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Videos by Pingu's English School, Block 7, Gulshan in Karachi. Pingu’s English School has been built on the expertise of Linguaphone Group and it’s available i

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'Teeth brushing activity' is TOTS.

Sufiyan Danish of Primary 3 giving his Computer practical and viva

Musfirah Junaid of Primary 2 performing her practical and giving viva

Raima Usmani of Primary 2 is giving her Computer practical and viva

Zairish Salman of Primary 2 is giving her Computer practical and viva

Asshad of Primary 2 is giving Urdu speaking test

🌟🌟 Unlock Your Child's Leadership Potential in the AI Era with Pingu's English School and Eureka School System! 🐧🐧Welcom...

Early year 1 learners are learning about Letter "J" today in class

Studying about "Life cycle of Butterfly" always excites a learner. Today Early year 1 learners are happily learning the ...

Tayyaba Batool of Primary 5 doing her Computer practical and giving Viva during First Summative Exams

Aabis of Primary 5 is doing his practical of Computer studies and also answering teachers' questions as a part of First ...

Rameen Hassan giving her English speaking exam

Hassan ur Rehman of Primary 4 is also giving his English Speaking exam.

Umme Abeeha of Primary 4 is giving her English speaking exam.

Happy 5th Birthday dear Fatima tuz Zehra

Happy birthday dear Aashir Alavi 😊

Hateeza Sharjeel from Primary 3 is talking about Importance of Books during their oral exams

Today Early year 3 learners are busy in an exciting Sand Activity from their thread book 'My Stone Circle'

آ یان اپنے زبانی پرچے میں "سپورٹس ڈے کا دن کیسے گزرا" پر تبصرہ کر رھے ھیں۔

Happy Birthday 🥳 Aaliyan

Restaurants and dining out play an important role in our day to day routines. The learners need guidance regarding the m...

Happy birthday dear Noor-e-Adan, may you live long and healthy life ameen

Happy birthday cute Zimal, May Allah bless you all the happiness in life ameen

Early year 1 learning letter "t" in their class today

A regular day of TOTS learners at school

Research allows you to pursue your interests, to learn something new, to hone your problem-solving skills and to challen...