Elangeni CCAP Secondary School

Elangeni CCAP Secondary School


Tikumanyiskani mose tabena Elangeni kuti tikuyika magesi ya #SOLAR pamtengo wokambirana.
But we also do the following services;
1) wiring new installation
2) maintenance old installation
3) installing standalone SOLAR home system
4) water pumping system using Solar panels
5) installation backup systems
6) nstalling security Alarm systems
7) fault finding
8) maintening & repairing Domestic appliances
Therefore inbox me for more information or call/WhatsApp on 0882205583/0992422944
Email address; [email protected]
Hie every one in this group. Do u have Whatsp group for Parents. If so can u plz add.0736026963
To all students and our beloved teachers of Elangeni ccap secondary school ,I'm highly humbled to wish you all level best as you are about to start new academic year of 2018-2019 , may the Good and caring God guide you in everything you want to achieve during this academic year . Let me also take a privilege to apreciate the good work of our teachers which you do,to shape the characters of stustudents of Elangeni ,you perform several things concerning our academics excellence, you have shaped our personal character for the purpose of making us to be reliable and Gd leaders of today, indeed you have baked us with alots of knowledge ,skills ,idwas just to mtotion a few. We becoming productive to the society because of your effort, energy, hard work you dedicate on us during the tym of shaping our character through educating .respect to Mr dk banda, Mr Mwale, Mr Kaira, Mr Mwafu, miss chidambe, Mr less, Mr Chirwa ,and all entire ELASS staff members.
Congulates Elass for making it for massa games ,wishing u o level best as ua about to play ua next games..
My old xool proud of it

Kwaamene mwakhala mukuyimba lamya kufunsa zazotsatira zamayeso mukudziwitsidwa kuti zotsatira zamayeso a 2017 MSCE sizinafikebe paelangeni komanso kwaDEM sizinafikenso.

Zikafika mudziwitsidwa...chonde , awuzeniko awo kuti awuzekonso awo
Attention parents , guardians and Students (both new and old )

Be informed that fees has been raised to K116,000-00 per term for the forthcoming academic year.

Deposit your fees to the following a/c

A/c name :Elangeni ccap secondary school
A/c # : 434507
National bank of Malawi
Current account
Kasungu service center

NB : no student is allowed to bring hard cash.
Add Me Whatsap Group 0884785415

Elangeni CCAP Secondary School is one of the private schools under the Education Department of CCAP

Operating as usual


New Prefects for Elangeni Secondary
1. Head Boy
Bonface Munthali
2. Deputy Head Boy
James Kaunda
3. Head Girl
Grace Tembo
4. Deputy Head Girl
Wongani Soko
5. Sanitation Boy
Connex Nyangulu
6. Sanitation Girl
Agness Kabwilo
7. Social Welfare Boy
Silence Jere
8. Social Welfare Girl
Benadetta Kapesa
9. Sports Boy
Anthony Thole
10. Sports Girl
Esther Chunga
11. Power and Utility Boy
Gift Jere
12. Power and Utility Girl
Chikondi Phiri
13. Librarian Boy
Thapson Nyirenda
14. Librarian Girl
Premo Habakuku
15. Language Enforcement Boy
Clement Kalinga
16. Language Enforcement Girl
Rhoda Mkandawire
17. Catering Boy
Zinyengo Mthimbwa
18. Catering Girl
Hilda Jere
19. Entertainment Boy
Mwayiwawo Gondwe
20. Entertainment Girl
Deborah Fukundo
Congratulations boys and girls. We wish you all the best in your different positions!


Our dear Parents
Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
We want to take this opportunity to make communications on the following:
1. Fees Payment
Be reminded that all fees should be paid at the bank. Our account details are as follows
A/C Name: Elangeni CCAP Secondary School
A/C Number: 434507
Bank Name: National Bank of Malawi
Branch: Kasungu Service Centre
A/C Type: Current
Make sure that you include description of your payment by indicating the name of the student on the deposit slip. eg. fees for Daniel Chiona f1A.

Please, do not send fees through m0626 service because it brings a lot of inconveniences in identifying the student being paid for.
Fees remain 107 000 per term!

2. Parent's / Guardian's working Addresses
Recently, we have registered many cases where school reports have been returned due to the closure of addresses that were given to us by you our dear parents. This is regrettable. May you, therefore, update us with your new working addresses so that we reduce cases where parents do not know about the performance of their children.

