MBBS journey

MBBS journey

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Most of you know me very well. I don't accept many friends as i feel uncomfortable with that. Almost every FB friend i have known on some level, or we share some common ground, you are not just a number.
Basically if you are on my FB it's because we have some connection- some point of commonality. Now i would love to see if we can still chat beyond 'likes'. I decided to participate in an experience called "Meeting between Bread". The idea is to see who reads a post without a photo. We are so consumed with technology that we forget the most important thing: good friendship- genuine connection- valued engagement. If no one is reading this message, it will be a short social experiment. But if you finish this till the end, i would love you to comment in one word about us. For example, a place, an object, a person, a moment in which you remember me or that some how connects us. Then copy this post and post it on your page (don't share) and I'll go to your page and leave a word that reminds me of you.
Please don't comment if you don't have time to copy the text. This will destroy the experiment. Let's see who spent their time to read and respond according to the common story outside Facebook.
Where did you know me?
I am waiting?👂🦻

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