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Let us be like a book, written with grace,
full of love and sincere humanity.
Let us be like a book, free, against no human race,
with Shakespeare's and Achebe's, void ofcalamity

In pages bound by quill and ink, let a tale unfold,
By Shakespeare's grace, and Achebe's stories told.
Let words, like rivers, intertwine, diverse,
A marriage of worlds, in poetic verse.

Beneath a sky where Stratford meets the sun,
And Africa's warmth, when day is done,
The characters emerge, a vibrant array,
In a dance of cultures, where stories sway.

Amidst the sonnets, a rhythm takes hold,
A heartbeat resonates, both young and old.
For in this book, where two great pens unite,
Modern echoes blend with the ancient light.

A cityscape, with echoes of Elizabethan lore,
Yet Africa's spirit, at its very core.
Characters like Othello may find their place,
In the heartbeat of Lagos, a shared embrace.

Through bustling streets and dusty paths, they roam,
A tale of identity, a search for home.
Shakespearean tragedy, in the African sun,
A blending of tales now intertwined as one.

Cultures collide, yet a harmony prevails,
As ink-stained pages reveal their tales.
With every word, a bridge is built,
Between the Bard's quill and Africa's lilt.

Let laughter ripple, let sorrows weep,
In this shared narrative, secrets to keep.
A seamless fusion, as day turns to night,
In this book co-written, in literary flight.

So let us be like a book, a symphony rare,
Where Shakespeare and Achebe, a duo declare,
A tale that's timeless, a cultural blend,
A masterpiece written, where echoes transcend.


Life is not just a journey.
Life is a also a process, a long one.
From infancy, when you yell daddy and mummy!
to adulthood, when you watch the infants you've born.

every single experience, every single day teaches a brand new lesson in the most akward ways possible,
everyday comes with new slates, with options od diverse decisions to make.
youre mostly stuck with everyday with choosing what is plausible:
what to take your tea with; a bread, a pudding or a cake?

Sometimes I stare in the mirror and can't help but admire the reflection I see,
the reflection that stares back at me is a product of many decisions and events,
some of these events were smooth and easy while some were hard and uneasy like a stormy sea,
sometimes you're drawmn into things or people you may see as unfair or uneven.

Most of us have legacies that has been built for us to follow,
we grow up sometimes to find out our lack of interest in what was built: we want something new, something different.
We strive then to build our own empire and patterns, bearing the pains to make the new burrow,
most achieve their dreams, some don't, either way new lessons are learnt, there is just a thin white line that causes the difference.

In the end we all discover that Life is simply a journey in process,
the destination does matter, but the company with which we do the journeying places a huge role in our lifes.
No one has a better destination than the other, it all lies on the path every individual chooses to follow.
Nobody or race or tribe is better than another, we all are simply just the same brand with different packagings; diiferent and unique in the outside but outrightly the same deep inside.


Words don't always do justice to describing how we feel most times, you know?

like a young child who lacks the fine artistic skills trying to give an expression of some sights that was beheld only by him, we fail most times at our efforts to effectively communicate our true feelings.

sometimes you're in a hot frying state of anger or pain, but no matter how much you say it the other party never seems to understand, until you take an action that depicts anger.
in times of joy or overwhelming happiness, you may just find yourself jumping or crying and somehow there is a natural clear difference between that cry and the cry you do for cookies.

A lot of questions will spring in your head when you try to compare the depth of your feelings and the words of your mouth...

The drive is this: act more of your feelings than you speak them; that is in my own opinion. Be more human, say what you mean and stick by them.


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