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[05/09/17]   Recommendation from Karl Katzer – taking a Spanish class from anyone else is just a waste of time!

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[04/21/15]   From: Richard Leblanc - Recommendation
Good teachers have fun. Renny shows zest, delight, devotion and a true talent for the language. In Renny's class hard work, learning and fun go together. I am so pleased.

[04/21/15]   From: Babs Wright - Recommendation
I am a "true" beginner in attempting to learn Spanish. I was very pleased with the class and feel I have the tools now to further my studies and keep speaking. Renny's way is most enjoyable, easy techniques explained, and you are speaking really fast with her fun class.

[04/20/15]   From: Beth Allen - Recommendation
The class encouraged me to continue my interest in learning Spanish. It helped me build confidence to speak everywhere I go.

[04/20/15]   From: Karl Parker - Recommendation
Highly Recommended! I knew some "get-by" Spanish before I took Renny's class. I learned twice as much Spanish as when I started. The class was very helpful. After completing the class in a few short weeks I have a much better understanding of what I'm doing and have a lot more confidence.

[04/20/15]   From: Daniel Britt - Recommendation
Thank you so much for the firm foundation you have provided me in just this short time. It has been invaluable in helping me understand the language. I'm sorry I had to leave the class before it ended. I can only imagine what a treasure trove there was if I could only have finished.

[04/20/15]   From: Chris McColeman - Recommendation
This was my first Spanish class. It was an excellent choice. Renny was an excellent teacher for us, in all levels of understanding Spanish, beginners to those who had some knowledge of the language. At the end of the weeks you will be armed with some basic knowledge of Spanish. Like anything, Spanish is important. -- just the right amount of homework. I have asked people I know who have taken other classes from other schools and they had HOURS of homework -- So money well spent.

[01/14/15]   From Howard Hill - Recommendation

Renny Kranich learned Spanish when she was very young, is completely fluent, and as a teacher, she is a pro! She owned her own language school, under contract to the government, where she had to deliver. She uses very practical exercises which help the student to hear and understand Spanish as spoken by native speakers. I have been struggling to learn Spanish, especially to understand it, for over ten years, through a variety of courses and self-instructional material, but her TWO WEEK LISTENING COURSE was more productive for me than anything I previously encountered. The time went very quickly in her classes, because she keeps you busy and focused, through a variety of exercises. Her engineering background shows-through in her concise, organized handouts, which are alone worth the cost of the course. At whatever leveL you are starting, she will help you.

[01/13/15]   From Carol Hurst - Recommendation

I highly recommend Renny's Crash Course Spanish. I took it as soon as we moved here 3 years ago, and learned a lot. I have taken many classes (3 years in high school, community collage, private and Habla Ya). I learned more in her class than any other. She is a great teacher, and makes you speak.....which no

one likes, but is very beneficial. The class has a good core curriculum, and there is homework, but it is fun! She stresses pronunciation, which was very helpful to me.

Please let me know if you have any questions.....and buena suerte!
Carol Hurst

[01/13/15]   From Harry Halbert - Recommendation

YES, The answer is yes - the course is very worth taking.
I had three Semesters of Spanish at the local Community College in Vero Beach, FL, about six years ago, and I learned some of the basics, some vocabulary, conjugation, etc. A lot of what I learned in those classes was helpful, but Renny's class is "down and dirty". You will get what you need, and she lays it out very well, and in a good sequence to learn it. There are some pages with phrases, and the "AR, ER, and IR verbs that you can use with them, that will teach you most of what you need to know to live in a Spanish speaking country. For example, Voy a llamar (I am going to call), Voy al banco, (I am going to the bank), Voy al cine (I am going to the movie). One simple phrase, and a little vocabulary will enable you to tell people where you are going, or ask where they are going, or tell a cab driver where you want to go, or even to ask directions. She will
also teach you lots of other useful stuff, like Masculine, Feminine, Conjugation, and more. I had already had Conjugation, but Renny was able to tie it all together for me so that it made sense, and I could use it. The work book you receive is worth the price of admission all by itself. If you study the material you will be in Spanish Speaking Heaven.
Sorry, if I gave you more information than you wanted, but the course is very worth while, and you will leave with excellent materials to continue studying. I hope I have answered any question you may have.

Harry Halbert [email protected]

[01/13/15]   From Coni Reeder - Recommendation

Thanks for developing a teaching method that addresses the various ways that people learn. I, for example am an auditory learner, but I love to take notes. You always helped me complete my notes and I have referred to them many times. I also love both the auditory and speaking part of the class, going to the board, and your gentle way of correcting people. Everyone could learn from your lessons because of the multiple learning styles you recognize. I especially like the easy way you explain difficult topics, and allow us to ask questions and clarify misunderstanding before incorrect ideas were ingrained. This builds confidence. I really like the way you involve the entire class in the lesson. I always looked forward to interesting and useful information related to my life here in Boquete like First Aid, driving, purchases, gardening, and hiring workers, ordering things, the laws and more.

I love your teaching materials. It is easy to go back and review since the information is grouped by topics. But the best part of this experience was the shortcut list. I never thought I’d be speaking so fast and doing so well with just one class. Thank you. Coni Reeder, Boquete, Panama 6390-1419

[01/09/15]   From Lou and Coree - Recommendation:

We whole heartedly recommend your Crash Course Spanish Class to anyone wanting to improve their language skills. Your basic course will help those who stumble ordering from the menu or speaking with the workers that they may have engaged. We learned so much and it enabled us to speak useful phrases and understand more of the language. We would love to take on the next session and continue our improvement. Your courses are well prepared and organized. We still go back to the lesson plans and review and the reference books - 501 Verbs is most useful.

If anyone asks for a referral you can give them our e-mail address.
Warmest Regards, Lou & Coree

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