Counters Down/Contadores Abajo

The game that teaches students arithmetic, helps keep aging minds sharp and active, and builds social interaction skills. Help us HELP THE TEACHERS TEACH

We are a non-profit community service group dedicated to SERVICE above SELF

Misión: To help teachers teach and improve arithmetic students skills

[09/13/19]   We are proud to announce that the Rotary Club of Wellington, Ontario, Canada has generously donated $500 (five hundred dollars) towards the education scholarship fund of Counters Down!!
Mucho Gracias!!

[06/07/19]   Counters Down game was a hit in India!
Isabelle Derock, Rotarian from Club Rotario de Playa Coronado presented Counters Down in Mumbai, India to great enthusiasm.

Rob Brown is presenting to 10 Rotary Clubs in Ontario over the next few weeks!

Rob also found an old “Shut The Box “ game in a store in Waterloo, ON which our game is based on.
The other game was only 9 counters, has no wild card on the dice, and is a very inexpensive construction, with no lid or hinge for $20 plus 15%tax.
Everyone that sees the game feels we have made significant and exciting revisions- plus ours are hand-made by Panamanian craftsmen our of the very beautiful coratu wood.

[06/04/19]   Received a video from Rotarian Isabelle Derock showing kids in Mumbai, India playing the game- she reports the kids LOVE the game.
She also showed the game to students in Paris, France (they want a French version)
Rob is presenting the project to 10 Rotary Clubs in Canada over next few weeks.

[05/22/19]   EXCITING NEWS - The Brockville Rotary Club and the 1,000 Islands Rotary Club (Ontario, Canada) have signed on as a FOUNDING ROTARY CLUB to the Counters Down project.

They have contributed $700 USD (not quite a $ million Canadian yet)

Rob Brown, Project Leader will address both clubs in June when he visits the area, speaking to Rotary Clubs across Ontario.

Their contribution will go towards the student educational scholarship endowment - the interest of which will be awarded each year to the winners of the Counters Down Championships.

This endowment will ensure that the Counters Down Education project will go on for as long as Rotary exists!

Joel Davids of Club Rotario de Playa Coronado speaks at the American Society of Panama meeting - resulting in $513 donated towards building and donating games to every math teacher in Panama!!
Hep The Teachers Teach -

[05/21/19]   iPhones use linked to poor sleeping in teens, resulting in obesity, irritability and lower school grades.

COUNTERS DOWN takes kids off their phone's and helps them interact with other people in a fun, entertaining way - as well as helping them learning arithmetic!

Here is an article from European Society of Endocrinology:

Do you know a teenager who is spending way too much time tossing and turning trying to sleep? They might be able to fix that fairly quickly by cutting down on a common late-night habit.

Teenagers’ sleeping problems can be reversed by one week of limiting their evening smartphone use, according to findings released at the European Society of Endocrinology annual meeting.

Dutch researchers found teenagers exposed to blue light from electronic devices for more than four hours at night tended to go to sleep 30 minutes later than teens who were only exposed for less than an hour.

Screen time linked to learning delays in young children, new study finds
Catching up on sleep over the weekend doesn't actually help, study finds
Is screen time to blame for dramatic rise in kids with dry eye?
Preschool screen time linked to behavioural problems: study
No screen time for babies; only 1 hour for kids under 5.

Previous studies have shown blue light emitting from devices such as tablets and laptops can mess with the brain’s internal clock and the sleep hormone melatonin – all of which can disrupt quality sleep time.

Other findings have shown that besides the short-term effects of tiredness and poor concentration, lack of sleep can lead to serious long-term health issues including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

[05/20/19]   HUGE THANK YOU to the American Society of Panama, who donated $513 towards student games at their board induction dinner last Saturday!!!

Elle and Joel Davids of the Club Rotario de Playa Coronado presented a 10 minute presentation on our Counters Down project - and handed out 6 games for attendees to try out - they responded with great enthusiasm and donated over $500 towards the scholarships to be awarded to the top student winners at the COUNTERS DOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

This $500 will pay for 20 student games to be donated to 20 schools in Panama!!!❣️

Even the Myan temple guard loves playing the Counters Down game!!

Entrance to Rotary District Conference in El Salvador

Leah Henderson and Rob Brown are presenting the Counters Down game at the Rotary Conference of District 4240 this week in San Salvador.
"I am very encouraged by the positive reception the project has received"
They are selling boxes and accepting donations - and the response has been very encouraging.
"We may have some new Founding Partner Rotary Club announcements soon!" said Brown.

