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Conventional learning versus online learning 19/05/2023

What to know before choosing a mode of learning.

The need for higher education is ever increasing as such, most people who desire to climb even higher in the academic ladder are faced with different challenges.

Traditional, people are used to classrooms and other mundane means of learning. Now, there are options that allow a student to learn right from their space without having to meet a tutor physically or in time.

The both styles of learning have their comparative advantages.

Conventional learning versus online learning


Getting a good degree is never an easy ordeal. It takes a lot to go through school and graduate well.

If you want to graduate First Class, you need to be willing to get the required GPA from the go.

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*HOW YOU START, A GREAT DETERMINANT OF HOW YOU WILL GRADUATE* We're mostly taught that you can have a different ending from how you begin.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II: Revisiting The African Perspective 10/09/2022

I found this piece in respect of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and I figure it will be a very good read for everyone.

Before you cast a stone of hate on the late Queen, you might want to get some other perspectives to help you better understand her story.

Monarchy is not the same as it was of old. Changing times have seen monarchy evolving into a more complex political setting.

The case of the British Empire is no exception. Follow the link to read and get a better perspective of the subject matter.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II: Revisiting The African Perspective Her Most Excellent Majesty, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II, slept with her ancestors on the evening (WAT) of…


Learning is one way in which we can ensure our survival both as individuals and as a specie.

If we stop learning, we start dying


After Effects of the ASUU Strike on Students' Performance

As the strike action enters its 142nd day, certain issues continue to perverse the outlook of tertiary institutions.

The issue of the quality of students in terms academic performance is one issue that has not been given keen attention.

Yet, it is one that will have the worse effect on the outlook of public tertiary institutions.


The Dangers of Graduating with Third Class : A & U Ng 12/08/2022

The Dangers of Graduating with Third Class

Looking back in time you’ll find out that there was a time when getting a Standard 6 (Primary six result) would give you access to a lot of opportunities. In those days, one could get a whole lot of jobs with just that Standard 6 certificate. Overtime the standard changed and that certificate started to lose value due to the emerging importance of O'level certificate.

The SSCE (Secondary School Certificate) became the new cool as having this certificate would automatically land you a lot of opportunities. Like its predecessor, its own time saw an end and we were ushered into this new dispensation of university and college degrees.

With the current rise in university graduates and admission seekers around the world, having a graduate certificate does not automatically qualify one to...

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The Dangers of Graduating with Third Class : A & U Ng The dangers of graduating with third class. It is no doubt that most people in higher institutions these days are oblivious of the fact that the grade a...

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