MADE: Mpherere Association for Development in Education

MADE: Mpherere Association for Development in Education


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Founded in 2015 at the Mpherere school we are an NGO focused on overcrowding issues in Malawian Secondary Schools. Teachers in Malawi face classes of over 100 students on a regular basis.

In these situations it is impossible for them to provide personalized attention. Furthermore a variety of other challenges impede student productivity in rural Malawi. Some of these challenges include Malaria, long walks to school(over 5km), insufficient money for lunch, not enough books, no computers or internet access. Our most urgent project is beds and mosquito nets for boarding students. Alth

Operating as usual


Chancellor College has formally introduced Bachelor Of Education degree program in Computer Studies, a development that perfectly compliments MADE's efforts to promote computer lessons in Secondary Schools because the world of today needs this.


We are raising 7 pigs as of now. They will be fattened and then sold at a very good price for pork. After that, new piglets will be bought and raised again. We expect to realise profits in excess of 80% in the first sale. That way, MADE, will keep alive the dream to be a big player in the development of education standards in Ntchisi and beyond by providing more scholarships to most needy students in community day secondary schools starting with Mpherere CDSS. Everyone can be part of these initiatives!


MADE will provide scholarships to 15 most needy students at Mpherere Community Day Secondary School in the 2016/2017 Academic Year. This ambitious program will make sure that we pay tuition fees for the selected MOST needy students and buy school materials for those that seriously lack the same. This program needs to grow so that we help more needy students at Mpherere CDSS & trickle to some other schools in Malawi. MADE has lined up a few income generation activities to make sure that this program succeeds.
1. We are into the pig farming.
2. We are in the process of partnering with some other big organisations whose interests are common with ours in the education sector.
3. We will be receiving any kind of support/donation from well wishers; locally or foreign based.
For any interests please contact us through the following platforms: [email protected]/+265999195424/+265888858456/+18603689803.


160 chairs for schools where students sit on floors to learn and write exams.


MADE has started making improvements at Linga CDSS. Join us by donating at


Lets Save Linga Secondary

MADE is officially unveiling our newest project in Malawi. We need your contributions to make this happen. Please go to to donate.

Linga Secondary school has lost a roof and now students are overcrowded and exposed to the elements. See the conditions at this school and how you can help.


A recent study where MADE is working to intervene in failing secondary schools reports that "84% of Ntchisi villages defecate openly"(that means they go #2 in the bushes). While aid organizations attempt to build latrines MADE prefers to teach people the importance of health and give a new generation the skills to be sucessful.


Teacher Assistants are always on the clock, even in the middle of the night. Ntchisi has been in blackout for over 30 hours, no one knows how long the power will last this time. So in the middle of the night they are rushing to get final exams copied for tomorrow.


Mpherere CDSS has an average high school pass rate of 41% compared to the Malawian average of 55%. This is MADE's first year bringing teacher assistants to this struggling school. Early indications show a dramatic improvement. We want to show the world the power of using enthusiastic youth in education. Please help us keep this experiment going for another year. Donate at


Happy Thanksgiving from Malawi. Be thankful you do not have to live on $1.05 a day like the average family of our students. Often times these families must decide between food or a high school education.


We have just concluded a month long household survey of the student body consisting of a random sampling of 200 out of 830 students. The results are shocking! Average household income is $383.48 with and average household size of 7.25 people. Over 80% of our students's families have lived within this small district their entire lives. The majority do not have any electricity, running water or electric appliances. Over 90% lack any motorized transport and 77% don't even have a bicycle. Despite these challenges these students walk on average 3.98 kilometers to school frequently in the face of family pressure to quit school and go directly into the fields or market. Please help us provide better education for these students. You can join us with a donation at


As the rainy season approaches MADE is preparing by gathering essential supplies of mosquito nets for the students. Without these nets our students would be at extremely high risk for malaria. One net costs $7 and can save a life! You can donate at our website


Friday afternoon means many things to many people but at Mpherere CDSS it means physics group study. Gibson the TA picture here organized these events and even though it's not your ordinary idea of a fun Friday, you can't beat the view.


It is an honor to work with these amazing youth, they have overcome astonishing obstacles, and have big dreams. There is a brief description of each teacher assistant(TA) in the caption of their picture. Please take a moment to get to know them. They are putting in 100% effort everyday to make this school stronger.


