Ecoshe is a community of people who care about their health, the environment, animals, living sustainably, a touch of spirituality and for those who would potentially invest in or build a residential community living these ideals in a sanctuary together.

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Ecoshe updated their website address. 21/06/2021

Ecoshe updated their website address.

Ecoshe updated their website address.

Invest and Live in a Wellness Resort 21/06/2021

Invest and Live in a Wellness Resort

Would you like to LIVE in a wellness resort? OWN shares in it and earn money at the same time? Are you someone willing to try a different approach to sustainable living? Would you live alcohol-free, smoke-free, and meat-free in this sanctuary with like minded people? You would have freedom to do as you please away from this sacred space that we would create together.

If you answered YES to all or some of the above, send a WhatsApp or FB message so we can keep you up to date with our progress. We need your:

- full name
- location
- email address
- phone number

Watch our vision video here and do like and comment so we can receive your feedback.

Invest and Live in a Wellness Resort Ecoshe was started to bring community together who care about their health, the environment, animals and living more sustainably. Our ultimate goal is to bui...

Why Plant Based - Health and Food 11/06/2021

Why Plant Based - Health and Food

Watch our “why plant-based?” workshop trailer now. These highlights are from a recent workshop held at Vanilla Village.

Did you know?
‼️The top 15 causes of death can be PREVENTED, CURED and REVERSED by a plant-based diet.
🥑Studies show that people who eat a plant based diet live longer.
🩸Vegan blood is 8 x better at suppressing cancer cell growth.
🍔 A vegan burger requires 99% less water, 93% less land, 90% fewer greenhouse gasses and 46% less energy to make compared to a beef burger.

Our series of workshops will allow you to be informed about how a plant-based diet can contribute to living a more sustainable life, improve your health and protect the beautiful environment we live in. Let’s come together and strive to live in a more sustainable way 🌍♻️.

Like for updates on our upcoming events. We have something very exciting in store for you! 🤩

Why Plant Based - Health and Food "When people ask, why are you vegan? I respond, if you knew what I now know, you may consider it too. I haven’t always been vegan, one day I just made the co...


Research on #climatechange. Listen to our young news reporters 🎬

The United Nations and University of Oxford has found that nearly two thirds of people believe climate change remains a global emergency, despite the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic.

1.2 million people across 50 countries were surveyed and a remarkable 64% of respondents agreed that climate change is a pressing emergency. Interestingly, there was a distinct age divide, with the majority of young people more concerned about climate change.

The survey collected country specific data on some ideas to counteract these challenges:
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 making companies pay for pollution
🇺🇸 investing in renewable energy sources
🇮🇩 investing in green jobs
🇪🇬 ensuring more climate-friendly farming

What do you think we should be doing to tackle these challenges? Let us know in the comments below 👇🏻

Photos from Ecoshe's post 08/06/2021

World Ocean Day 🌊🐬🐠

Our climate is changing, and our ocean is suffering. It's time to take some serious #OceanClimateAction. Join and people around the world by signing in support of the global movement to protect 30% of our lands and ocean by 2030. Together we can #Protect30x30

"If you want to understand climate, follow the water...if there is no ocean, there is no climate." – Dr. Sylvia Earle. To advance #OceanClimateAction, is supporting the movement to protect at least 30% of our ocean by 2030. Will you join us? We signed to #Protect30x30 and invite you to do so alongside us:

#DYK ocean-based solutions can provide 20% of the emissions reductions we need to avoid catastrophic #ClimateChange? This #WorldOceanDay help grow the global movement to protect 30% of land and ocean by 2030: #protect30x30

The climate lawsuit of the century 27/05/2021

The climate lawsuit of the century

We just donated to this law suit, will you lend a hand too for the future of your children?

The climate lawsuit of the century 6 Portuguese youth are suing 33 European countries for failing to slash emissions and prevent climate change in an epic court case that could literally change everything. Join their epic fight for a livable future:


Ron Finley Teaches Gardening

I feel inspired by this guy!! Do you?


Filmed April 2021 in Mauritius 😳

Global weather patterns are without a doubt changing...