Counters Down - A Math Teaching Game That Kids Love to Play!

Thank you for LIKE-ing us on Facebook - we just passed 100 LIKES!!

Please let your friends and family know we still need 36 games donated to hit our goal of 100 games to 100 schools!

To donate a school game (only $25 USD) go to or e-mail [email protected]

Give the gift of education - a gift that lasts a lifetime - Give them a hand-up not a hand-out!! Order a game for your classroom (or family) LEARN MORE

[05/06/19]   Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo has won the national election in Panama.
President Cortizo has promised: "to attend to the National Commitment to Education; reform the public procurement law - to "eliminate discretion and combat corruption" - and revise the Central American trade treaties. Likewise, create the Ministry of Culture.

This spells good news for COUNTERS DOWN as we seek to HELP TEACHERS TEACH!!!

New photo by Rob Brown Yolanda Van Der Kolk

Canadian Rotaract exchange students and Rotarian Susan Ashley (second from left) playing the Counters Down game that Susan brought back from Panama.
We are hoping the Brockville Rotary Club will become our next FOUNDING ROTARY PARTNER - fingers crossed!!!

[05/05/19]   COUNTERS DOWN continues its international treck.
Games are on their way to Paris, France, Mumbai, India, and Los Angeles, California in the next few weeks, as well as 20 games being taken to El Salvador for the Rotary District Convention next week.

The Spanish games are called CONTADORES ABAJO, and the rules are provided in both English and Spanish.

New photo added to shared album

Canadian students in Ontario play COUNTERS DOWN game brought back from Panama by Brockville Rotarian Susan Ashley.
Do we see a Canada/Panama challenge in the future?

Yellow stars tells the students who donated their game to their school!

[05/03/19]   To donate a school game (only USD $25 per game) click the e-mail button under the banner

Panalore Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.

The donations continue!! 12 more student games donated!!
37 more student games to go to hit our 100 game goal!!

Cap Manuel donated three (3) student games and did the animated video about the game in both Spanish and in English.

Ray Claude of Libre de Basura donated four (4) student games.

Christian Restrepo donated four (4) student games.

Cynthia Lehman of LORE Magazine donated a student game plus wrote a feature article about the project for her online magazine (to read the article go to

GIVE THE GIFT OF EDUCATION - a gift that will last a lifetime!!

WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU - go to or e-mail [email protected]

Counters Down - A Math Teaching Game That Kids Love to Play!

24 student games donated this week!!
11 student games sold!!

Thanks to Mike and Katarina Peers who donated 10 student games!!

Dave Morrison who donated another 2 student games (this makes 12 that he and the Residents of Decameron have donated so far!!)

Isabel Derock donated four student games and is bringing one of them to her Paris Rotary Club, and another other to Mumbai India!!

Yocheved Morgan donated four games - and is bringing one to her Rotary Club in Michigan, USA

Martha West-Vuytowecz from Inside Panama Property Management donated four (4) games plus purchased a student game and an adult game for her family.

Nancy Szafranski and the Altos Del Maria tutoring group purchased 10 games to teach children with!

Rogelio Teran (President of Club Rotario de Playa Coronado) bought a student game for his parents!!

WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU - our goal is to have 100 student games donated to schools in Panama West and Coclé Provinces before Sept 1st.
We have 49 student games more to go!!

To donate a game (or 10) go to and/or e-mail [email protected] Order a game for your classroom (or family) LEARN MORE

MEDUCA (Panama's Ministry of Education) reviews game and exam.

We met with MEDUCA (Ministry of Education in Panama) and presented the game. They were very enthusiastic -and committed to formally evaluating the game, our testing methods and contest details, and if approved, provide a letter of support to us in the next few weeks!
They will help with distributing the 100 games to schools in Panama West and Coclé, and hopefully provide two judges for the Final Championship.

The game was also presented to Anita Littesy, Board member of The American Society of Panama and The US Embassy to consider supporting.

We also helped out at and presented a game to The Newport Beach Rotary Club who conducted a dental clinic for over 500 under-priviledged kids and parents in Panama this past week.
Kids were allowed to play the game while they waited for treatment.
Miss California - Rita Garabet representing the Rotary Club of Newport Beach, California was there as a dental assistant - see photo below)
Over $400,000 in free dental services were provided (see for photos).

Counters Down - A Math Teaching Game That Kids Love to Play!

