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Happy Christmas - Feliz Natal


"Nocturne, Two Vases of Flowers and Fruits"
Colour pencils on black paper.

I love the vibrancy of colour pencils on a black background. This has a simple asymmetrical composition with the dynamic of the fruits and flowers still-life set in an exterior night scene. There is also the dynamics of the fruit that can be seen through the layers.

This drawing is for sale and other drawings are for sale in my ETSY shop;-


"Self Portrait, Old Man with a Vase of Flowers"
Colour pencils on black paper.

I love the sense of pathos in this image. An important part of my work is to do with the composition which is so important in creating a well-balanced work. If I can elicit emotions, then that is even better. There is something very satisfying about working on a black background, the colours really pop.


"Still Life with Vases of Flowers, Fruit and an Apology to Van Gogh"

Photos from Talking Art's post 27/11/2022

Sometimes an artwork needs to convey a message, a more powerful or controversial comment on the world.

Artist Paul Woods as a metaphorically emasculated figure as a gesture of solidarity and support for Rights of Women and a gesture of defiance against pathetic misogynistic men who feel their masculinity is being eroded by the threat of equality. Dominance, hatred and violence is not a male right and has no place in modern society.

Photos from Talking Art's post 27/11/2022

"Fruit Still Life with Wall Hanging"
Colour pencil on paper

Photos from Talking Art's post 22/11/2022

A lovely, sophisticated interior still-life pencil drawing. Something calming to look at for a change.


I am producing some of my best and most exciting works for the moment, a late burst of energy and creativity.

I am developing a simple limited colour pallet and style that looks and feels primitive or naïve like children's drawings or outsider art, rapid gestural mark making, raw emotional art with touches of humour and light-heartedness. A style that is direct, full of dynamics and energy that succinctly expresses in a matter of moments but maintains its power, energy and meaning.

I love art that has something to say and does so with passion, art that challenges the comfort zone, compels thinking, and understanding and delivers something exciting and thought-provoking.

If time allows, I want to develop these drawings into larger more substantial oil paintings that will take them to a whole new level of excitement.

I may be dealing with Clinical Depression; I want to defeat it. I want to create for as long as I can. I don't open up about my depression for dramatic effect or sympathy but as a matter of fact and it is happening to me and millions of others too.

I need help and funding to survive and develop. I have art for sale and my abundant knowledge and creative skills in teaching and art appreciation and art writing.


A new drawing,
"Interior Still Life with Flowers and Fruit"
Colour pencil on paper


WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? I can help you improve your drawing and painting skills guiding you to be more creative, teach you how to read, appreciate and understand the art you see, develop your abilities to paint well-composed creative compositions, teach you how to develop and build meaningful and informed personal opinions that will boost your confidence to talk with friends and others about your thoughts and ideas.

email: [email protected]
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TALKING ART with Paul Woods


"Fruit composition with 5 pears, orange, cherries and a lightbulb"
Colour pencil on paper
Original food art fruit still-life drawing, energetic interlaced shapes and deep contrasts. The fruits overlap for an interesting active still-life. This artwork is for sale - 75€, available from my Etsy Shop - French Emporium.


"Composition with 4 Pears and an Orange"
Colour pencil on paper


Original hand-drawn artwork. Energetic pears fruit still life in a landscape with a hot burning sun, casting shadows. The 4 pears overlap and interlace for an interesting active still life. A combination of landscape and food art. It is an original colour pencil drawing with gouache on paper. Dated 9 November 2022. It is an original drawing study from my sketchbook.

It is 11" high x 16.7" wide
28 cm high x 42.5 cm wide


"Flower Still-Life with Moon"
Colour pencil on paper
7 Nov 2022


"Artist's Palette, Wine and Grapes"
Colour pencil drawing
This is a drawing of my palette and brushes with a bottle of wine from the famous maverick winemaker, Lusis Pato, the winery is opposite where I live. It is a lively, happier image.


"Women in Love"
Colour pencil on paper


This is one of my mathematically based hard-edged artworks from the 1980s. Quite a departure from the🙂 more lyrical and emotional works I produce now. This work is available from ETSY, shop name French Emporium. Other artworks and vintage items are available. By and artwork and keep an artist fed, watered and creatively active. Remember an artist is for life, not just for Christmas.


"Lovers on a Beach"
by Paul Woods

An original modern, contemporary art colour pencil drawing on paper with a dynamic vertical format. We see a couple of lovers sunbathing on a beach with the sea in the background. They each recline on beach towels. The rapid drawing with wild distortions and viewpoints gives the work a frenzied energy. It has a deliberate child-like primitive working with disassembled body parts and exaggerations of scale. This is a recent artwork signed by Paul Woods and dated 31 October 2022. It is an original preparation study from my sketchbook.

It is 11" wide x 16.7" high
28 cm wide x 42.5 cm high

Photos from Talking Art's post 31/10/2022

New photographs of the Old Winery guest house. Bookings are now available from 35€ for the room, 1 double bed. There is a Portuguese double bed inside the main house at 10€ per night. Coming soon in the Old Winery guest house there will be available 3 double beds.


