how to support your favorite café around the corner? The pub where you used to go with friends? The grocery store, the barber, your gym, the hairdresser and so many other local businesses, now behind closed doors? Yes, they need our help. Watch our video and be inspired! Let's support local businesses! #wecanhelp #smallbusiness #stayhome #staysafe #fiammaespresso

Barista Open 2020!
Hi coffee lovers! ☕️❤️ Review the Barista Open 2020 and share it with your friends. Stay tuned, don't miss the next edition! #fiammaespresso #baristaopen #fabricadobarista

O Barista Open contado pela vencedora da edição 2018
Agora as festas, depois é preparar o ano 2020 em grande! Vê a experiência que o Barista Open, competição e baristas da Fiamma, te pode proporcionar.

Dream big. Travel far. Enjoy coffee! ☕️ Training coffee lovers na Indonesia, com a Astrolab by Fiamma!

ASTROLAB by Fiamma. Perfecting your coffee! . #astrolabbyfiamma #fiammaespressomachines #fiammaespresso #fiammacoffee #pressureprofile #multiboiler #9bar #barista #espresso #brewratio #coffeetechnology #café #coffeedesign #espressomachine #baristagram #coffee #portafilter #coffeegeek #portugal #hostmilano2019

Good morning Lisbon Coffee Fest
Bom Dia coffeelovers! Estamos no Lisbon Coffee Fest, espaço V11-12, com surpresas quentes e frias

Fiamma chama por mim
No trilho da Fiamma no Lisbon Coffee Fest!!

Cursos de barista na Fábrica do Barista 💓 Qualifica-te para um futuro na área do café!

Barista Skills Professional com Luigi Lupi
Já na próxima semana: O curso SCA Professional com Luigi Lupi! Vejam o que o Luigi Lupi diz sobre as vantagens desta formação que decorrerá na Fábrica do Barista! #coffee #specialitycoffee #sca #barista #Portugal #fiamma #Aveiro #scaportugal

Latte Art Tulip
Vimos Latte Art ao mais alto nível no Barista Open 2018... quem se sentir inspirado, pode juntar-se ao Curso Latte Art Maio já no dia 29 de Maio e aprender! 👨‍🏫👩‍🎓

Entrevista sobre o Barista Open
👂 Ouvidos à escuta! O nosso barista Tiago André falou hoje sobre o espresso perfeito, o papel do barista e o Barista Open 2018 na Rádio SIM! #baristaopen #coffee #barista #coffeecompetition #fabricadobarista #Aveiro #fiamma #espresso #specialtycoffee

Latte Art by Barista Tiago!
Queres aprender fazer?

Treinar Latte Art com Luigi Lupi
Parece uma brincadeira, não parece? É porque o nosso formador convidado, Luigi Lupi, é nada mais, nada menos do que um dos criadores do Latte Art! 👑 O Luigi está na Fábrica do Barista para dar várias formações especiais, entre elas o Latte Art Training Day e o Curso Barista SCA Intermediate. É um enorme prazer ter este grande barista connosco! #barista #formação #coffeeeducation #café #coffee #LatteArt #cappuccino #SCA #escola #coffeelover

Quanto tempo demora a extração de um espresso
Questão à Quarta, relevante para o Campeonato de Barista 2017: Qual o tempo ideal para a extração de um double shot de #espresso? #barista #café #baristaknowhow #fabricadobarista #fiamma

No laboratório da nossa fábrica!
Vai um cappuccino? <3 ☕ Aprenda como preparar e servir bebidas diferentes na Fábrica do Barista, escola para amantes de café! #escola #barista #escolabarista #cappuccino #fabricadobarista #coffeelovers

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