You may send your working addresses on WhatsApp through 0884229276 or through email on [email protected].

We wish you well!


To all Our Valued Parents/GuardiansTake note that school opens on the 23rd April 2017 as earlier announced.In case you didn't have the bank details which you can use for depositing school fees prior to the coming of your wards, here are the details;A/C no. 434507A/C name. Elangeni CCAP Secondary schoolBank name. National Bank of MalawiBranch. Kasungu Service CentreA/C type. CurrentMake sure that you indicate the name of the student on the deposit slip through a description like "Fees for Kenneth Kaunda f2"You are not allowed to pay school fees through mo626All deposit slips should be photocopied and sent to,The Head TeacherElangeni CCAP Secondary SchoolPost Office Box 8MabilaboAuternatively send the deposit slips on WhatsApp no. 0884 229 676 or email them to [email protected] fees for third term is Mk107 000.00We wish you all the best!


Opening of Term 2
Our dear students and parents!
Be informed that school opens on 03-01-17. Arrival date is on 02-01-17. Our dear parents, pay fees at the bank before the school opens. NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED TO BRING HARD CASH TO SCHOOL. You can get more information in our fb group ELANGENI CCAP SECONDARY SCHOOL. Wishing you a successful 2017.


Hello good people.
For those who sat for the 2016 MSCE take note that notification of results are now available. We are in no way allowed to send the notification copies through post office.


Congratulations should go to our boys and girls who have passed their 2016 MSCE Examination. Out of the 36 registerd candidates, 34 have managed to pass. Hard luck to the two candidates who have failed, one boy and girl. There is always next time for you. We will keep you posted on the points.
Congratulations boys and girls.


There is fresh communication from the Education Department on revised fees in all their schools. As regards Elangeni CCAP Secondary School the new figure isk105000 and not k110000. All arrangements on registration and medical fees stand. Take note of the change.


Attention Parents, Guardians and Students
(both new and old)

Be informed that fees has been raised to k110, 000-00 per term for the forthcoming academic year.

Note that each student is expected to pay registration fees of k2000 once in an academic year and k2000 medical fees.

Of the total fees, k5000 is meant for the school building project. This money should be deposited into the school projects account which has the following details:
A/C Name: Elangeni CCAP Projects Account
A/C # 1002024124
Savings Account
Kasungu Service Centre

The remainder of the fees should be deposited in the school's main account with the following details

A/C Name: Elangeni CCAP Sec Sch
A/C # 434507
Current Account
Kasungu Service Centre

In each case, indicate the name of the student on the periphery of the deposit slip to avoid inconveniences.

Wishing you a new successful academic year.


To all parents and guardians and all people of good will, join us in wishing the form fours who are starting their MSCE examinations on Wadnesday 22 June the best of luck and good health.
It is our hope that what teachers have done is enough to make each of our students pass their examinations. At the moment our biggest expectation is that the record set of 12 points at MSCE in our school be surpassed. We believe in progress which more often is measured through good grades and where good new records are set.

We wish our boys and girlz all the best of luck and good health going into this definitive period of their academic journey. May God protect and guide our good boys and girls


Hello there friends and family members!
As we may be all aware, the form two students are starting their examinations on Tuesday 31st May. We currently have 57 candidates at JCE.

Lets join hands praying for grace and good health for our boys and girls. This is a very important stage of their academic journey. Its one of the steps they can not forgo if they are to reach levels of excellence. A great philosopher Aristotle once said, no matter how a journey may be, it begins with a step.

Apart from fighting for their own excellence, these candidates will also be fighting for maintaining the 100% passrate the school has achieved the past two academic years. We hope the good record at jce will be maintained considering also that this will be the last jce examinations.

We can, yes we can! Join us in this belief of optimism. Thanks very much to all teachers for the hadwork that has made our candidates to be thoroughly prepared for the examinations.

