Chanco Computer Science Society

Chanco Computer Science Society


Hi l would like to ask whether Chanco offers Bachelor's degree in computer science or Bachelor degree in Information technology?

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Blantyre on promotion
I have the following grades
chemistry 2
Physics 4
Maths 3
Bio 3
Eng 5
Chi 3
I'm I fit for bachelor of science in computer science ? Help me plus guys 🙏🙏🙏🙏
How much
What are the benefits of studying computer science and how different ist it from ICT?
Training opportunity???
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with most likes will win a computer science society t-shirt. The closing date is 4 December, 2019.

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Chanco Computer Science Society
DEADLINE: 8 Aug. 2019
Internship Vacancy: Developer Intern Period: August 2019 – October, 2019 (3 months)
GREEN VILLAGE aims at strengthening its business portfolio, and provide the best services to low income households that are supported with solar energy, through product data management, and online presence. To pursue this agenda the social enterprise would like to recruit two interns (1 male and 1 female) to work as a team in developing a cutting-edge dynamic website, and web- application that will be the face of the franchise. This task is will expose the interns to some of the best platforms for building websites, web-apps and mobile apps.
This task will be performed at 85% remotely and 15% dedicated to check-ins, field visit and fortnight meetings. This implies that the interns will mostly be working remotely online, from their respective residences, but will be required to meet weekly goals. As such we expect interns to comply to these requirements.
Successful Interns will be supplied with online platforms on which to build this system based on the initial meeting of goals setting. In addition, Green Village will supply interns with 10,000 Kwacha every 2 weeks for internet service. Likewise, Green Village is piloting using Angaza ( platform, as such interns will have access to this platform which will be essential to their learning.
You’ll work in an Agile, collaborative environment to understand requirements, design, code and test innovative applications, and support those applications for our highly valued customers. This position will see you build a website, web apps, and mobile application that are all linked in the back-end. The final product will be able to record and keep customer information, product stocks, sales made, and an enterprise website.
Qualification and Skills
• Students pursuing or recent graduates of Bachelor/Diploma in Computer Science and on Holiday
• Technical skills in website, mobile app, web-application development.
• Technical experience in HTML, JS, CSS, MySQL, Photoshop/InDesign
• Must have basic knowledge in one of the following technology areas: Java, Javascript, C, C++,
Ruby on rails or Python. Although our preference is knowledge and skill in Rails
• Knowledge and/or experience working in open source and business development platforms
• Team work capabilities are a must as this task relies on 100% team work.
• For more info on the ideal candidate we are looking for refer to this website:
• Developing and managing the website, web-app, and mobile app.
• Developing and managing the Installation program for website and mobile system
• Programming web application codes
• Programming content and links
• Troubleshooting and debugging
• Analysis and testing
• Niche designing
Learning Opportunities
Project design, management and implementation skills Leadership, Mentorship, and public speaking skills Corroborative Team work skills
Computer programing skills
Practical hands on experience on cutting edge programming platforms.
If you meet the requirements of this internship forward your motivation letter with a title “GV/I301: Developer Intern” stating your qualification, how it relates to the job position, why you want the internship and what you expect to learn from the internship. Submit this motivation letter along with a 1 to 2-page Curriculum vitae/Resume to [email protected].
Make sure you observe all the application criteria. We strongly encourage women to apply to this internships.

NOTE: Letters from your Registrar or Head of Department will be required for students to show their holiday period falls within this internship period.
Guys kod mutsekela lt? Nanga ife atisankha kumene tikuyembezeka kufka lt?
Gys. What are some of requirments for we who hve been recently selected to persue pc science ? Plz help!
Hallo geeks. am looking for someone who can supply me with CLINICAL LABORATORY INFORMATION SYSTEM SOFTWARE, DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS SOFTWARE/ ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS SOFTWARE ASAP. Call/ whatsp 0998804944/ 0888331368. zomba. feel free to send full quatation.
zabwino zonse

The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men, but that men will begin to think

Operating as usual

Timeline Photos 03/11/2020

COMSOC elections 2020. Invitation for nominations. This year's elections will be done online.


Training opportunity at Chancellor College Computer Science Department for those in IT field or plan to join the IT field.

Flier designed by Tau-G GraphicsTau-G GraphicsTau-G Graphics


Notice that the invitation has been extended to our fellow colleagues from the Faculty of Law as per requested by the guest because "Internet Governance" has cross cutting issues to do with legal concerns.


A chance to win the society t-shirt.

Are you a Chancellor College Computer Science Student? You can stand a chance to win a computer science society t-shirt by doing the following:

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The best quote
with most likes will win a computer science society t-shirt. The closing date is 4 December, 2019.

Terms and conditions apply.
Chanco Computer Science Society


President of ICT-Association-of-Malawi-(ICTAM), Bram Fudzulani is to visit the society on December-7-2019. He will make a presentation on Internet-Governance.


Over 90 students went away with 8GB TNM flash drives and pens at today's Computer Science Society function. All thanks to Exile Njoka for accepting our request to be our Guest of honor at the first years welcoming function. We think this is a wake up call to all former Computer Science Students of Chancellor College who are hiding somewhere. We need your support, please contact us today and we will accommodate you time to come and share what you are currently doing.


It's tomorrow. Don't miss!


2016 Computer Science Symposium at crossroads hotel in Lilongwe


We are looking for a few good students who can develop reliable projects.


