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Mission: To offer educational empowerment through academic support programs.

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Celebrating the as we urge everyone to


We had a great time with the participants. Thank you all for coming.

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We are delighted to share the profile of our guest speakers with you all.

The link for the webinar can be found in the bio. Thanks.

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STEAM City Initiative (SCI) is a non-governmental organization and educational platform for social impact with the mission of providing solid academic support, and mentorship to students, graduates, researchers, and professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM).

SCI will be conducting her first webinar of the year on how to secure AIMS fully-funded scholarship on Sunday February 5, 2023, at 5 PM (WAT). This webinar will feature guest speakers (AIMS alumni) who are seasoned scholars, researchers, and experts based in Africa, North America, UK/Europe, and the Oceania. In addition to that, you would have the opportunity of interacting with current AIMS student(s) during the webinar.

During the webinar, possible ways through which graduates in the fields of Science/Engineering/Mathematics/Statistics/Computer Science/Physics/Actuarial Sciences/... can apply and secure AIMS' Next Einstein Initiative Scholarship would be delivered.

We can't wait to have you register to join this webinar as we engage with you towards acing your scholarship application and expanding your network.

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that the application for both Structured and Co-operative program Masters are open?
Do you hold a 4-year degree in mathematics or any science and engineering discipline with a significant mathematics component?

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Deadline: 31 March 2023


Happy New Year!

Thanks for your support!


At STEAM City Initiative, we believe not just in you but also in your big dreams.


The future, progress, and development of Nigeria are in our hands. Let us build social cohesion and trust among ourselves. Let us continue working toward our dear country's prosperity and betterment. 🇳🇬


A research entitled Mathematical Modelling of the Population Dynamics of the Age-structured Criminal Gangs with Correctional intervention measures recently published by one of our research team members , is an interdisciplinary research model that cut across Art and Science.

It employs the quantitative variant of research methods that attempts to quantify and analyse the numerical results obtained from the population elements, using the socio-demographic factor of age.

In its attempt to assess the impact of correctional measures on age-related crime and delinquency in the Nigerian population, it was understood that to a great extent (%60) if offenders are apprehended and promptly prosecuted, criminals and delinquencies could be righty corrected and controlled.

The research paper adopted a sociological question and approach in an attempt to understand the implications of aged- structured related crime in Nigerian society, to generate and add to the existing literature on crime and help policymakers/security agents to come up with better laws and policies.

Overall, this research paper explicitly utilizes a scientific approach to explain varying degrees of relationship in age structures between different variables related to crime and delinquency, in an attempt to proffer a factual and rational solution to its endemic nature in Nigeria.



We are so excited about this latest development. Hoping to contribute immensely to the body of knowledge and add to the existing theories and discoveries of science and art.


Happy to all Nigerians from all of us at STEAM City Initiative.


Children are the future of a nation. Without them, the nation’s hope of building a youthful and productive workforce greatly diminishes and the basic family structure appears imbalanced.

Everyone who is an adult today had to pass through the childhood phase. The stage is unique because it is marked by moral instructions, home training, and fundamental education. It is at this phase that their learning ability develops. If guided on the right path, children can perform marvellously. And if not, they can evolve into individuals that are capable of terrorizing a whole nation.

At STEAM City Initiative, we make bold to encourage government and relevant stakeholders, parents, guardians, and mentors to join hands in ensuring that the rights and privileges of these children are not trampled upon in the society. Happy Children's Day!


Every child has a right to free education and this does not exclude the boy-child. The boy-child needs have been neglected in our society. This tends to subject the boy-child to stressful conditions or alienate the boy-child from the means of acquiring quality education.

Today, less attention is given to the boy-child and this has adversely affected them physically, mentally and economically.

At STEAM City Initiative, we move to encourage authorities and organizations out there never to neglect the boy-child while addressing the needs of the girl-child. We should always remember that both genders have important roles to play in society.

A dysfunctional boy-child/man is the last person we want to see in our society.


The late Ruth Bader Ginsburg said Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. …It shouldn't be that women are the exception.

Women in Mathematics, backing down in history, have shown that more than not being the exception, are rather exceptionAL!

STEAM City Initiative is glad to celebrate Women in Mathematics: By speaking about them and their achievements, we can catalyse the great change and inspire future generations to pursue things once only allowed to men.

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Sometimes in April, STEAM City Initiative had her Student Outreach Program with a one-day visit to Nasarawa State University.

The outreach tagged "choosing a profitable career path and harnessing local educational opportunities" is part of our organization's objective to uphold quality education and academic excellence in Africa.

Our team had an awesome time enlightening and inspiring IJMB/JUPEB/REMEDIAL students who are preparing to take up undergraduate disciplines in a finite time.

We are delighted to have made impactful interactions and in turn, received positive feedback from the IJMB/JUPED/REMEDIAL students who are on the verge of choosing a course/career path.

Our high regards to the volunteers/sponsors, particularly, Mr. Shehu Sanusi Lalin and Mr. Samad Orijeminiyi III for supporting us on this impactful mission in Nasarawa State.


We can be reached via:

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Eng. Ogunleye Samuel Oluwaseyi represented STEAM City Initiative (SCI) at the Capacity Building Training entitled: Process of Report writing and Project Planning, organized by Gender Mobile (GM) and Goldheart Foundation (GHF) on the First of April, 2022.

This event brought together some selected organizations (Bibi Grace Foundation FEBI Development Initiative STEAM City Initiative Sarafacdi4africa,...) across the Ekiti State in order to foster volunteers' capacity in programming and reporting.

