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Milan’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Posting earlier in the day allows my content to reach further throughout the day.

2. Doing collaboration posts (“Collab“) brings more engagement and visibility to my page.

3. Remember that people’s attention span attracts them to short-form video content.


Noble’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Be unique, forget trends. They may help you grow at first but if you're looking for longevity in your content and want people to take you seriously, be different.

2. Quality over quantity–but don’t stress about being perfect. Just put out content you're proud of.

3. Read comments. See how the people see your work to continue to evolve. Good or bad comments always push me to thrive and change up my strategy.


Rabb’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Always include descriptive text in the reel.

2. Always start the reel off by showing someone's face.

3. Adding music always helps.


Bree’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Keep the videos under 20 seconds.

2. Craft engaging captions.

3. Lock in your audience in the first three seconds.


Henderson’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Be Authentic.

2. Be relatable.

3. Captivate the audience from the very beginning.


Nneka Ibeabuchi’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Use trending sounds.

2. Know what you want to do with that trending sound.

3. 7-15 second reels get more engagement.


Khleo Thomas' top 3 Reels tips:

1. Use background music.

2. Edit for a vertical 9x16 ratio.

3. Keep the content engaging.


Robert Lucas' top 3 Reels tips:

1. Push your creativity.

2. Start with a great attention grabber.

3. Make original and authentic content.


Crissa Jackson's top 3 Reels tips:

1. Catch viewers’ attention in the first few seconds.

2. Make it relatable.

3. Use trending audio.


Jade Novah’s top 3 Reels tips:

1. Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. No shame in my game. I keep them relevant to the content and make sure they’re something people are actually looking for.

2. Pick a cover photo that grabs people’s attention as they scroll.

3. Use sounds that are trending AND original audio. I use my own original music to tell the story!


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Is mei hy sab kuch.

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You know your role in the team? If you are working in agile team or scrum team and you want to know what are your duties and how you can perform well. Here is one simple document for you. Once you go through this and you will never be working in the same zone again.


You know your role in the team? If you are working in agile team or scrum team and you want to know what are your duties and how you can perform well. Here is one simple document for you. Once you go through this and you will never be working in the same zone again.


In the last post I have mentioned why Agile Estimation is important. Here is another guide for you to make agile estimation simple.


If you know how to estimate in Agile there are very rare chances that you will fail that project. Agile estimation is one of the key skills if you want to work in agile or IT environment.


Usually clients are not technical people. So, if you want your client to understand your work better and get some know how about agile. Here is a simple solution to that. Have a look and share this with your client to have less problems in your work.


The role of business analyst and agile mindset go hand in hand. Here is the complete guide for you to be an agile business analyst.


The product owner is a new role for most companies and needs this
book’s compelling and easily understandable presentation.


Whatever you call it: retrospective, post-mortem, post-partum, postproject review. Your work can be better by stopping at regular intervals and asking, “What worked well that we don’t want to forget?
What should be done differently?”


This book consists of 20 metrics adopted by several Agile teams across
the world. The recommendation is NOT to track ALL the metrics, but
to choose 'just enough' that make sense.


This playbook was written primarily
for new adopters of agile practices, and
it is intended to speak to managers,
practitioners, and teams


The largest opportunity on social media

The largest opportunity on sical media


پروگرامرز اور کوڈنگ سے تعلق رکھنے والے لوگوں کے لیئے انمول تحفہ۔ مفت سافٹ کاپی حاصل کرنے کے لیئے ابھی کمنٹ کیجیئے ۔

مزید اپڈیٹس کے لیئے فالو کرنا نہ بھولیں


For all my freelancer friends. This book is a must read. You will be able to sort your planning right away.

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Non functional requirements are the real challenge for any developer. Here is the guide on how to address them.

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Accpetance criteria is one of the most iportant factor while managing a project. A clear acceptance criteria helps developers to build the product according to the requirement of the customer. It is always a good idea to spend some time in defining the acceptance criteria. How to define that? The answer is the book.

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Software Development is mostly Agile and should be Agile. This book helps you to know more about Agile Software Development

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User Stories in Agile

User Stories are essential part of Agile Development. In this book you will find 200 examples of user stories that will surely help you document your requirements in an improved manner for better understanding and development

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Thankyou Sir Hisham Sarwar for recommending me. I am starting "One Book a Day" series in which I will be sharing one book related to project management on daily basis with all my followers on my page .

All these books will help freelancers to manage their projects efficiently. The overall quality of work of freelnacers from Pakistan will increase.

Moreover, I am available personally for any help and guidance regarding project management.


This is my second scheduled post. Trying to get along with scheduling. It is an amazing feature.


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‘I am not a teacher, but an awakener.’ –Robert Frost


When one teaches, two learn.’ –Robert Heinlein

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Allah is your protector. Excellent protector and excellent helper. Al Quran (8:40)





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