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I am so proud of my parents. Because of them i have been able to live the life i want. Thanks to my parents who have done many good things to me and have added value to me. I gratitude and appreciate my parents. I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation towards my parents, who forebear pain and discomfort in bringing me up to adulthood. This is my sincere appreciation. I am so proud of my parents. Because of them, I have been able to live the life I want to. My Parents, My Hero and My God: The most special people in my life! My Parents are the best gifts that ever happened to my life. My parents are Best for me because they are Best in Whole World and they are the best role model for me and I follow their teach,…they pray me for every time and whatever I am at this time just because of my parents and their wishes…I think Parents are the best Mercy of God!!! I’m proud of that. I’ve had the most incredible time. I really have, and I can’t thank my parents enough for giving me everything. I would climb the highest mountain, swim the deepest sea, and walk across the hottest desert just to tell my parents how incredibly special you two mean to me.




- A truly free society must not include a peace which oppresses us. We must learn on our own terms what peace and freedom mean together. There can be no peace if there is social injustice and suppression of human rights, because external and internal is inseparable. Peace is not just the absence of mass destruction but a positive internal and external condition in which people are free so that they can grow to their full potential.😇😇🙂🙂





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Special Science Elementary School Special Science Elementary School
Surigao City, 8400

SSES being the only science elementary school in the Division of Surigao City.

Fun to Learn Kinder Center Fun to Learn Kinder Center
Surigao City, 8600

Christ Centered School & Love the individuality of the child.

Tubod Municipal High School BATCH 1992 Tubod Municipal High School BATCH 1992
Surigao City

This TMHS BATCH 1992 are enthusiastic and brilliant students of their time. Most of them are successful in each field and humble example of others and community they belong.

Student Lamp Student Lamp
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This webpage shows the works/outputs of my students; photos & videos showing students' activities or performances in school & other educ'l videos & photos

Surigao Del Norte
Surigao City

Smiley Family Fellas Clan is the happiest organization ever

Ox International Language Development Center Co. Ltd. Ox International Language Development Center Co. Ltd.
Surigao City, 8400

OILDC is an international e–school helping students and professionals achieve their Language training needs.

KUMON  Capitol Surigao Center KUMON Capitol Surigao Center
04952 Capitol Road
Surigao City, 8400

KUMON is the world’s leading after-school enrichment program. KUMON nurtures self-learning ability in every child for a successful life that will affect positive change in society.

Junior Business Executive Club Junior Business Executive Club
Surigao City, 8400

JAD Tutoring Services JAD Tutoring Services
Brgy. Washington
Surigao City, 8400

Tubod Central Elementary School BATCH 1988 Tubod Central Elementary School BATCH 1988
Surigao City

Advocators of quality education and excellence, One batch, one mind and one group.

Shopping ThaiLand T Shopping ThaiLand T
Surigao City, 8000

3d modeling/rendering, Autocad, Architectural Design