Interesting topics in the areas of Project Planning and Report Writing were tactically handled by facilitators Dowole Gold Moyinoluwa of GHF and Omotunde Blessing Tolulope of GM.

According to our representative, Eng. Ogunleye Samuel Oluwaseyi, the event was indeed an engaging one as the hands-on experience was worthwhile.

Special thanks to GM and GHF for organizing such a memorable event.


We are excited to celebrate the International Day of Mathematics.

The theme for this year is Mathematics Unites.

We strongly believe that Mathematics is a unifying force for Art and Science.



offers us the privilege to celebrate women and girls around the world. In this year's , the United Nations Women have called for “climate action for women, by women” under the theme “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. Hence, all hands must be on deck to ensure that their voices are heard, contributions are valued, and opinions are respected for a sustainable tomorrow. Let's .

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On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, we held the first edition of our Student Outreach Program with a one-day visit to Ado Community High School, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.

This program, themed "Equipping the next generation of Leaders in STEAM" is part of our organization's objective to uphold quality education and academic excellence.

Our team had talks and interactions with the final-year secondary school students to expose and encourage them to pursue STEAM studies and careers.

We deeply appreciate all our volunteers, supporters and sponsors, for joining us to impact the future of the younger generation.

Swipe up to view the pictures from the outreach and our engagements with the students.


In our efforts to uphold quality education and academic excellence, we are keen on equiping the next generation of leaders in Science Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Our Student Outreach Program is a series of outreaches to secondary schools to enlighten, inspire and encourage students towards succeeding in their studies and exposing them to STEAM career opportunities to pursue after school.

For our first edition, we will be visiting Ado Community High School, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria, on Wednesday, February 23, 2022. Do join us, support and sponsor as we preach the message of quality education and make impacts on the younger generation.


On this day, we are inspired to celebrate girls and women in Science. We also strengthen our commitment to supporting girls in underserved and underprivileged communities to pursue and thrive in careers in Science and other STEAM fields.

We believe both girls and boys from any background should be academically empowered and equally supported to build and maximize their talents to the fullest without any barrier formed by gender stereotypes.

More than ever, we need to attract and retain more femalfold in Science. Happy International of Day of Women and Girls in Science 2022 from all of us at STEAM City Initiative.

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We still haven't gotten over the golden nuggets and important tips Oluwayomi Akinfenwa shared with the audience of participants at our recent AIMS Scholarship Webinar.

But to put it in a nutshell, she urged aspiring AIMS scholars to maximize all the amazing opportunities abound in the scholarship program. We remember she also made mention of how getting an expert in one's field to review the application essays before submission is important to boost chances of selection.

We are super grateful to her for sharing all the goldmine experiences, stories and advice with us.

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We are deeply inspired by the words Babyale Sandra Rebecca had for us during our AIMS scholarship webinar. She emphasized the fact that AIMS is keen on facilitating its scholars to develop practical and hands-on industry experience beyond academics.

She also harped on the need for applicants to demonstrate their leadership skills in their application essays, as AIMS competitively selects scholars with leadership abilities and not just academic prowess.

Such a great and enjoyable time she had with our participants.

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At our African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Scholarship webinar, Paul Cory Atandoh, encouraged prospective Next Einstein Initiative scholars to apply early and leverage support from the AIMS dynamic community to strengthen their applications and improve their careers. Thanks for coming to share with our participants, sir.

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Dr. Ejalonibu Adewale Hamid emphasized the benefits of good networking and how it paved the way for him while at the AIMS / AIMS Rwanda. We can't thank you enough, Dr.

Photos from STEAM City Initiative's post 02/02/2022

Dr. Hammed Fatoyinbo took us through his African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - AIMS Scholarship experience. Thanks for
your words of wisdom, sir.

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We are blessed to have Dr. Savannah Nuwagaba as one of our guest speakers.

She shared her African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - AIMS experience with our audience and also motivated them on the AIMS Scholarship Opportunities.

The snippet from her talk is attached herein.


Today marks the 📚

At STEAM City Initiative we are committed to empowering and inspiring the youths for a sustainable future education.


STEAM City Initiative Mission and Vision


STEAM City Initiative (SCI) is a non-governmental organization and educational platform for social impact with the mission of providing solid academic support and mentorship to students, graduates, researchers and professionals in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

We aim to uphold and maintain quality education and academic excellence across all levels of education and meet best educational outcomes, as highlighted in the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 4 (Quality Education).

STEAM City Initiative is currently recruiting volunteers who want to contribute to our mission with goal-driven ideas and innovation and in also promoting the social impact of our organization.

We hope you consider applying to join our moving train. Kindly fill the short form below to start the journey of being a part of us and our work.


STEAM City Initiative Send a message to learn more.


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Do you know that volunteering can be rewarding?

It is often said that volunteering can help grow your network, learn new skills, advance your career, and even make you feel happier and healthier.

Apart from your academic CGPA, volunteering experience could boost your CV. Some scholars are of the opinion that volunteering experience can potentially increase your chances of being accepted into fully funded academic programs, conferences, workshops, etc.

There are a lot of volunteering organizations to look out for. Red Cross is a good one. The registration portal is country-specific. Here is that of the Nigerian Red Cross Society: You can also volunteer with other local and international organizations.

You will have a richer and more enjoyable volunteering experience if your goals and interests align with your host. The volunteering opportunities that match your goals and your interests are most likely to be fun and fulfilling. Cheers

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