The US Environmental Protection Agency confirms that ”Rising global average temperature is associated with widespread changes in weather patterns. Scientific studies indicate that extreme weather events such as heat waves and large storms are likely to become more frequent or more intense with human-induced climate change.”

The question is... are you willing to change?

Individual action on climate change can include personal choices such as:
🚲means of travel
💡household energy use
🚰consumption of goods and services
and many more...

Follow us to learn how you can live a more sustainable life.

Videographer.. unknown

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Seaspiracy | Official Trailer | Netflix 11/04/2021

Seaspiracy | Official Trailer | Netflix We watched this film tonight on Netflix, it was extremely eye opening and I feel it's important that everyone seas 😉 this.

Seaspiracy | Official Trailer | Netflix Seaspiracy examines the global fishing industry, challenging notions of sustainable fishing and showing how human actions cause widespread environmental dest...


The Defi Papers interviewed me recently about the opening of the Vanilla Vegan Cafe. It's in French but here are some key points in English too about the power of a plant based diet.

Veganism is becoming popular, what do you believe are the main benefits?

At a top-level, Health, Environment & Animals. The most important being health, unless someone feels good, they’re unlikely to care about the environment or the biodiversity of animals in it.

- Diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes along with 13 other of our top killers can be prevented and cured through a plant-based diet.
- Vegan blood is 8 times better at suppressing cancer growth.
- The only diet and food group on average that falls into a healthy body mass are those on a plant-based diet.
- Energy levels on a plant-based diet are much higher because plant-based foods digest quickly, fruit 20-30 mins, nuts 30-45 mins, vegetables 1-3 hours, grains 2-3 hours, milk 10 hours, meat & eggs 36 - 72 hours.
- 690 million people are malnourished in the world, we could eradicate hunger because more than 50% of all food grown on the planet is fed to farm animals, only a small percentage of this weight is converted to meat. We could feed these starving people.
- Cheese is addictive, dairy protein has op**te molecules built-in. When consumed, these fragments attach to the same brain receptors that he**in and other narcotics attach to.
- 65% of the world is lactose intolerant and suffers tremendously from digestive issues, we are not designed to drink milk as adults.
- The U.S government has made it illegal to advertise eggs as healthy, low-calorie, safe, or even good for you, however, you can pay movie producers big money to show people eating eggs for breakfast
- Men on a plant-based diet have a higher level of testosterone, healthier lib*do, and a lower risk of erect*le dysfunction. This is because clogged arteries start in the smallest of veins.
- Studies show vegan men have a more attractive scent to women
- One of the strongest men in the world holding a Guinness World Record is Patrick Baboumian, a vegan. We do not need animal protein to be strong. This is a myth, the strongest animals on earth are herbivores, elephants, buffalos, etc
- Studies show that on average Adventist vegetarian children were taller than their meat-consuming classmates
- A plant-based burger can offer more protein than a traditional burger. The Beyond Burger has 20g of protein versus a meat burger at 19g.
- Biologically we are herbivores acting as omnivores, our digestive systems resemble that of apes who very rarely consume meat. An omnivore colon is 3 times its body length, a human’s colon is 9 times our body length. Omnivores have long sharp and curved canines/fangs. Herbivores like ours are rudimentary, short, and blunt. Our jaws move side to side, and omnivores do not.
- The oldest and most ancient mummies on record did eat meat, however also had severe heart problems. Eskimos who do consume a lot of meat because of where they live do suffer health risks associated with their diet.
- The longest living humans on planet Earth are found in Blue Zones. Each of these five populations follows a plant-based diet, with 95-98% of their daily calories coming from whole plant foods.
- The gladiators surprisingly enough were vegetarian.

- Worldwide, livestock accounts for between 14.5 percent and 18 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions.
- 1 acre of land can feed 14 times more people on a plant-based diet than the standard American diet.
- If we did turn to a plant-based diet, 5 billion football fields of land could be returned to forest land which is important considering in our lifetime we've cut down half the trees in the world.
- 50% of our natural resources are used for animal agriculture, we only need 5% for a plant-based diet. That’s our freshwater, land, energy, fresh air, etc.
- Animal agriculture is the leading cause of loss in biodiversity

- Animals experience the same fear as us, all animals want to live.
-150-200 species of plant, insect, bird, and mammal become extinct daily
- We are down to 4% of natural wildlife, farm animals and humans are now 96% of all species on earth.
- 50% of people would rather go vegetarian than kill their dinner
- Over 153 million farmed animals are slaughtered unnecessarily every day.
- There is no difference between a dog, cat, cow, pig, pigeon, dolphin. Why would we treat some animals so unfairly?

