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It is our responsibility to inspire people in Auckland to achieve a balanced, healthy and happy life It is our responsibility to inspire people towards achieving a balanced, healthy and happy life.

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i did 1000+ races including 30+ marathons/ultras. the went straight to the top10. from the reception in the beautiful town of Bitola in the south of North Macedonia to the challenging but amazing trail ultra to the farewell, the whole crew behind the race truly over-delivered for their first major event. i discovered how friendly, supportive, and humorous the Macedons were throughout these hours and days before and after the race even though they were all working so hard to make the event outstanding. the race course is quickly described: 3 massive mountains needed to be conquered in the pelister national park. beautiful nature on nice trails on technical terrain but overall there was always this one problem. the climb seemed endless - and also the descent. i was extremely happy that i had a running partner, Ivan, who pulled me up all 3 mountain peaks. after 6.5 hours we were awaited at the finish line with a noise and hundreds of smiling faces i hardly ever had at a finish line. and everyone received it - the crew seemed to have unlimited energy and happiness. also, I like to mention and thank who i was hanging out with for many hours before and after the race and who never complained about my never-ending questions about running. now the show must go on and everyone in this world is invited to the second edition next year on the 23./24. June 2023. check out one thing is for sure. it will be bigger and better. why? because we are dealing with the best. ps: thanks Nenad and Violeta for the invite - you are my heroes leading the crew.


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Quick warmup. Robin always trying to be in the picture.


The burpee dance part 2


I got fit for Christmas so I can eat all these nice things.


I have this problem.


today was a very nice bodyweight workout. 10 sets x 10 reps of jumping squats pushups and knee tucks. i like.


Analysing my running. A lot of data to go through 😂


I did not mind this workout. 3k run and remaining time of 20 min burpees. I suggest 30 min next time and 4 km 😂


My living room. Where I hang out.


Thanks Ricky for accepting me in your CrossFit gang. Let's have some fun. It was a good first week.


Sweep in front of your own door.


November Challenge. Vegan dish. Beautiful.


I love playgrounds.


What I do to control my sugar addiction


Getting faster. November Challenge.


October challenge successfully completed. 4 kg down.


OCR police obstacle race challenge today in portimao Portugal. Struggled on a few obstacles but we had fun.


OCR police obstacle race challenge today in portimao Portugal. Struggled on a few obstacles but we had fun.


October challenge. Getting more flexible for faster running

Classificações em Direto 26/10/2021

Classificações em Direto

october challenge: results of my first official 10k race in Portugal. rank 78 from 250 runners, time 43 min. all went after plan. this is my pace at the moment. this time will become 38 min in 6 months. running 60k each week.

Classificações em Direto


October challenge. The burpee dance. 80 burpees this morning at CrossFit.


October challenge: Finished my CrossFit session at 8.30 am in the morning. Great to wake up.


Finally, our October challenge 2021 is back!

A) pick your goal:

1 exercise
2 diet
3 sleep/stress
4 less screen time (or other addictions)
5 other

B) what achievement? (examples)

1. run 10 times for a total of 50 km, do 10x 1h of fitness, bike 20x 30 min
2. do 10 days without sugar, do a vegetarian month, no fast food
3. sleep 7h each night, do 15x15 min of meditation, do 10x1h walks
4. reduce screentime by 1h/30%, turn off phone 3h each day

C) report achievements to get points

1. by text, photo, video with each activity to get into a ranking (optional)
2. join our WhatsApp group for inspiration

PS: Any ideas, how to improve this challenge?


it was my 30th marathon. just a training marathon close to straßburg in france.

at km 30 I also had a very special moment. i hit the wall. big times. too early and too hard. it went surprisingly well until then. a great 5.09 min/km pace, very steady and without issues I calculated a wonderful sub 3.40h time - I only had to do a 5.14 min/km pace on the second half. usually my second half of my recent marathons are only a bit slower but still steady. here is my list of reasons:

not enough liquid - only had 1.5l of water with electrolytes with me which ran out at km 35. i received 0.7l of water from a nice stranger who i asked kindly
no coke or soda after half of the marathon which always boost me
no preparations/long runs since june

whenever i hit a wall, i fuel up immediately and get back to a normal okay pace which also happened - i could get down to 5.40 min/km again but a second wave hit me and i knew by then that this race would take very, very long on the last kilometers. every step is painful, your mind is blank and you are in that state you never want to be in.

3 days later i am fully recovered and jogging a 8 km loop. as if nothing ever happened. i learned my lesson and i hope i can do better next time. all i know that pain is temporary and that we all get new chances. every single day. but we need to take our chances. what is my next step? i keep thinking about it since the pain left my body. what is your next step?


summary first week diet (no coffee, sugar, drinks, meat)

very happy i did not get any headache, what happened in previous diets. however, energy remained very low feeling like unmotivated almost throughout all days. i believe a cleansing process takes many days.

exercise-wise i am more than happy. did 5 runs (4x speed and 1x fahrtlek, total of 33 km, fastest 3k in 12.21 min) and 4 crossfit sessions. the recovery from those sessions also took energy from me - clearly.

after 5 days i lost already 1 kg and 2 cm off my belly which is wonderful.

the picture shows my very good friend ben from the south of france., who hosted me several days during my 11 countries bike/train trip.


yesterday was diet day number 5. energy is increasing slowly but still low. i had to get up at 7 am to get to the 8 am crossfit class. in the partner workout i got the strongest member so i had to push my limits again. soreness kicked in again the next day. i also got a little treat in the evening with a nice sweet cocktail at the recreational pond area in karlovy vary/czech republic. further discipline is lacking due to not running that day. on the good side, i lost 2 cm off my belly and 1 kg of body weight within those 5 days.

the photo was taken on the ferry on ruegen this summer while camping with ben and my uncles family.


healthy diet started today. no coffee, no sugar, no drinks, no meat.

95 cm belly and 87 kg needs to be reduced.

Restarted running and crossfit on a daily basis. did 1 km speed today in 3.43 min. will do a 5k test on saturday.

Who wants to join?


free service! happy monday everyone. this week I give out free coaching calls (up to 20 min).

so if you have questions in regards of exercising, setting goals, nutrition, stress management, etc. lets have a quick call to determine first steps towards your goals.

so message me with desired topic, reasons why you want to achieve it and why you struggle so that we have some starting points.

again, this is completely free. i don't need any more clients at the moment but want to help people who struggle as i have time on my hands.


I was thinking of surfing first. Upperbody workout today. Wood chopper row high pool swing and shoulder press. The basics are the most effective. PS I still have 4 online training spots.


Where ever you are. Online personal training. Convenient. Effective. Affordable. 3 sessions for 29 Euro plus free trail. 2021 is here. Message me today. We start tomorrow.


Legs today.

3 rounds of 20 side jumps
30 skip jumps
10 long jump into squat

Hi from Portugal

Personal online training from 9 euro per session. Only 3 spots.


How online fitness training works

This is how online fitness training works.

9 Euro for a 30 min session. 2021 is here.

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The burpee dance part 2
today was a very nice bodyweight workout. 10 sets x 10 reps of jumping squats pushups and knee tucks. i like.
I love playgrounds.
What I do to control my sugar addiction
October challenge. Getting more flexible for faster running
October challenge. The burpee dance. 80 burpees this morning at CrossFit.
it was my 30th marathon. just a training marathon close to straßburg in km 30 I also had a very special moment...
How online fitness training works



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