"A Flower of Hope, Cropped Hair and the Moon"
Colour pencils and gouache on paper.
Paul Woods


With little chance of me going sunbathing in the near future, here is a recent drawing of a woman sunbathing.

Colour pencil drawing - 22-Oct-2022


"A woman Cutting Her Hair with a Pair of Scissors"
by Paul Woods
Colour pencil on heavy-duty art paper.

This is an original colour pencil drawing on paper. Modern, contemporary art dealing with human rights and political issues and the rights of women. A supportive artwork for the women and men protesting in Iran following the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini. Supporting the rights of women.


Creating is a fiery purge. Creating I get well again.

Photos from Talking Art's post 25/10/2022

Low-cost accommodation, only 10€ per night. Single room with Portugues size double bed in the main house. (Not the Old Winery guesthouse) A Portuguese bed is smaller than a UK size, lovely and intimate.

Situated in a wine-growing area, opposite the famous winemaker, Luis Pato. We are equidistant between Coimbra and Aveiro. 25 minutes from stunning beaches.


"Black Dress with White Necklace"
Colour pencil drawing on paper
by Paul Woods


A French landscape (Castelnau-Magnoac) drawn from life, colour pencil on paper


In my creative life, I have often had to take on more conventional commissions such as this house portrait. I kind of enjoy them.


Drawing a life Model, multi-viewpoint in a single composition.
Colour pencil on Paper,
Exclusively on sale from Talking Art.

Photos from Talking Art's post 21/10/2022

Free accommodation is available for overnight, weekend or longer stays for people attending art courses, classes or Art Appreciation sessions. (Please enquire for details)


Preparation of drawing/sketch


"Flower and Cut Hair"
Finished colour pencil drawing on paper
Mahsa Amini-hair cutting protest
I support the Iran hair protests.

FrenchEmporium - Etsy 14/10/2022

FrenchEmporium - Etsy

I am offering 15% off any item in my ETSY shop.
My shop offers a range of vintage items as well as some of my artworks.

I will deduct the 15% before you make the order.


FrenchEmporium - Etsy Shop Vintage , antique, artworks, prints and downloads by FrenchEmporium located in Aveiro, Portugal. Smooth shipping! Has a history of shipping on time with tracking. Speedy replies! Has a history of replying to messages quickly.


"The Handmaid's Tale"
Pencil Drawing with gouache on paper
The finished drawing


An unfinished new work. "Reading with Lightbulb" 13 Oct 2022
Colour pencil with gouache.
I have not decided on the title of the book she is reading.


Jean Béraud, The Drinkers, 1908

Without further available information, this painting could be interpreted in different ways. We see a couple sitting at marble-top tables in a French cafe with rows of bottles behind the partition. They are drinking Absinth, a rather potent and popular drink which was the French equivalence of the scourge of Gin drinking in England. The man is diluting the absinthe with water to make it palatable to drink, (Personally I drink it neat). The couple appears to be mismatched, he looks slightly dishevelled in dress and nature. She appears to be better dressed and more refined. She looks out towards us, the viewer. The two seem to be disconnected emotionally.

Are they a couple whose love for each other has diminished? Have they had a lover's tiff? The reality may be more sinister.

The Impressionists, working against the strong, high-minded French Academy dictates, turned their attention to the realities of Parisian life and took an interest in dealing with and exposing social ills. Most likely this painting is exposing the underclass of society where drinking was an escape from the trials of life, and prostitution was rife. We see a slightly higher class of pr******te allowed to frequent the many cafe bars as opposed to the lower strata of street workers. He, maybe the pimp or even the woman's customer fortifying himself before they leave the bar for the exchange of money and act.

This of course is a cold reading of the potential scenarios and meanings, picking up clues indicated within the painting alone. With research we most likely would find information that would clarify the true intent and meaning the artist wanted to portray and impart, dispelling conjecture.

Art history and art appreciation are important to understanding and establishing informed opinions.

LOVE ART, LOVE LIFE. Talking art with Paul Woods.


New work. "Reclining figure", colour pencil on black paper. 7-Oct-2022


Moon and Stars, colour drawing on black paper by Paul Woods

TALKING ART with Paul Woods


Looking at art is a joy and a pleasure. It makes us feel good; we feel happy and our minds are stimulated. We all know what we like when we see it, but do we truly know WHY it is good or bad? If you are interested in understanding what makes a painting great and you want to develop an informed appreciation of paintings then this sessions will be for you

What will you LEARN

This course aims to introduce the concept of elements and principles in art. The basic structuring of a painting’s composition and to understand how these elements and principles give balance, harmony and structure. You will be able to identify and learn how a painting is constructed and your observational skills will allow you to elicit the artist’s intent and the story he wants to tell in his work. Those skills will help you to understand your own personal responses and engagement with art and you should have the confidence to appraise a painting and feel encouraged to seek out a wider range of artworks.

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