Donate a game today- we are COUNTING on you!! Order a game for your classroom (or family) LEARN MORE

The owners of Rustico Furniture in Rio Hato proudly delivered the first fifty student boxes to Club Rotario de Playa Coronado. These are boxes donated by people just like you!
Have not donated a box to a school yet? Go to our website: and donate today.

First 50 games completed

Counters Down - A Math Teaching Game That Kids Love to Play!

We took possession of fifty (50) finished student boxes yesterday and they look GREAT!!
These are the games donated by people from Canada, USA and all around Coronado, Panamá.

We now have half the games we said we needed- and hope to sell more private games/get more donations to help us reach our goal of 100 Games” said Rob Brown
To donate a game to a school please go to our website: and click on Donate a Game and send an e-mail to [email protected]

Give the gift of Education- it will last a lifetime!! Order a game for your classroom (or family) LEARN MORE

Our Children Are In Danger!

Great article on our new game. We strive to keep our children safe and healthy, but there are some dangers that we may never see coming. A young student holds a student game - built small eno...


Games have been brought by Rotary Club members to schools in Wellington, ON and Brockville, ON (Canada), Haddonfield, New Jersey, Washington, DC and another game is on its way to Paris, France!
(we are working on the French rules and instructions - the name of the game will continue as COUNTERS DOWN.

On May 16-19 the game will be presented by game creators/adapters Rob Brown and Leah Henderson at the Rotary District Convention in El Salvador.

Reactions to the game are consistently positive.

In New Jersey, students recalled playing a variation of the game years ago (by a different name) - but they all still enjoyed this version - and the addition of the "Rotary wild card" in our game.

We are using two US and two Canadian schools as control subjects to compare how Panamanian student scores compare to North American students.
It will be very interesting to see if North American students skills improve as much as Panamanians.

Across the board - teachers are reporting:
A) The students love playing the game and
B) Students are getting faster at recognizing the dice, adding the total in their heads and translating the total to counters to flip down.

MOST importantly - they are off their phones, laughing and talking to each other, which is another one of the key objectives of this game: to Improve social interaction skills.

Below - Rotary Club of Playa Coronado member Elle Davids teaches the students of Haddonfield, New Jersey our version of the game.

Do we see a Panama/USA challenge in the future? I'll bet New Jersey students would love to come to Panama next winter!!!!

[04/13/19]   Quick survey:
1) young people today spend too much time on their phones/digital devices? A = I agree, B = I disagree
2) Being able to add in your head is still important - despite easy access to computers and calculators? A = I agree, B = I disagree
3) Social interaction skills are important life skills? A= I agree, B = I disagree
4) Playing games can be an excellent way to teach students basic skills? A = I agree, B = I disagree
5) Arithmetic skills are more important than language skills? A = I agree, B = I disagree, C = They are equally as important

[04/09/19]   DON'T FORGET TO LIKE US ON FACEBOOK please!

[04/09/19]   The testing has begun - eight schools are playing the game - and will re-test the students in 30 days.
Playa Coronado Rotary Club members Leah Henderson and Rob Brown (founders of the game) head off to The Rotary District Conference in El Salvador mid-May to present the game to Rotary Clubs from Central America.

Already two Canadian clubs are talking about licensing the game and starting a school program up there - perhaps a Canada/Panama Counters Down International challenge is in the future?

Counters Down - A Math Teaching Game That Kids Love to Play!

COUNTERS DOWN/ CONTADORES ABAJO: the interactive arithmetic game.

"Tell me, and I forget. Teach me, and I remember. Involve me and I learn"
Benjamin Franklin

HELP THE TEACHERS TEACH - and get the kids involved with math by playing the game.

Go to and donate a game to a school.

[03/28/19]   Mucho Gracias to Martha Vuytowecz of Inside Panama Property Management and Ray Claude of Libre de Basura in the beaches have each made a $100 donation towards school games! (student games are $25 each)

They join Elle & Joel Davids and Carolyn & Keith Dick of the Rotary Club of Playa Coronado as $100 donors.

Our Rotary club has made a $700 contribution to the game, and is encouraging other Rotary Clubs across Canada, USA and Panama to join in.

Thank you too to Rolando Sanchez of Coko Blue in Farallon who has donated $100 towards student games and made a $50 sponsorship contribution.
Gracias - the kids thank you!!

We have numerous student game donations as well! A warm thank you to all who have gone onto our website and made a commitment.

