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Name your favourite subjects and the topics you find them hard to deal with or understand.

Our team will be preparing lessons that will be very simple to understand in the subjects and topics you will mention.

Make it easy.

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Our Four Pillars
1. Educate
2. Inspire
3. Coach
4. Innovate

With these four pillars, the change that the world deserves will be attained.


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1. Overwhelmed
2. Problem magnet
3. Self sabotage
4. Lack of results due to lack of activity
5. Bad decisions
6. Procrastination
7. Being a loner
8. Self doubt
9. Selective hearing
10. Who is in your ear

Which of the above affects you more?

So that you understand how those affects our activities.


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The Excessive Exams drives stress.


The issue of job creators and employees.
Let's get diverted in all directions not forgetting entrepreneurship. Let's think beyond our imagination. Working hard to serve others. The best service to humanity is creating good environment for others.

It is the aim of APSS, to join hands with the youth to bring the best change at our disposal.


Join us

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The Journey of learning is a step by step journey. What makes it hard or easy is who you are taking the journey with. Make a right choice and change the mentality.

Yes you can do it.


Work for it more than you hope for it.


One Step Ahead Everyday.


School of Business



APSS is wishing all the best to the Students of Anowa Private Secondary School 2018 class as they will be starting their MSCE exams tomorrow. Take your time when answering your questions, this is time to write what you learnt, what you understood and what you can apply.

APSS management is also extending the best wishes to all MSCE CANDIDATES in the entire Malawi.


WhatsApp Group Invite 31/12/2017

WhatsApp Group Invite

*Anowa Private Secondary School-APSS*

It is our pleasure to let anyone know that APSS has brought together MSCE students during this December holiday. This is to allow interaction between the students from different schools and the *APSS- Team*.

The Program / Session is taking place in Zomba. To those far away can still access some of the programs and sessions taking place by joining this group, where briefs of the session are being shared.

In this group you can ask questions, answer questions concerning academic.

*Among the Programs and Sessions taking place👇*
1⃣ Time management tips
2⃣ Study tips
3⃣ Science subjects lessons
4⃣ Tips for exam
5⃣ Career guidance
6⃣ Past Paper review
7⃣ Writing exam *(Those registered)*

If you are interested join the group, be ready to behave accordingly and follow the rules.

*Regards APSS, Zomba, Chinamwali.*

WhatsApp Group Invite Follow this link to join


*Do you plan your studies?*
*Do you study what you have learnt?*
*Do you know your prime time for studying?*
*Do you remember what you study?*

Today's session was about *Studying tips and Skills*. This evening 8:00pm the highlights of the session will be repeated right here. So don't miss it.⏰👏👏👏

*NB:* If you think someone somewhere will find this session beneficial you can add them.


*Time Management*
⏺Refers to the development of processes and tools that increase efficiency and productivity (For a *Student*, a business..)

*Time management doesn't *"just happnen"* for everyone-it is a skill that must be worked on.

Most people find to be a life long challenge.

*What is time management?*
Refers to managing time effectively so that the right time is allocated to right activity.

*Time management is about.....*
⏺Proper planning
⏺Goal setting
⏺Effective scheduling of your time
⏺Organizing your work
⏺Motivating yourself to work towards a goal.

*How to use time effectively?*
⏺Set SMART goals
⏺Proper communication regarding work
⏺Breaking down tasks
⏺Work on deadlines
⏺Delegate your work
⏺Review your work
⏺Avoid procrastination
⏺Managing interruptions

*Time is Money*
🛑You can make money, you can not make time.
🛑An inch of *gold* can not buy an inch of time. (Chinese proverb)

*Planning in Time Management*

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Whatever you want to do plan it well so that you can easily know how *to do it at a right time.*


🧡To save time⏰
🧡To reduce stress
🧡To function effectively
🧡To increase our work output
🧡To have more control over our job opportunities.

*Time and Goals*
Achieve your goals:
⏺Be your own judge and your own motivator
⏺Make *time management* your tool for success

🛑Be aware of how your time is spent
🛑Set a realistic schedule for yourself
🛑Make a daily review

*When to do it?*
Today. ✔

*Please forward them to the following:*
🛑Right here in this group
🛑+265 888 447 101 / +265 996 223 038
🛑[email protected]
🛑[email protected]



Time is very important
Time is needed
Time is valuable
Time is supposed to be respected.

To achieve that👆👆👆

You need *Time Management*.

*Do you know Time management?*
*Do you understand planning in Time management?*
*Do you know why Time management is important?*
*Do you know how to manage time effectively?*
*Do you understand Time and goals?*

*Today 8:00pm*
The session that took place in the afternoon live interaction will be shared here.

*We are starting with Time management so that as students we have to know this.*

Therefore if you know someone somewhere who may find this session helpful inform him/her, and will be added in this group.


The Program Finally on

APSS has finally done it possible to bring together the MSCE students from different schools during the holiday. The aim is to provide interaction among the students and APSS Team. The programs and sessions are taking place as communicated earlier this month.

To those willing to attend but are very far away. You can join APSS WhatsApp group so that you can get the tips and past papers in PDF format. In case you don't have WhatsApp phone, just like our fb page because some tips will be shared there as well. WhatsApp group is strictly for students only.

To join our WhatsApp group contact 0888447101.



Holiday is around the corner. Make full use of your holiday to those that are in FORM 3 and 4 by joining the sessions that will be conducted by APSS this December holiday.

For more information: call/Text or WhatsApp on 0888447101 and get your registration form today.



Have you ever thought of what makes you unique?
The way you make decision
The way you conduct yourself
The things you prioritise
The choices you make.

Try APSS today in your secondary education and appreciate the knowledge transfer.


MSCE lessons and other programs. Coming this December Holiday.


Taking a step further in promoting Malawi's education

It is through improved and high quality education that makes people see a difference in you. APSS is to take a step further in promoting eduaction in Malawi. It has organised different sessions in the coming holiday. This is to create an open interaction between MSCE students from different schools and APSS team. Students are at liberty to choose the program of their choice that they want to attend.

1. Time management skills
2. Study tips
3. Science subjects lessons
4. The launching of students Awards Program
5.Tips for exam approach
6. Writting of exams on a subject of your choice
7. Past papers questions review

: All these programs will be done on the chosen way, either personal or join the sessions with the group.

For more information do not hesitate contact:
0888447101 (Call/WhatsApp)
[email protected]

Like our page for more updates.


APSS values education in realising that it is a weapon to success. Therefore APSS has organized MSCE lessons to be conducted in Zomba during the December holiday. The session will be done on Saturday and Sunday for free. The actual place to be conducted will be communicated after analysing where there are many people in need of our service.

You can register in advance by sending a text to 0888447101 call or WhatsApp. Inform any friend of yours relative and anyone MSCE level.


APSS is wishing all the best to our 2017/2017 MSCE Candidates as they are starting their exams tomorrow. Remember what you learnt in class and apply very well as you all know learning process is not complete unless you apply what you have learnt. It is the time that you have to apply what you learnt.

APSS is also extending the best wishes to the entire Malawi's MSCE candidates feel free don't be panic.

The future of Malawi is in you.

APSS Go on! Cross the bridge to success!

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