Creative Ideas for Educators and School Leaders

Creative Ideas for Educators and School Leaders

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Two categories of people who may hate you:

1. Those who hate you because you are ahead of them in life.

2. Those who hate you because of your poor interpersonal skills (i.e How poorly you relate with people)

As for those who hate you because you are ahead of them, or you are succeeding where they have failed, or are failing, or you grew up together as children but today, you are miles ahead of them, keep praying to God to multiply your blessings because these people will only be happy to see you suffer a reversal of fortunes. They will be glad only when they see you become miserable like them.

As for the second category, if you confirm that your negative behaviour is the reason why they keep you at arm's length, then, learn to improve your behaviour. Not everyone who hates you does so because of your success. Most times, your character determines whether people continue to relate with you after your success or not. CHARACTER COUNTS.


The best way to keep yourself safe from mental health problems and from a life characterised by depression, bitterness and frustration is to develop an attitude of gratitude to God. Focus on your blessings. You have many things to be thankful for.


When we learn to limit our competition in life to against ourselves, and not against our friends, schoolmates, colleagues, neighbours or relatives, and learn to keep our eyes on our blessings and not our failures, we will have a more peaceful and better life.


Parents who compare children are most times very unfair to their children. Experience has shown that no two children are the same. One child can read well and the other child can cook well. One child is good at Maths and another one is good at public speaking. Each one is gifted. Instead of comparing children, you should rather help each of them identify and develop his or her unique qualities. Variety, they say, is the spice of life.


Staff members of an organisation will possess different but complementary qualities that can help their organisation become more efficient and more productive. As a business owner, the onus is on you to spot the strengths and talents of each of your staff. Each one of them is good at one thing or the other. Just identify that unique quality and use it to the advantage of your business.


Before you join the teaching profession, please be aware that you are coming in, first and foremost, to help children, mould lives and make an impact. Even if joblessness is the reason why you accept a teaching position,you should be motivated by how much impact you want to make, not by how rich you will be through teaching. If money is your motivation for joining the profession,you may end up being frustrated. Teaching is not for money-seekers.It is for impact-makers.


You can never be too busy to have time for self-development. Knowledge is evolving and old knowledge is giving way to new knowledge. Never be too busy or too old to update your ideas. If you fossilize or ossify in your pursuit of self-improvement,you should know that the ideas you consider knowledge today will become myths, half-truths or even, outright falsehood in the future.


I guess that by now you already know that whining, bitching, buck passing, playing the blame game, moping around or indulging in self-pity cannot solve any problem. You can't become great in life by looking for who to blame for your condition. The day you map out a plan for your life and get ready to work smartly marks the day you liberate yourself. Please do something meaningful before it is too late. You cannot afford to complain till old age comes upon you. Hold your destiny in your hands and rely on God for your success.


If you feel offended by your boss,approach him or her politely and discuss the matter as mature people. This is better than for you to come on social media and be calling him or her out. If you are poorly paid at work, it is better to approach your boss and explain in a respectful manner why you should be considered for a salary increment or even resign your appointment than to be saying negative things about your profession on social media. Disparaging your profession or your boss on social media helps no one. Besides,your boss will not increase your salary on social media. You need to meet him or her in person.


When a student tells you he or she loves you in a romantic sense of the word love, that is not called love, it is called infatuation, immaturity, naivety,childishness or youthful exuberance. It is your duty as a teacher to enlighten him or her that education comes before love. Remind the student that he or she is in school to learn and prepare for the future,not to find a lover.


These days,single teachers need to be extra careful in handling their relationships with their students. Findings have shown that teenage female students get easily attached to their unmarried male teachers. Therefore,teachers must be professional enough not to take advantage of the innocence and vulnerability of these students.


It is not a bad thing for teachers to have good rapport with their students. That is something to be encouraged in every learning environment. However, teachers must know the limits of their closeness to their students. A situation whereby a male teacher will sit and have a prolonged discussion with a female student in an isolated place is not something to be tolerated by any school. It doesn't matter whether the student is a teenager or a pr***en.


Teachers need school owners and school owners need teachers. If teachers could be unselfish and sensitive to their employers' feelings and success and school owners themselves become transparent and truly passionate about their staff's welfare and happiness, teaching and school business will become less stressful and bring greater joy and fulfilment. Teachers and school owners still have lots to do to develop mutually beneficial relationships between themselves.