We have 600 games to build, so we still have a way to go, but we are off to a hugely successful start!!

To pay for your donation:

Bring cash to our Rotary meetings every Tuesday at noon - Nazca 21 Restaurant, 2nd Floor, Machetazo Mall Coronado
Deposit a check or Direct deposit cash into our account:
(payable to )
Club Rotario de Playa Coronado
Banco General
Cuenta Corriente

[03/28/19]   Another great school joins the COUNTERS DOWN trial.

Santa Cruz School in Panama West (near Queso Mili) has joined the trial. This makes six schools participating!

[03/27/19]   Three more schools join the COUNTERS DOWN trials: Roberto Eisenmann in Coronado, Rodeo Viejo and San Carlos Schools join Coronado International and Farallon Schools in the pilot program for this exciting math game.

Initial testing has begun. The students will play the game and be re-tested in 30 and 60 days to measure how much their arithmetic skills improve in only two months.

Three more schools join the COUNTERS DOWN testing program - Rodejo Viejo, San Carlos and Roberto Eisenmann School in Coronado join previously chosen Coronado International and Farallon Schools.

Before playing the game - all schools are administering an arithmetic exam. They will re-test the students 30 days and 60 days after playing to game to measure how much their arithmetic skills improves in only two months.

Welcome and the best of luck to all students.

Below, Rob Brown meets with School Director Amber Castro and the math teacher from Coronado International School.

[03/24/19]   Don't forget to LIKE us on Facebook!!! and SHARE us on your social media pages.

[03/24/19]   Who do I make donations payable to?

You can direct deposit to our bank from any bank in Panama:

Banco General
Club Rotario de Playa Coroando
Cuenta Corriente

Make checks payable: Club Rotario de Playa Cornado


bring cash donations to our weekly meetings every Tuesday from 12 noon - 1:30
Nazca 21 Restaurant (Machetazo Mall, 2nd Floor)


Give your donation to any Rotary Club member you know.


Fill-in the form on our website and Rob Brown will get back to you.

Canadians can deposit in Canadian dollars into Rob's account at The Royal Bank of Canada (you can deposit Canadian dollars, but please make your donations in the equivalent to USA dollars please) Again, fill int the form on our website and Rob will get back to you:

Donate one student game to one school: $25 USD
Donate 10 games to 10 schools $200
Donate 50 games to 50 schools $900,
100 games to 100 schools $1,500 USD

THANK you and stay tuned for some exciting competition (and learning - just don't tell them they are practicing math!!)


Ever since calculators were allowed in the classroom, kids have been losing their ability to add in their heads” says T Rob Brown, creator/adaptor of COUNTERS DOWN/CONTADORES ABAJO - the math game that helps learn arithmetic.

“Of greater concern to me is that with kid’s obsession with texting (often texting each other when sitting in the same room!) kids are losing their social interaction skills - the ability to have real conversations” says Brown.

“I have witnessed families come into a restaurant, all of them on their phones - with their heads down the entire meal - pay and leave - never having spoken a word to each other!! Sore necks is not the greatest danger of electronic games!! Kids are are forgetting how to relate in person with each other” says Brown.

Our Rotary Club is trying to do something to address this issue, and we think we have a very fun solution: COUNTERS DOWN/CONTADORES ABAJO - the game that helps students learn arithmetic and develop social interaction skills in a fun, entertaining way!

COUNTERS DOWN/CONTADORES ABAJO is an interesting way to teach kids arithmetic, and it is fun for the whole family (just don't tell them they are practicing math). Montessori Schools in Canada and USA have been using math games to help teach arithmetic for years.

We need you now. In 2011 The World Economic Forum rated Panama’s education system a dismal 129 out of the 139 countries studied. Sadly these poor education conditions have not improved in Panama since 2011.

Panamanian teachers need all the help they can get! They have very few resources to work with - books, paper, even chalk and pencils are very hard to come by.

We are asking the public to HELP THE TEACHERS TEACH by donating $25 to buy a game for a school in Panama” says Brown

Go to our website: and make a donation today.

Buy a personal game for your gamily for only $50 - all funds raised go towards providing student games to schools in Panama.

Post this on your social media pages, LIKE us on FACEBOOK and please HELP THE TEACHERS TEACH.

On Thursday Oct 31, 2019 the first-ever CONTADORES ABAJO/COUNTERS DOWN CHAMPIONSHIPS will be held in Chamé, Panama with the top students winning prize money towards their education.

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