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SEE Learning center ensures that students get the highest-possible standards of teaching and care.Our aim is to provide a high quality educational service.

Our aim is to provide a high quality educational service and accurate counseling. Breing an English UK partner agency is guarantee of the quality we deliver and our long term experience in placing students abroad. Year after year we work on improving and our Educational portfolio - various programmes, locations, schools, colleges, universities … - adapting to students' needs.

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Have you been up & down the seven hills of Lisbon?

Have you been up & down the seven hills of Lisbon?


SEE Learning Center's cover photo


SEE Learning Center's cover photo


SEE Learning Center's cover photo

29/12/2020 21/08/2020

Quarantine rules lifted for Portugal travel Portugal is added to UK's safe travel list but Croatia, Austria and Trinidad and Tobago are removed. 14/08/2020

You can now watch the Algarve's spectacular sunsets thanks to a new livestream

Good news! The Algarve region is famed for its beautiful sunsets - and now you can watch the beautiful scenery on a new livestream


Last day for applications for the next IELTS exam @ Lisbon.


Sabia que Propinas Financiadas no Reino Unido é a última oportunidade? Contacte-nos!


Cursos de línguas ONLINE com professores nativos da língua. Preparação para Exames de IELTS, Exames CAMBRIDGE, Exames de TRINITY. Aulas de conversão.


Cambridge Certificate:
SEE classes online or at our Language School.


Summer Solstice @ Stonehenge by English Heritage


Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre: online classes available. SEE has been offering language courses online for 5 years. Experienced native speaking teachers of the language.


The University Team: helping students gain entry to universities including some of the world’s most competitive universities - Oxford and Cambridge.


The face to the poster. Photo @ Futuralia 2019! Who took a photo at our stand?


Universities @ Uk: apply for Setember!


We all miss the days when social distance was not issue.
Students like to be together!


September intake! Would you like to study in a University in UK? SEE can help.


Oh Canada! A great location to study: High School, Boarding School, University, Gap Year, Language classes, Summer Courses...


SEE is a TRINITY Exam centre.


Europe Day 2020! SEE LEARNING CENTER map at the school reception. Each flag is pinned by the student - nationality mix!


UK Universities: apply for Setember intake. Conctact SEE!


Dia Mundial da Língua Portuguesa

World Portuguese Language Day


The University Team! Contact us!


Interviewing Teddy "Disadvantages of Travelling"

Check out who is in the video!

Interview by Sheila Margaret Ward


We all miss SEE sightseeing tours.
We all await the days of freedom of movement again!


We all miss travelling @ Easter time!


Dreams are not at quarantine. We all have a dream... Meanwhile why not a language course online?


Portuguese Online Courses! Top 10 Reasons To Study Portuguese
Learning any foreign language is rewarding but there are plenty of reasons why learning Portuguese is particularly good for you.
1. Portuguese is the 6th most widely spoken language in the world so it’s potentially far more useful than French, German or Italian.
2. It’s the 3rd most spoken European language and the fastest-growing in terms of learners.
3. Although it’s gaining popularity, relatively few people study Portuguese as a foreign language so if you can add it to your resume, you’ll gain a competitive advantage.
4. There are more than 260 million Portuguese speakers around the world. Around 215 million of them are native speakers.
5. You’ll be able to use your Portuguese language skills to travel or work in countries like Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor and many others where it’s the official language.
6. You’ll also find many Portuguese speakers in South Africa, throughout South America, Macau and there are significant Portuguese communities in the USA, the UK, Germany and Luxemburg, to name but a few countries.
7. Brazil, the country with the largest number of Portuguese speakers, is an economic superpower within Latin America and has one of the largest economies in the world so there are lots of business and work opportunities.
8. Because of Brazil’s mighty influence, Portuguese is taught in schools in most other South American countries so you’ll be able to use it in nearby countries, too.
9. The Portuguese language is a gateway into the culture of several countries, especially through their music and literature.
10. One of the Latin-based ‘Romance’ languages, Portuguese has a similar structure and vocabulary to several other European languages. This can make it easy to learn other languages in this group.
Have we convinced you?


SEE Languages Online courses are tailored to meet students' needs. #seelanguagesonline


A Summer Course abroad takes your wanderlust to new levels - Live the language, meet new friends, talk to native speakers, discover a new destination.


SEE Languages Online

SEE has been offering language courses online for many years. Stephan speaks about the online language courses.

Master a language only using online...
[email protected]


SEE has been offering language courses online for many years. Check out page SEE Languages Online #seelanguagesonline


Following the advice given by the Portuguese authorities SEE Learning Center is closed from March 16 to 30 to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Classes are online. #seelanguagesonline

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Carolina Isidoro speaks about her experience in 2019: Summer Course in UK. Video @ Casal da Lapa, Pampilhosa da Serra
Ready for departure? How do you feel?
Let's talk about people!
Spanish classes by SEE Learning Center
Fado @ Portuguese tradition!
Santa Claus!
National Language Day: Portuguese!
Vamos Cantar as Janeiras!Let's sing ''Janeiras''!


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Rua José Rodrigues Miguéis - Garagem 56
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"Se os Zeppelin representam o blues e o rock n´ roll, Zappa indica o caminho a seguir via experimentalismo e jazz moderno." Cit. ZEPPA

All For Dance All For Dance
Rua Manuel Valadares, Nº5
Alfornelos, 2650-192 AMADORA

Espaço dedicado à dança e bem-estar pessoal. Descubra todas as ofertas que este espaço lhe oferece.