Teacher Assistants are affordable, effective and will change education in Malawi. These students recieve instructions in classroom exceeding 100 students, teachers simply don't have time to sit down and work through exercises with all their students. At Mpherere TAs such as Catherine Edwards are guiding students through their studies.


Director of MADE Hunter Kramer is published I'm local paper. It is the support of Glastonbury residents which is allowing MADE to introduce it's revolutionary new programs to education in the under-developed world.


MADE is pleased to unveil the teacher assistants for the 2015/16 school year. These energetic young adults are forming the backbone of a vibrant learning community. We are only one week in and they have already adopted their new roles with vigor and enthusiasm. We could not be more proud of them.


MADE has completed its first project this weekend! New beds have been installed in the dormitories and students finally have mattresses to sleep on. Mosquito nets will be distributed at the beginning of the rainy season. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible


Look at the sophomores clamoring to get after class help. We are so proud of the way our Teacher Assistants are stepping up to their new role. Mr. Kamtengo here was a high school senior last year and now he is guiding students though trigonometry! 10/08/2015

Non-Profit of the Month | Minh Han, MD

MADE has been selected as Dr Han's NGO of of the month. At the family practice of Minh Han, MD, we treat the whole family and offer extended hours at our Manchester office, (860) 646-7178.


Mpherere Boys Choir "Wake up Jonah"


Mpherere Boys Choir "Somebody"

Join us in our work to help these students get a quality high school education at


Mpherere Boys Choir "After All"

The teachers and students of Mpherere.

See the faces of Mpherere CDSS teachers and students and hear the Mpherere boys choir sings "After all" and see some of the work the Mpherere Association for...


The New Computer Lab at Mpherere CDSS being refurnished including a ceiling, newly painted walls, electrical sockets, burglar bars, impact resistant window panes and soon will be fitted with 40 computer cubicles. Thanks for your support. Be part of it at


Carpenters are putting the final touches on 60 bunkbeds for our school dormitory students. In 2016 our students will no longer have to sleep on a concrete floor with nothing but blankets and grass mats. Thank you to our supporters this couldn't have happened without you.


In its efforts to achieve sustainability #MADE is pleased to announce it has completed phase 2 of construction of a pig pen on the school campus in partnership with the Mpherere CDSS farm club. With the modest investment of roughly $400 we will be able to raise 6-8 pigs netting over over $1000 annually to be used in supporting our Teacher assistant scholarship program.


The Mpherere computer lab... a lot of work to do still but now we have power! #MADE #MAKINGADIIFERENCE


#MADE took another step forward to providing comfortable, safe place for the students to sleep. The smiles say it all... join us at


MADE has broken ground on a new computer lab today. Electricians began installing power in a classroom.


MADE: Mpherere Association for Development in Education


Until further notice MADE will be known as Mpherere Association for Development in Education. Use of Malawi in a name requires permission from the office of the president, we are dully applying for such permission. Until permission is granted MADE will operate under the other name.


Amazing work John Po***ck creating MADE's new logo. Now we are ready to register for official NGO status.


MADE: Mpherere Association for Development in Education's cover photo


In an extraordinary development MADE now has funding to begin building the bunk beds and buying matresses and mosquito nets for the dormitories. #MADE #MAKINGADIIFERENCE A big thank you to Ann Kramer, Jeff Kramer, and the John MacNeil Foundation for their generous donations. Please join us by contributing at 23/05/2015

Mpherere Association | MADE: Malawi Association for Development in Education

MADE is pleased to announce it has finished construction of our official website! It has detailed descriptions of all our projects and donations can now go directly through PayPal to fund MADE's projects.
100% of every donation will goes into our programs, we have no administrative or promotional expenses. We rely entirely on the efforts of volunteers to administer and promote our cause.
For example here are some popular charities and what % of donations go into their programs
The American Red Cross: 90.3%
Feed the Children: 88.7%
World Vision: 82.6%
Habitat for Humanity International: 80.7%
Our PayPal is not 501c3, but donations can be made through South Church of Glastonbury which is 501c3.




"Beds for Boarders"
"Teacher Assistant Scholar Program"
"Computer Lab"
"New Classroom Block"
"Science Lab"


P.O. Box 38