WE ARE ELASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hello there to everyone!
We are very glad to share the good news about the selection of various students into different colleges and universities.
The list of students with corresponding colleges and universities are as follows
1. Hanna Dickens Malawi Polytechnic College
2. Patience Munthali LUANAR
3. Sphiwe Jere Chanco
4. Tabitha Moyo Chanco
5.Daniel Phiri Unilia
6. Levison Chalira LUANAR
7. Given Phiri MIJ
8. Thoko M Banda Lilongwe Polytechnic
9. Martha Nkhoma MAGU
10. Chancy Chavinda BIU
11. Vincent Kumwenda Livingstonia Technical
These are the comfirmed names of those selected to pursue different tertiary studies. We are proud of you!


Most of you, our valued parents and guardians have been asking as to whether or not there is mid term holiday, be informed that we wont observe the midterm holiday. Take note therefore that your dear children are still in our safest hands. Be further informed that the form 2 &4s wont have a break up until they sit for their respective JCE &MSCE Exams. Make a contribution for their sustainance during their stay. We always appreciate the necessary support you offer to your children.


Our valued parents and guardians!

The festive season is here again. We would like to wish you a merry christmas and and a prosperous 2016. You have been responsible parents throughout 2015 by supporting your good boys and daughters.

As we prepare to enter the new year, take note of the following;

1. Celebrate in style. As a christian institution, we urge you to celebrate in the LORD. Keep yourself safe for the sake of that child whose future hinges on your support to them.

2. Spend within your budget. During this period, there is the danger of buying on impulse. Remember, this is rainy growing season and shortly schools open. Plan well so that no one suffers because of our poor spending this festive period.

3. Second term opens on 4-01-2016.

Delay not your children in reporting for the term. This is a short, eventful and do or die term particularly for the forms 2 and 4. Spend wisely so that your child does not miss any single lesson.

4. Guard your children of all bad companies and immoral behaviours that may put their lives at risk.

We thank you for the trust you have given us to shape the future of your child. For this purpose we are at this institution.

Merry christmas and a prosperous 2016.

God bless you for ever and ever!


We would like to wish good health and luck to all our students as they are about to start writing their end of term one exams. We believe these are exams that will prepare you for success at both JCE and MSCE.

May the good Lord guide and bless all of you as you go through this important period.


We have started with 12 points. A new record set. congratulations!


Rumour has it that out of 43 xandidates who sat for MSCE 38 have passed representing 88% passrate. Not bad, anyway!


Congratulations boys and girls for making it at JCE. 100%
passrate is not easy!


To Continuing and Prospective Students
You are hereby informed that there has been an upward fee adjustment from k70,000-00 to k 80,000-00. This adjustment is effective next academic year; 2015-2016! Be further informed that every student shall be required to pay 1000-00 registration fee upon entry into the school. For enquiries call 0884 229 276, 0881 360 155, 0995 633 654 or visit the Education Office at CCAP Synod of Livingstonia head office in Mzuzu. Thanks!


Congratulations are due to Duncan Moyo and Nellie Chirwa for being selected to pursue further studies at DMI ST JOHNS BAPTIST UNIVERSITY and ST JOHNS COLLEGE OF NURSING respectively. Duncan is studying for a degree of Arts in education while Nellie is studying for diploma in Nursing. We are proud of you!


We wish all the best to all form 4s who are starting their exams on the 17 June, 2015. May the good lord guide you as you go through a definitive period. We are with you in prayers. God bless you!


Emmie Thindwa has just added to the growing list of students to go to colleges. She has just been selected to pursue her studies at Daeyang College.


Today, 28th May was another good day at Elangeni CCAP Secondary when the new prefecture body was inducted on their duties and responsibilities. We thank God the exercise was very successful. Next week, 05 June, graduation ceremony for the F4s. God should guide in all the arranged activities. We wish all the students good health.


We thank God for the special devotion we had today dedicating all the form 2 students starting their exams this tuesday. In particular, we thank our school chaplain, the Reverend P. Phiri for sparing his time to be with us.
Teachers have done their work. It's time for students to showcase their knowledge. Let's show the exam world that we are thoroughly prepared. As usual, the fear of the Lord is the begining of knowledge. Wewish you well.


We wish a safe journey for our boys and girls in Forms 1 and 3 on their educational visit to Bunda college, Kamuzu Central and the New Parliament Building. Have a safe journey!


Congratulations to Chancy Msiska and Monalisa Kalua for making it to LUANAR to pursue degrees in Extention Agriculture and Holticulture respectively. We are all happy for you!




Elangeni CCAP Secondary School P.O. Box 8, Mabilabo, Email: [email protected]

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