As teachers,we need to devise effective methods of correcting students during lessons without having to stop an entire lesson for several minutes just to correct a student who is chewing gum,taking a candy,looking out of the window,chatting with a mate or dozing. We can use non-verbal communication methods. We can just call out the name of the concerned student and then give a facial expression that sends a message to him or her. We can walk close to the concerned student and correct him or her in so low a voice that the ongoing lesson is not disrupted. We can also tell the affected student to see us after the class.There are other ways we can explore during our lessons. Students will be students. We have to understand this. If we keep stopping our lessons to verbally correct every misdemeanour of students, we may not be able to cover our schemes. Besides,we shouldn't deny other students the opportunity to learn because we want to correct one of them who is not attentive.


The first recipe for disappointment and depression at work is for you to work only to please your boss and get praises or promotion and not because you know you should do the right thing whether your boss sees you or not. While it is not bad for us to be praised and rewarded, it is bad to make immediate praise and instant reward our primary motivation for doing the right thing at work. "I will do the right thing if my boss praises me. If my boss doesn't praise me, then I do what I like."

Let's do the right at all times,without minding whether our boss is appreciative or unappreciative. I guarantee you that whatever you do will be rewarded either by man or by God. What is most certain is that God will reward you.


As a teacher, you have to be ready to render some free services to help your school and your employer. It is not everything you do in your school or for your employer that you expect to be paid for. Even,if your employer is not giving you extra roles or asking for your support, find a way to give support.


As a teacher,you also need to reward and appreciate your students when they live up to your expectations and do well. Never wait till the prize giving day before they are appreciated. Little gifts and sincere praises mean a lot to students.

Praise them alone, in front of their mates and also in front of your colleagues .Give them simple gifts. Even if you have the ability,you can give money. You don't have to be a millionaire before you give material rewards to your students. Think about the simple gifts your money can buy. But never abuse your reward system. Only those who deserve to be rewarded should be rewarded.

Your goal should be to let your students know through you that it is good to be a focused,well-behaved and studious student.


While it is important that you teach your subject well, the best way to make students pay attention in your class, love your subject and be eager to see you again is to respect them and show that you care about them. Demonstrate to them how to respect the other person through the way you interact with them in class. Students want to be respected too. However,while you respect and love them,never neglect discipline. Let them know their boundaries.


Some of the secrets to being happy in the teaching profession are:

1. Be in the profession to make an impact not only to make money. Your passion for impact will keep you going when tough times come at work.

2. Avoid colleagues who always say negative things about the teaching profession or your bosses. Such colleagues can steal your joy as a teacher. Concentrate on what you are hired to do

3. Never pay much attention to what you read on social media concerning how much other schools or other companies pay their workers. Most of the juicy stories you read on social media are untrue. Besides, the staff of those schools and companies also complain of underpayment.

4. Decide to be happy no matter what happens around you. Never allow what people say or how they perceive teachers or the teaching profession to ruin your happiness as a teacher.

5. Respect your students before you expect them to respect you. Your students will not respect you if you don't respect them. Imagine how terrible teachers can feel if their students are disrespectful to them. This can be painful.

6. Be content with what you have and who you are. Live within your means. This does not mean that you shouldn't work hard to get a higher pay or a better job, but learn not to run after every job you hear about because not every job brings happiness.

7. Keep your eyes and ears away from all stories that can make you unhappy as a teacher.

8. Respect your bosses,colleagues,parents and everyone who you come in contact with at work. There is a way this simple act brings immediate or future happiness and rewards.

9. Rely on God for fulfilment and success in all your affairs.

If you can't remember all the secrets mentioned above, remember this one:
Choose to be happy no matter what anybody says about you or the teaching profession.


The children we train in our schools today are so bold that an inexperienced teacher may mistake their boldness for rudeness or arrogance. A lot of changes have taken place in the teaching profession. Gone are the days when students were expected to keep quiet no matter what their teachers said or did. This is no longer the case. Today's students express their feelings more. As adults, we can guide them in their behaviour and help them grow properly, but we should not expect that they will be or must be who we were during our days.


The children we train in our schools today are so bold that an inexperienced teacher may mistake their boldness for rudeness or arrogance. A lot of changes have taken place in the teaching profession. Gone are the days when students were expected to keep quiet no matter what their teachers said or did. This is no longer the case. Today's students express their feelings more. As adults, we can guide them in their behaviour and help them grow properly, but we should not think they will be who we were during our days.


Schools need to have effective disciplinary measures for their students. When children know that they can go scot-free no matter what they do, they can become a pain not only for their classmates and teachers but also for the whole school system. Truly,we advocate against flogging of children in school as we believe that students deserve respect. We,however,reject a complete neglect of the issue of discipline. In many schools today,teachers are at the mercy of their "untouchable" students because the school owners do not want any reduction in their student population. We can eliminate flogging (or apply it when it is the only solution), but we should not eliminate discipline among students.


