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Catch Fitness, since 2006 - we have organised over 300 ongoing educational workshops for fitness professionals in NZ , plus 15 national health and fitness challenges. Read more about life now in 2022 for health and fitness professionals at Workplaces and schools can head to www.catchfitnessforworkplaces and

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This just landed on my table from ESSA - Exercise & Sports Science Australia. "Australia is currently ranked 140 out of 146 countries for teenage activity levels!"

Nooooooooooooooo - surely not???


HIIT training, should you do it? 10/08/2022

Some interesting points by Dr Susie. Thoughts?

HIIT training, should you do it? Is HIIT the best? Should I do HIIT? Is HIIT best for weight loss? You might be wondering whether HIIT training will get you fat loss sooner, and whether it is more superior for results. Read on and lets find out! In this article, I'm going to explain to you the number one reason why I do not recomme...


One of my fav trainers getting creative.
Love your work Adriaan Beddie.


These were some of the tests we did for people entering our Cardiovascular Challenge back in the day. I was just looking at it thinking if it were still running now is there any of these 'tests' I would now remove, or is there more to add in here?




I am excited to be running a live and free masterclass this Friday 24th June this as part of Expro Fitness Conference Masterclass schedule! 🇸🇬

Join me from 9am-11am AWST for Functional Fitness & Programming for Pregnancy, specifically Physiological Changes & Key Considerations For Exercise.

🖥 Head to the link in below to sign up for free.
Being online anyone, anywhere can join! 🌍

We’ll dig deeper into how to help keep your pregnant clients training in a way that they enjoy and that you love to coach throughout their prenatal journey.

Gain an understanding of the key considerations at each stage of pregnancy, the various physiological changes occurring from hormonal and respiratory to pelvic floor and what each of these mean for your programming!

If you train HIIT, CrossFit, Functional or Bootcamp styles or have clients and members that are on their preconception or pregnancy journey, this session is for you!

The Impact of Early Morning Training Sessions on Total Sleep Time in Collegiate Athletes 06/06/2022

Could early morning training sessions decrease sleep quality?

The Impact of Early Morning Training Sessions on Total Sleep Time in Collegiate Athletes International Journal of Exercise Science 15(6): 423-433, 2022. Early morning training sessions may affect sleep quantity in athletes. The purpose of this study is to examine differences in total sleep time of collegiate athletes on nights prior to early morning training sessions relative to non-tra...

5 x 5 3 June 2022 06/06/2022

NZ is about to start a national campaign promoting personal trainers to the public!


These are 5 minute updates with 5 snippets of useful info that the CEO of Exercise NZ delivers each week to the NZ industry, available to all those who are registered with REPs/Exercise NZ. or not.

Just leaving this all here for anyone in Australia who reads that and thinks 'what a good idea, let's do that too'!

5 x 5 3 June 2022

Doctors and nurses need 20-minute power naps during night shifts to keep patients safe 06/06/2022

Do you have clients who do night-shift, or consult with workplaces who use nightshift workers?

This research reveals:

1, Those who drive home after a 12-hour shifts are twice as likely to crash as those working 8-hour shifts.

2. A 'sleep debt' begins building after 2 or more nights of restricted sleep, and it takes at least 2 nights of good sleep to recover from this.

3. That there are huge benefits to taking 20 minute power naps during night-shifts.

Doctors and nurses need 20-minute power naps during night shifts to keep patients safe A review at this year's Euroanaesthesia congress in Milan, Italy (4-6 June) on the potentially lethal effects of fatigue on doctors and nurses themselves, and its impact on the quality of their clinical work and judgment and therefore patient safety, will be given by Consultant Anaesthetist Dr. Nanc...


Seems very relevant for the times!

❤️6 CDP’s for Exercising After Covid ❤️

The Exercising After Covid resource has been awarded 6 CDP’s by REPS New Zealand.

New Zealand trainers this is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable points and education on the most important topic this year.

Both Kirstyn and I are delighted with the feedback from all areas of the health & fitness community regarding Exercising After Covid.

Do yourself, your business and your clients a favour and check out this resource (link below)

How to use the NDIS to help more PT clients and achieve your career goals 29/05/2022

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding in Australia covers the use of personal trainers.

17% of Australians have a disability.

$22 billion dollars is provided to NDIS in funding each year.

That's all news to me but certainly the funding aspect does sound wonderful for both those with a disability and our industry, although from what Scott Hunt says in this video very few trainers are tapping into it.

I don't know Scott but over the years I have heard about his successes on the East Coast of Australia and he certainly seems to know everything there is to know about supporting those with a disability through NDIS. While he's offering to help trainers do this through his business he's also giving everyone else a few pointers.
FICs Education

How to use the NDIS to help more PT clients and achieve your career goals Join Scott Hunt, the owner and founder of Australia's largest Mobile Personal Training company, Fitness Enhancement, on a webinar regarding NDIS for Personal...

Photos from Ausdancersoverseas's post 09/05/2022

This is all a bit new to me but found it fascinating and would be interested in anyone else's experience, thoughts or research on.

April 29 5 X 5 07/05/2022

5 lightening insights in under 5 minutes from the CE of Exercise Association of New Zealand for industry pros.

These are weekly and make for a good way to stay up to date with industry stuff.

Even if you're in Australia, there's often content and ideas that are relevant or interesting or might just give you a reason to go over there, Regardless, just the idea of doing an under 5 minute update, is a good idea, yeah?

April 29 5 X 5


Australia wide initiative. Could be a goody for NZ?