* Research links and sources available on request, bookings can also be made by email at [email protected] or WhatsApp: +23057772276

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Defi Online Article:

Photos from Heather Drummond's post 09/03/2021

Some highlights from Saturday's opening of the Vanilla Vegan Restaurant in Black River.

« Why go vegan ? » : une causerie pour mieux comprendre le véganisme ce samedi 6 mars à Rivière-Noire • Défi Santé 02/03/2021

« Why go vegan ? » : une causerie pour mieux comprendre le véganisme ce samedi 6 mars à Rivière-Noire • Défi Santé

Defi Sante wrote about our upcoming event at Vanilla Vegan below in French if that suits you better. We are looking forward to the launch of this new vegan restaurant at Vanilla Village. If you haven't booked your ticket yet please contact us on: +230 57772276, we have so much to share with you:

« Why go vegan ? » : une causerie pour mieux comprendre le véganisme ce samedi 6 mars à Rivière-Noire • Défi Santé Ce samedi, la coach bien-être, Heather Drummond donne rendez-vous aux Mauriciens dans le nouveau restaurant Vanilla Vegan.


Vanilla Vegan Restaurant opening in Black River

** Vegan Restaurant opening in the West **

On 6th March, Vanilla Village in Black River will open the doors to VANILLA VEGAN. Join us for an inspiring evening with Heather Drummond who will be sharing the key points from her 15 years of research on the subject.

Did you know that some of our big killers such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes can be prevented, reversed, and cured by eating a plant-based diet?

How does vegan diet help with weight loss?

Can we get enough protein from plants alone?

Does a plant-based diet help us feel more energy?

Ever wondered why people say they're addicted to cheese?

Why are so many of us lactose intolerant?

Are we omnivores or herbivores?

What about the cavemen?

What about our canines?

But we've always eaten meat?

Find out the answers to all these questions and so much more.

Come and see what the latest studies are telling us. Then you can make an informed decision.

Event page:

#vegan #vegandiet #plantpower #plantbasedfood #vegetarian #veganmauritius #vanillavillage #vanillavegan #veganuary #tastyvegan #veganrestaurant #veganevents #sustainableliving #climatecrisis #consciousliving

More events with Heather at

Tel: +230 57772276


Join us for a rejuvenating morning with a silent walk in nature, yoga, and breakfast.

**Forest Walk in Silence, Yoga & Breakfast Package**

*Friday February 26th*

- Walk: 6:30 - 7.30 am (optional)
- Yoga: 7.30 - 8.30 am
- Breakfast: 8.30 am

Teacher: Heather Drummond
Price: Rs 900 per person
Register now: +230 5777 2276

Join us for a wonderful morning of health and wellness. We will start with a short walk in nature, in silence, you can go at your own pace and as far as you like. Being in silence allows you to really take in the sounds of the birds, the ocean, the wind.

You can either park at the Tamarina Boutique Hotel or the Tamarin Public beach and cross the small river.

Friday, February 26thill enjoy a 1-hour session of yoga at the Tamarina Boutique Hotel overlooking the sea. This yoga session will suit all levels and will include 20 minutes of breathwork and a lovely meditation at the end, it's not too strenuous and you can go at your own pace. We will also enjoy some wonderful yogi knowledge.

This will all be followed by a healthy vegetarian breakfast provided by the hotel. If you would like to book spa treatments you can also do that directly with the hotel. Hope to see you there!

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Photos from Ecoshe's post 11/01/2021

#Maven: A Clothing Brand for Conscious and Classy Women

Here is something that all women can relate to. You have something in your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore. Maybe it looked good in the store, but you don’t like it anymore. Or, it doesn’t fit you like it used to. Or, you bought it on impulse because it was on sale, and now you’re not sure that you want to wear it.

