Emerald GIRL CHILD Development

Emerald GIRL CHILD Development

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"Give a girl child a sanitary pad" was a success and it won't have been possible without our sponsors.

Thanks to everyone who put a smile on the face of a girl child, you may not know them but your act of love is forever imprinted in their hearts.


MENSTRUATION or ME**ES is the natural bodily process of releasing blood and associated
matter from the uterus through the va**na as part of the menstrual cycle.
MENARCHE is the onset of menstruation, the time when a girl has her first menstrual
*MENSTRUAL HYGIENE MANAGEMENT (MHM) refers to management of hygiene associated
with the menstrual process.

Many ladies especially girls between the ages of 12-19years who lives in the rural areas find it difficult to maintain good menstrual hygiene due to lack of knowledge and most especially lack of funds to purchase a disposable sanitary pad every month. Some ladies actually have heavy flow hence require two disposable sanitary pads each money which cost almost 1000 naira, this is for a girl child whose family can barely afford 3 square meal especially in this pandemic where the price of alot of items has escalated.

Reusable sanitary pads can be used for years depending on how it's been handled hence saving cost and improving the menstrual health of a girl child.

Sponsor a girl child in Karmo Village, Abuja to get a reuseable sanitary pad with at least 2000 thousand naira.

Aside distributing these reusable sanitary pads these young girls will be taught the proper way to use it to prevent infections.

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