Online English Language Classes

Online English Language Classes

We are running an online academy since last few months. I've taught many students yet. Alhamdulilah � very massive response from students.

Operating as usual


~ Online English Language classes ~

Whether you need English for your studies, your job or simply to make conversation, our academy is designed to make you more proficient in everyday english activities.
Why Our Academy?
=> Our academy will provide you online one-to-one classes, especially designed to develop your English skills.
=> The classes are very interactive and developing communication skills is a priority.
=> Your progress will be carefully monitored and you will receive regular feedback from your teacher to ensure you achieve your learning goals.
=> After completion of this course you will be given a certificate too.
=> Practice of weekly quizzes from our website can help you achieve real fluency and prepare you for further study or a successful career.
=>This online course is delivered over 10 lessons per week.
For further details visit our website :)
Yourtimetutor. com


You want to speak and write like native English and groom your personality but don’t know how to achieve that then these courses are highly recommended for you to learn English language proficiently. We are going to start these courses online, so you can learn English Language from the comfort of your home now.


Choose from short-term and long-term flexible programmes. A long term course is a 90-day course while a short term course is a 45-day course. First three trial lectures are free for both courses.

These courses will not only improve your English Language and Communication Skills but will also groom your personality.


1- Correct Grammar

2- Vocabulary

3- Communication Skills

4- Speaking Skills

5- Good Listening

6- Writing Skills

7- Improved Reading

8- Interview Preparation Tips

9- Confidence Gaining

10- Personality Grooming

We have divided the courses into parts to gain full command on each module and to boost your Spoken English and communication skills.

There will be recorded lectures via WhatsApp on daily basis accompanied with test / assignment schedules. In addition, you will be provided with notes of every lecture regularly.

Topics according to the current lecture will be given to you on daily basis to deliver minimum five minutes presentation. Your progress is assessed weekly with a review test every Friday. This gives you the opportunity to decide if you need to practice more in any area. Your teacher will regularly discuss and analyse your progress with you. Homework is a part of your learning journey, and every day your teachers assign specific tasks to help you improve your skills and progress towards fluency.

Fee for these preeminent courses are given below:

=>For short-term course of 45 days is just 1500/-

=>For long-term course of 90 days is just 2500/-

For your convenience, you can also pay in two installments. Deposit your fee through easypaisa or jazzcash. After submission of fee, take screenshot of your receipt and send it to us. You will be added to the paid / study group.

Improve your core communication language skills whether for work, study or pleasure

Enjoy a technology-enhanced environment that helps you become a better learner. Just keep in mind that these grim courses are only for passionate students. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more about the English Language then you can contact us via WhatsApp on +92-312-643-3041.

Visit our page for further details :


☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041

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some best compliments 💕


Our course objectives :)


☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041


Why our academy?

=> affordable fee
=> concessions
=> flexible timing
=> friendly environment
=> 5 classes within a week
=> understandable tenor
=> recorded lectures via voice notes and pdf
=> you can prepare lectures in your spare time


Many students are asking, why online learning is more effective than traditional learning??
The answer will be very simple..
Online learning has been on the rise in recent years, and it’s really not hard to see why. On the one hand, eLearning courses have become hugely popular by the simple virtue of being so much more convenient than traditional face to face courses.
In addition to the convenience and the cost, a large number of students are turning to online learning courses because they have become a better way to learn. Students can fit them around their existing responsibilities and commitments, and can engage with multimedia content and learning materials at whatever time is most convenient to them. Even better: they don’t have to travel anywhere to study, they can learn many things from the comfort of their own home or office.
Those students who are serious about improving their understanding, learning new skills and gaining valuable qualifications are keen to enrol in the type of course that will be the most effective.


Looking out for any kind of online learning in this Lockdown?
Big news for all passionate students 🤓
✅Our academy gives online learning💯
, introduced special online learning💻 to teach students while they are staying at home.
Lectures and Assignments📒 will be shared through WhatsApp.
The assigned task must be completed by the students👩‍💻👨🏻‍💻 in their blank/ rough notebooks 📚
Only those students can achieve their goals who understand this fact that this Lockdown is not the end of their schooling. They know that they have to continue their studies after this critical situation. So, they are not wasting their time, even though they are trying to learn more things, trying to overcome their weak points.
Happy Learning!😊
Stay Home! Stay Safe!👍
If you have any query contact us on
☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041 .


I'm just saying you to have a bird's eye view of everything that you have learnt yet. I know you want to improve your accent, grammar, vocabulary etc. But do you know what is the burning question? It is lack of practice. Yes you are trying your best to learn new things, but you're not practicing. Your main objective is to overstuffed your mind. That is not a good approach.
From today, not only try to learn vocabulary words, but also try to use those words in your daily routine. Speak in English with your friends, fellows, family, juniors. Have you ever noticed? you feel more comfortable during a conversation with your juniors, even if you are speaking wrong English. So, try to communicate with them in English. Doesn't matter, if your English is not so good, what matters is that you are practicing to improve yourself. If someone is trying to make you a laughing stock. Don't give up at that point. Just keep in mind, that person is a wet blanket, his motive is just to discourage you, and your inner courage is very enough for this kind of battles. All you need to do is to ignore them. 😊


Online English Language classes are available to enhance your English proficiency. Whatsapp now at +92 312 6433041 for messaging

☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041


Our academy is offering two months Online English Language Classes. Main objectives are to improve communication skills(reading skills, writing skills, speaking skills, listening skills) , pronunciation, grammar improvement. We have taught many students yet, Al-hamdulilah they all are very satisfied with the teaching method. First three trial lectures are free. After that, if you will be satisfied then you can registered yourself. And fee for each student is 1200/-
Do share with your fellows and friends.
contact us.
☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041


Develope your soft skills and be fluent in English from the comforts of your home.
trial classes

New batch will be started from tomorrow.
For further details whatsapp now
+☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041

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my student's experience with Online English Language Classes via WhatsApp.


Online classes available to enhance your English proficiency..

Learn to Speak English in Just 2 months!


"Online English Language Classes"

Improve Your:
& Writing

Develop your soft skills and be fluent in English from the comforts of your home.
If you are interested to avail the online class +92 ☎️ WhatsApp us : +92 312 6433041

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