There are many reasons a perfectly good piece of clothing item stays ignored in your wardrobe. You might tell yourself you’re going to wear it, eventually. But you know you’re not. You’re not the only one with this problem, as Teri and Jane will tell you.

Sustainable Style Solutions
Teri and Jane are friends that have a “shared love of fashion, great style and helping Mother Earth”. They blended these passions together, and Maven was born.

Maven is a sustainable clothing brand. The idea behind it is so simple, it’s brilliant. Maven will take out the beautiful, unwanted items from the confines of your wardrobe. They will curate them. And then, sell or donate them to new owners that love them.

Conscious Consumerism
An average of 50% of items in wardrobes never get worn. A good percentage of your clothing items are just taking up space both in your wardrobe and your mind. Decluttering your wardrobe will not just free up physical space and headspace, but also help the planet.

If you’re wondering how, here is the answer from Maven. If you buy one item second-hand, that is one less item purchased new. And one less item made. If one million women buy a second-hand item instead of a new one, about 6 million kg of carbon emission can be avoided. Along with tons of water and energy saved.

Maven is also transparent about the source of their clothes. At their core, Maven wants people to become conscious of their choices as consumers. And provide a platform where consumers can be mindful of ethics, sustainability, and fashion.

For Women by Women
Currently, Maven’s collection is focused on women. Maven helps women declutter their wardrobe. They will do a wardrobe audit for you and suggest new looks. You can sell or donate your clothing items, and buy new outfits from their online store.

Maven streamlines the process by providing cash upfront or credits to buy items from the Maven collection.
Maven also supports the Clothing Bank which helps South Africans, women in particular, become financially and socially independent.

Teri and Jane believe that every piece of clothing has a story behind it. And they love hearing them from Mavenites. Maven celebrates women, sustainability, and affordable style.

If you are in South Africa, support this wonderful initiative. If not find something similar nearby or start your own! Contact them, who knows maybe you can start a Maven near you.

Sustainable Living

Ecoshe is a community of people who care about their health, the environment, animals and living sustainably. A place for those who would potentially invest in or help build a residential community living these ideals in a sanctuary together.

We are based in Mauritius but our message is global.

We will soon be inviting people to show interest in these ‘Residential Communities’, anything from a 5* hotel in Mauritius to a community in the high density suburbs. Our living standards will be the same, a meeting of minds, of conscious consumers.

Videos (show all)

Vanilla Vegan Restaurant opening in Black River
Maven Sustainable Style
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JUNE 21 - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGAStart your Sri Sri Yoga journey with Heather Drummond on this International Day of Yo...
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Online Yoga Course with Heather on Zoom: Sign up now!
Happy Mother's Day from Ecoshe - Teaser
Ecoshe will soon be having an online course 'Yoga & Sustainable Living', Duration: 15 hours. Fill this form to get 75% d...
10 Yoga Sessions on our YouTube Channel



Sri Sri Yoga, Breath-work& Meditation
Dear River Book on Spirituality
Education Talks on living sustainably
Food workshops towards a plant based diet

Support our projects:

Via JUICE to: 57747741
Via Transfer to MCB Account: 000442590539


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Avenue Des Dauphins, Morcellement Saltpans, Carlos
Tamarin, 90910

Established in 2007, Telfair International Primary School is a private co-educational school situated in Tamarin, Mauritius. We incorporate the National British Curriculum to offer a quality internationally recognized education.

Brainiacs Studio Brainiacs Studio
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Brainiacs Studio runs after school and holiday creative writing workshops for children. Using a fun, gentle approach, children are helped to find their creativity, develop their confidence and believe in their own writing abilities.

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Ti'petons est une crèche/garderie, située à Rivière Noire , Ile Maurice, qui accueille les enfants de 3 mois a 3 ans.

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Tiny Tots is bilingual and delivers holistic, quality babycare & preschool education in Tamarin, Mauritius. Tiny Tots offre un programme bilingue, holistique et progressif, ainsi que des services de qualité pour les bébés & enfants d'age préscolaire.

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