We are having a guest tomorrow, 19th of April, Mr. Chikondi Tsepula, a Former Student and Former Society President. He will be at campus to brief and motivate the students.


We have a new executive that was elected a few weeks ago. The following are the names with their respective positions:

President: Taurai Gombera (+265888701110)

Vice President: Margaret Chituwa

Secretary: Alinafe Kamwendo

Treasure: Hopeson Gausi

Publicity Secretary: Emanuel Banda

Vice Publicity Secretary: Pius Seda

Project Coordinator: Emanuel Mangulenje

Vice Project Coordinator: Evance Mose

Third Year Representative: Kondwani Lusinje

Second Year Representative: Steven Kamwaza

First Year Representatives: Agatha Chituwa and Aaron Vangeli Chinthenga


A must attend event


Do you wanna be part of the next coool mobile apps or software. Be part of a Chanco 24hrs hackathon.

Date : Friday 28-october-2016 - Saturday 29-october-2016
Venue : To be Communicated
Registration and more info : Whatsapp on 0884047619

: The Hackathon is strictly for Chancellor College Students 02/08/2016

Start-Up Battle

Vote for a Malawian start-up company in start-up battle international by following the link Your Amazing Opportunity To Win over $100,000 worth of prizes and the potential for some real investment If you are committed to having a big impact in the world, and if you believe simple actions can lead to big results, then you should enter.


We would like to welcome you all to the second Semester of 2015/2016 academic year.


Hello! U r being informed on web Development tutorial on html and CSS! 2mo on 9 June @ 6pm in Lab Y! Organised by Computer science Society. Its free for registered members and those who are not members will be required to pay membership fee of K500 to attend the session. The tutorial is prepared for first year and second years! But everyone interested is welcome! **Eliot Kalenga** G.Secretary*


Computer science is a discipline that is more of practical than theory, so as chanco computer science society we will continue to ensure that students especially at chancellor college have the practical skills that the industry needs. So we appeal to the students at chanco to fully participate in the activities that the society implements, as the society can not prosper without participation and commitment of its members.


We elected the new executive some weeks ago and we have Noordeen Malango as President and Moses Msukwa as Vice President. Lets support the new exctv...


Only 2 days to the elections date! Those of you aspiring for a position be ready with a statement of purpose just in case you are requred to present your abridged manifesto. Let come in our numbers to Lab Y and make our voice/choice known.


Guys, yesterday was one to remember as we were taught how to CREATE DATABASE, SHOW DATABASES, and what have you? Can we come up with more of such projects, and we should be moving in the right direction


This week's ordinary (general) assembly is on today. Database, database, and nothing but database! Let's come in our numbers to the usual Lab Y @ 6:30pm. Your attendance is a motivator! C u there.


Notice to all COM412 (Software Engineering) students:

There will be no class tomorrow (Wed, 04.12.2013) which takes place at period 2.

Kindly inform friends


COMSOC Exec Committee Meeting Update:

The meeting just took place as planned. Special thanks and appreciation to members who availed themselves, that's the spirit guys!

This week's Thursday programme has tentatively been set to introduce databases and SQL. This is of utmost importance especially to students pursuing qualifications in computer science and all interested in working with IT related software services since database is often at core of most interactive systems. You are all being invited to the event this coming Thirsday.

On a special note, members of comsoc will be offering various computer related services like software installations, troubleshooting, among others at modest fee per service provided. If you have been looking for some assistance at really affordable prices, this is the golden opportunity.

Thank you all.


All COM Society executive committee members be reminded of our meeting this evening (02 Dec 2013) at 5:30 pm in Lab Y.


Friends, ComSoc intends to have entry level talk and presentation on databases. We seek your views on what should be the best mode or way of presentation in order that it addresses at least the majority of the audience considering students in all years of study have started patronizing the society's meetings. The question is; between use of SQL command (language) and use of graphical user (GUI) applications, which one is EASIER at entry level?

Submit your views here or drop an email into [email protected] by end of business tomorrow, Wed 27 Nov.

Let's tell others so we have enough views.


The much anticipated COMSOC General Assembly took place this evening and started this semester on a fair note. This is to appreciate all who took their time to participate at this important event. Major issues on the agenda were (re-)election of (new) president, vice treasurer and way forward on planned activities. It was such an accommodating environment and students pursuing taking computer science courses banged heads on other equally important issues. This has marked the beginning of another chapter for COMSOC.

A special request is to all who attended the assembly and all those interested in computer courses to send in your email address so that communication on certain matters should be much simplified. Send such details to [email protected]

Let's invite our friends to the next assembly next week.


Techies, just to indicate that the extra-ordinary committee meeting was held today as planned and issues discussed and other resolutions will be presented at the next General Assembly next week Thursday


To All ComSoc Executive Committee Members,

As indicated yesterday, let us meet tomorrow at 5:00 pm in the evening and the venue is tentatively COM Lab Y, unless otherwise formally communicated. Guys, lets be punctual...


To all Executive Committee members: We are going to have an extra-ordinary meeting of the COMSOC Executive Committee this coming Thursday, 14 Nov 2013. The venue and time will be communicated by end of business tomorrow, Wednesday 13 Nov 2013. All committee members let us prepare for the meeting as it is a crucial one. Comments can be posted here but for any enquiries contact me on 0881358280 or 0999478283.




Chancellor College

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