Cerebral Ifsa virtual school

Cerebral Ifsa virtual school

Virtual school that provides interventions for children, teenagers and adults with intellectual or d

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If you're looking for a serene, child friendly environment that provides total care, comfort and curious learning for your toddler aged 0 to 6 years, then is the place for you.
We offer the following;
🍭Breakfast clubs: Don't have a nanny to prepare your child for school? We g*t you😉
🍭Early intervention Unit: You child has some developmental delay? Our team of inclusive learning and therapist will ensure a smooth transition.😎
🍭Creche services: Our team of experienced care givers will give your baby top notch motherly care.🤗
🍭Playgroup & Nursery: Playgroup services that allows toddlers explore, communicate and learn. Nursery classes start in January 🙂
🍭After School Club: Yes! We care about children beyond 0-6 years. Bring them over and give them the opportunity to build their social intelligence while resting and learning. 💜

Guess what? We also provide mobile nursery services for organisations.💚

You want to know more? Send us a DM

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My child loves his tablet and computer. He hates writing! Who doesn't😉?
You place a pencil in their hand, it doesn't matter that their grip isn't firm, it doesn't matter that they can't seem to hold the pencil properly, it doesn't matter that they don't like the way you squash their fingers while trying the hand-over-hand writing prompt. All that matters is somehow, you expect them to get frustrated with you squashing their fingers and just write anyway.
Writing should be fun and there should be some freewill involved (at least until your walls scream for a makeover🤣)
Try these tricks with your little one.
on the sand, if you can't find sand around your environment, get some online (realised you can buy sand online for kids) and put in a tray.
screwing and unscrewing bottle caps and bolts to develop their three predominant fingers.
a routine and be consistent.
a calm tone throughout
, you may want to stop frowning while you write your shopping list 🤦🏽‍♀️and smile less when you're with your phone or tablet. You don't want them to think you hate writing too and you love your tablet as much as they do.


Phew! School resumes on monday and our gifted kids are storming the yard with all the uniqueness they possess. Remember they've been away from their friends, away from team work, away from the prepared environment for so long and to be back is as exciting for them as it is for you; the teacher/parent.... please this is not the time to bug each other with complaints, incessant observations. Just allow them explore😍 All you have to do is prepare them for resumption and I do not mean, fix their hair, fix their clothes and all that🤦🏽‍♀️ I'm referring to the mental preparation and the better way to do this is with a that informs them of everything to expect as they resume. As a parent, read a social story to them this weekend and as a teacher/therapist, read a social story during the first week of resumption. Do your part and watch them do theirs.
Ps: this is for all children regardless of their challenges inclusive of children with IDD, refugees, child victims of abuse.... every child matter.


There's always that feeling of joy when your non verbal child starts saying one word, then phrases, and sentences. The joy is indescribable both for the parent and the speech therapist. At last, this phase is over! Or so you thought, until you realize that your child isn't initiating conversations and even when you use the conversation starter cards, they can't seem to describe the events as a response to your question. So you go from he does not understand, to he cannot speak, to I need him to initiate a conversation and describe events or his feelings. Try using pictures that contains activities and ask them to describe what they think and see in the picture orally. Above all, do not fret, if their receptive and expressive language improved, so will their descriptive skills.
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Join us as we discuss strategies and ways to create inclusive education for the vulnerable in the society.

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It's okay to want your child to count and write numbers but remember there's a process. Let them enjoy the process of learning, use play therapy and engage their curious minds, become savengers if you have to; show them the number, show them how to count using familiar objects, encourage them to practice tracing of numbers on the sand first. The idea is for them to love the process and look forward to learning more and what better way to achieve this, than through play therapy with a mixture of structure and a large dose of patience and flexibility. Every child can learn, the real question is , can everyone teach?
NB: You can still enrol your child for our online therapy sessions.

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Early intervention is key. Dm for . If you neee someone to talk to concerning your child. Then you are in the right place

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and that is why we encourage to keep believing and doing everything they can to help their children. Inclusion will not be possible if parents do nothing! It's okay to reach out to professionals for help but success is more achievable when parents are fully involved. For a child with intellectual/ developmental challenges, it takes a more than a village to raise him/her, it takes a village, willing society and an ever present parent. Don't give up on your child, it isn't easy but with every milestone reached, know you are almost there. Please share with your network, a child somewhere needs to start now.
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This International Youth day is dedicated to all our particpants turned friends who participated in our Inclusive Employment For All project. You are all amazing. I also want to wish all young adults with or without IDD the best as they keep striving and working towards acceptance and inclusion in every sector of our nation.
I sincerely hope that organisations will go beyond training and advocacy and begin to hire skilled youths with IDD.
Special thanks to @downsyndromeng for collaborating with us on this project. @rosemordi
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The five W's of Life..... your happiness is important. You are important to a lot of people but more importantly you are important to You.
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Tag any organisation that would love to empower kids with intellectual and developmental disablities in rural communities. Our inclusive education first aid kit enables parents provide intervention for their children.
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are some of the aids we use in our virtual classes. Any child with / disabilities can join. Send us a dm today.
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Yoga is a very useful activity in our virtual classes. It helps pur particpants with excess energies gain control and be calm.
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Amazing offers on our learning aids kit, potty training kit and other educational items for children. Our products are also beneficial for children with special needs. Make great income as one of our distributors.

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With us learning never ends, intervention never stops. Give your child with intellectual or developmental disabilities an opportunity to contribute to the society by joining our virtual programs. Send a dm for further enquiries.


Part of our functional life skills class entails money lessons. Its one thing to identify the various denominations but more importantly we need to teach implementation and financial literacy. So our participants learned about the three money jars. Join us today to learn. Kids with special needs can learn and we always show them how. Send us a dm regardless of what country or community, we got you covered. @koko_babysteps @eliakimtherapy @amakafaithmokwe @morainbow_downsyndrome @okayafrica @cnnafrica @coderkidsgbagada @luxury_therapy

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We use a lot of visual aids for our Homeschooling classes and they are awesome. It encourages consistency, reinforces topic learned and assists in promoting independence. Join us regardless of where you are.

Cerebral Ifsa virtual school updated their phone number. 08/07/2020

Cerebral Ifsa virtual school updated their phone number.

Cerebral Ifsa virtual school updated their phone number.


This activity helps children identify colours, build concentration, improve their strength in numeracy and increases their vocabulary. Everything is done online.....we have programs for communities without android as well. Enrol today