🏋️‍♂️🏋️‍♀️💪 💪🤩🤩

In order to expand our service, our biggest roadblock is finding trainers, both qualified or those wanting to become qualified.

If you are interested in finding our more about starting your journey as Active Farmers trainer head across to our webpage, we would love to hear from you!👇

We have an amazing team of 37 trainers who are out on the ground every week, running Active Farmers classes and making a difference to their communities. This could be YOU too 🤲🙌😃

Photos from South Pacific Health Clubs Camberwell's post 10/04/2022

My friend Shelley qualified as a PT, was also one of my circus students and a group fitness instructor and pilates trained and a mum, with a bird and a dog and a Ninja warrior husband. She has performed in some of my favourite performances and delivered burlesque and trapeze workshops for my Catch Fitness personal trainers.

She is now the Club Manager at South Pacific Health Clubs Camberwell and helping mixing all those worlds into their world. I am so wishing they had a club here. Well done Shelley. LOVE your world.

Photos from Catch Fitness's post 09/04/2022

I deleted my last post as I realised it had the guys name on it that sent them, which doesn't really seem fair but here's the guts of the messages from PT to client. Thoughts?

Photos from 2022 Virtual Technology Summit's post 02/04/2022

Well done JT pulling this off. Looks like a massively content rich summit and now it's free!


‎The MindBodyBrain Project: Why food is critical for mood with the amazing Professor Felice Jacka on Apple Podcasts 18/03/2022


Paul Taylor, a Neuroscientist, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and PhD student in Psychology, interviews Prof. Felice Jacka, Director of the Food & Mood Centre at Deakin University.

‎The MindBodyBrain Project: Why food is critical for mood with the amazing Professor Felice Jacka on Apple Podcasts ‎Show @@@, Ep Why food is critical for mood with the amazing Professor Felice Jacka - 11 Mar 2022


Coming to a screen near you :-)

Timeline photos 09/03/2022

Does your club have its own magazine?

The March edition of Next Gen Life is here! Click the link below to read the eMagazine and enjoy a great selection of health, fitness and lifestyle content.


Twice as many Australian women die of heart disease than breast cancer and stats are likely similar in Aotearoa. However, one of the key reasons that a heart attack kills large number of women, is that they are less likely to recognise the symptoms of heart attack!

An article to share with the women in your world from Mish at EVEolution Clickety click here

Support My 64km Challenge to Leave MS Behind! 25/02/2022

Plogging came up the other day on a Facebook post. I love this idea (picking up rubbish while out jogging) and in one form or another it has formed a well loved part of the School and Workplace challenges I run and the 20 Week Challenge I used to run.

And while I love the idea, but doing it myself is a much harder thing. I'm a regular 'Take three for the sea' girl (taking three pieces of rubbish when leaving the beach) but jogging and picking up rubbish. Well now I don't feel like going for a jog, which is why I have signed up to do it as part of this 50 km Challenge.

I walk 2 km a day anyway so getting the distance done wasn't a challenge and I wouldn't have felt worthy patting myself on the back at the end of doing something I always did.

I love challenges like this, but their downfall can sometimes be people doing what they have always done may not be that motivational, but heck, that's the story of life, and particular as a fitness professionals - we see it all the time. The art is in personalizing the Challenge so it's just that - a challenge that pulls people forward, empowers them, and gives them a reason to pat themselves on the back.

And that's where I think trainers jumping on the back of challenges like this, can really help those that sign up to them - by helping add layers to them.

So if MS or any of these Challenge causes appeal to you or your members or clients or the workplace you work with, jump on board and layer them with your expertise, and not only raise money for a good cause but help bring those we work with together and help them be more successful in their health and fitness goals.

You don't have donate to mine but you can start your own business page, or maybe just set up your own plogging Challenge.

Support My 64km Challenge to Leave MS Behind! I'm taking part in The May 50K to support research into multiple sclerosis.


Yay! Now everyone can go!

ExerciseNZ on Tour is coming soon. Save the date - 20 May.

Includes: Keynote, Industry Update, your choice from three deep dive sessions, plus Q&A. It’s going to be a jam packed half a day.

Members of ExerciseNZ, YogaNZ & REPs from $50.

More information to come.

What is MODUS? 21/02/2022

Off to check out this place. Looks real boring and so not fun ;-)

What is MODUS? Modus Movement studio in Myaree, Western Australia offers the highest quality training and education on movement, mindfulness and personal growth.

HMC Workshop at Yours - March 12, 2022 21/02/2022

Dave Liow workshops for industry professionals.

Who is Dave? Dave holds a Master of Physical Education Kinesiology and Exercise Science and was the Head trainer for NZ Black Sox in 2 successful world series, NZ Hockey Olympic and Commonwealth Games trainer, S&C coach for NZ Titleist Men and Women's Golf Academy.

Dave has also won the Exercise Association of NZ Educator Of the Year Award.

Dave now lives in Queensland and I've invited him over to Perth in May 2023 as part of what I hope will be a second Perth Fitness Industry Conference.

In the meantime you can check out his interesting online workshops here and which are happening on March 12th.

HMC Workshop at Yours - March 12, 2022 Our plans to tour in March 2022 didn't quite pan out. So we thought we'd come to your place instead This is a practical, live virtual event. You will be learning, interacting, and moving while we're presenting this workshop at your place. For a full description of this workshop see here

deceptacon - le tigre 12/02/2022

Choreo done and dusted. Wish I had found this back in the day of teaching aerobics.

deceptacon - le tigre the real deceptacon by le tigre

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?

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