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Videos by Mark-1 Computer Institute & Centre in Karachi. Mark-1 computers working since 2009 for those people who want to learn.

Summer Courses 2022

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Summer Courses 2022 #mark1computers #mohsinahmedsiddiqui #freecourses

Tribute to Our Armed Forces of Pakistan ❤🇵🇰🛩

Mark-1 Entertainers

Mark-1 Computers Annual Ceremony Season-12

Mcq`s Party 2 Performance By Khurram & Group
Mark-1 Annual Certificate Ceremony 2019 (Season 10)

Mark-1 Annual Certifcate Ceremony 2019 (Season 10)
Honarable Hafiz Sir Muhammad Adnan (Head of Madrassa-Tul_Islam)

MCQ`s Party Part-02 Drama Performance
Mark-1 Annual Certificate Ceremony 2018 (Season-09)