Value your staff who politely tell you where you are wrong in your presence and not behind you. They are much better than your staff who display loyalty and respect in your presence but destroy you and your organisation behind you. We need staff who honestly tell us our shortcomings without being rude. Business owners who surround themselves with sycophants, bootlickers,yesmen,opportunists and hypocrites will have difficulty moving to the next level.


No matter how well you treat your staff, one or two of them will still speak ill of you. They will still have a few negative things to say about you no matter how nice you are to them. What you should do is this. Be good to all your staff such that you earn the loyalty and trust of many of them. These loyal staff members will defend you and speak for you when unappreciative staff backstab you in front of their colleagues or attempt to smear you before your costumers.


We need to think about the appropriate number of periods that a teacher should take per day and per week. When teachers become overworked,their level of productivity and effectiveness drops drastically and the students become the victims. Teachers are human beings. No matter how hard they push themselves to give their best to learners, once they become exhausted or drained as a result of overworking, they will still not be able to meet the targets set for them. Sometimes, it is not about the number of periods the government specifies per teacher,it is about what is right and reasonable.


Dear Parents,

Please let your children know that their teachers do not need to be rich like you before they deserve their respect. Teachers should be respected because they are making an impact and helping children. It's not until they are driving the most expensive cars in town before they are respected.


To achieve success in your business,you need the following types of discipline:

The discipline to have a realistic plan
The discipline to follow up on your plan
The discipline to be patient and focused
The discipline to avoid premature enjoyment
The discipline to be humble and learn from others
The discipline to avoid quick fixes
The discipline to to avoid wastefulness.
The discipline to surround yourself with progressive people
The discipline to draw a line between work and pleasure.
The discipline to do what needs to be done when it should be done.

Whether you own a school,an accounting firm or a law firm,whatever line of business you are into,try the types of discipline mentioned above.


It takes a lot of patience and endurance to run a school and turn it to a great school. Success is not achieved overnight. Ask school owners who are successful today. They have lots of stories of struggle to tell.



Every 24th day of January is reserved by the United Nations and different countries of the world for the celebration of education. The celebration is called International Day of Education. This year's edition,being celebrated on January 25,will be the third edition. Since this celebration is about education, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight a few of the key areas that demand urgent attention in Nigeria's education system:

A lot still needs to be done to improve conditions of service for the country's teachers. Teachers who teach our children should be motivated and happy.This is an urgent duty for political leaders and all individuals concerned with education in the country.

Private schools outnumber Government-owned schools in the country. They are one of the country's biggest job providers. Government at all levels need to make their operations easy and convenient by not imposing on them levies or dues that could cripple them. Policies that could frustrate their efforts or impede their progress should also be avoided by Government.

It is a fact that the type of education that is currently being offered to students in the country is inordinately examination-oriented and certificate-centered. Desperation for success in exams and craze for certificates have given an alarming rise to examination malpractice among Nigerian students. It's high time we started focusing on a form of education that actually works for us and engenders sustainable development in our country.

The current education system of the country puts physically, physiologically and biologically challenged children at a disadvantage. Rural children are also largely exempted from the current education structure of the country. Education should be a right of every child irrespective of location, ethnicity, creed,language or financial status. All out-of-school children should be enrolled in school. All parents should also prioritize education for their children.

It is funny that a great majority of our public schools are so much in bad condition that even public school teachers themselves hardly enroll their children in public schools any longer. Government at all levels need to provide proper funding for public schools. Children who attend public schools should have access to the same facilities as their counterparts in private schools. Laboratories and other special rooms should well equipped. Capacity building programmes should also be organised regularly for the staff. Good salaries should also be paid to them in all states of the federation.

An appeal is made to Government at all levels to ensure that universities and other tertiary institutions are well funded. Lecturers should be paid good salaries. All their entitlements, bonuses and allowances should be paid to them as and when due. Every necessary step should be taken to make strike a thing of the past in our tertiary institutions.

No two children are the same. It is a known fact that children have different talents, aptitudes and preferences. The current education system is too rigid in student assessment. It subjects students of different talents and skills to the same method of assesment. As much as possible, children need to be allowed to learn at their own pace,be encouraged to pursue their natural talents and get tested in areas where their talents lie, and not get grouped together with other children who have completely different talents and skills.

Let's start with this minimum to revamp our education system. We should never trivialise education as it holds the key to the bright future we crave for our country.

Abdul-Ganiyy Raji


Dear teachers,

Help your students to really learn and grow. Teach them what they really need to know and what will make them useful to themselves and the world in the future. Do not teach them just to pass exams. Do not teach just to compete the schemes of work.

Let's promote functional education, not exam-oriented education.

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