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It's great to see one of our ex city college student making a huge pace of being an enterprise person, new opening of 'RK fruit and salad' at Riche Terre Mall. Say hello to him with a visit and encourage him by sharing this post and of course eating his yummy salads 💯❤️

It's great to see one of our ex city college student making a huge pace of being an enterprise person, new opening of 'RK fruit and salad' at Riche Terre Mall. Say hello to him with a visit and encourage him by sharing this post and of course eating his yummy salads 💯❤️


Good luck for tomorrow :)


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Colonel DUDU Fils Inspiration

Be good like him :p
School resuming on Monday :)
Wish you all good luck, be dedicated, work hard and be consistant in your studies :)

Le petit prince👑 est vraiment exigeant.


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Inspired learning; the best in everyone! 14/11/2017

Elle avait 11 ans en 2009, lorsqu’elle a eu le pied écrasé par un autobus : La nouvelle vie de Yeshna Huloomann après une amputation Elle a grandi. Elle a également mûri par la force des événements qui se sont succédé dans sa vie.


Happy Teacher's Day


Another lost: Aurélie Manoula, RIP :(
Let us remember her in our prayers...


Abhishek Purlackee
Only in death will we have our own names since only in death are we no longer part of the effort. In death we become heroes. There is nothing certain in a man's life but that he must lose it. You were a nice student, a humble person, a true friend, a good son and today you are gone leaving 'us all' with souvenirs and memories only! Rest in peace :(


City College Football Team
Labourdonnais College Home - City College Away.

[04/26/16]   MODULE - 2
Trial Balance and Computers
Bank Reconciliation Statement
You operate a bank account in which you deposit money and withdraw
money from time to time.
You maintain a record with yourself of these
deposits and withdrawals. One day you get your pass-book (statement
issued by the bank) updated but are surprised to find that the balance shown
by the pass book was different from what it should have been as per your
records. What will you do in this case? It is obvious that you will compare
the two sets of records and find out items which are recorded in one but
not in the other
. Similar situation may arise in case of a business concern
which operates a bank account. These business concerns maintain record
of all of their banking transactions in their bank column of the cash book.
On any particular date the bank balance shown by the bank column cash
book and that shown by the pass book should be the same. But if there is difference between the two, the business concern will find out the reasons
to reconcile the balance. In this lesson you will learn about reasons for difference and prepare the reconciliation statement called Bank Reconciliation
After studying this lesson, you will be able to:l
state the meaning and need of Bank Reconciliation Statement;explain the reasons for difference between the balances of Cash Book
and Pass Book;l
prepare the Bank Reconciliation Statement 03/03/2016

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[01/21/16]   All students are kindly requested to collect their respective Cambridge codes for the upcoming HSC online results as from tomorrow! Good luck.

[12/02/15]   Results: Form2- Form4 and Lower: Hope it's positive :) Good Luck

[10/05/15]   Top Ten Punctuation Tips

1. Use apostrophes correctly

Maybe it’s because of its diminutive size, but the apostrophe tends to be neglected and misused in equal measure.

The apostrophe is used to form possessives (e.g., the school’s faculty, our family’s crest, the shirt’s collar, Bill Thomas’s house) and certain contractions (e.g., it’s, let’s, she’s, they’re, I’ve, don’t).

The apostrophe is not used to form most plurals (e.g., she is looking at several schools, the families have similar crests, these shirts are on sale, we are dining with the Thomases). There are three exceptions: plurals of lowercase letters (e.g., dot your i’s and cross your t’s); plurals of certain words used as words (e.g., we need to tally the yes’s, no’s, and maybe’s); and plurals of certain abbreviations (e.g., the staff includes a dozen Ph.D.’s and four M.D.’s).

2. Know where to place quotation marks

Periods and commas go inside quotation marks, even if they aren’t part of the material being quoted. All other punctuation marks go outside the quotation marks, unless they are part of the material being quoted.

“Any further delay,” she said, “would result in a lawsuit.”

His latest story is titled “The Beginning of the End”; wouldn't a better title be “The End of the Beginning”?

3. Know how to punctuate with parentheses

When a parenthetical element is included at the end of a larger sentence, the terminal punctuation for the larger sentence goes outside the closing parenthesis.

When a parenthetical sentence exists on its own, the terminal punctuation goes inside the closing parenthesis.

She nonchalantly told us she would be spending her birthday in Venice (Italy, not California). (Unfortunately, we weren’t invited.)

4. Use a hyphen for compound adjectives

When two or more words collectively serve as an adjective before the word they are modifying, those words should normally be hyphenated. The major exception is when the first such word is an adverb ending in -ly.

The hastily arranged meeting came on the heels of less-than-stellar earnings.

5. Distinguish between the colon and the semicolon

The colon and the semicolon can both be used to connect two independent clauses.

When the second clause expands on or explains the first, use a colon. When the clauses are merely related, but the second does not follow from the first, use a semicolon.

Semicolon: Only a third of Americans have a passport; the majority of Canadians have a passport.

Colon: Only a third of Americans have a passport: for most, foreign travel is either undesirable or unaffordable.

6. Avoid multiple punctuation at the end of a sentence

Never end a sentence with a question mark or exclamation point followed by a period. If a sentence ends with a period that is part of an abbreviation, do not add a second period.

I don’t particularly like the play Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I didn’t like it even when I worked at Yahoo! I especially didn’t like it when I saw it at 5:00 a.m.

7. Use a colon to introduce a list only when the introductory text is a complete sentence

Not all lists should be introduced with a colon. The general rule is that if the introductory text can stand as a grammatically complete sentence, use a colon; otherwise, do not.

Correct: Please bring the following items: a flashlight, a comfortable pair of hiking boots, and a jacket.

Incorrect: Please bring: a flashlight, a comfortable pair of hiking boots, and a jacket.

Correct: Please bring a flashlight, a comfortable pair of hiking boots, and a jacket.

Correct: Please bring the typical evening hiking gear: a flashlight, a comfortable pair of hiking boots, and a jacket.

8. Use commas to indicate nonessential information

If explanatory matter can be omitted without changing the general meaning of the sentence, it should be set off with commas. If the explanatory matter is essential to the meaning of the sentence, do not set it off with commas.

Correct: The novelist Don DeLillo seldom gives interviews.

Incorrect: The novelist, Don DeLillo, seldom gives interviews.

Explanation: The identity of the specific novelist is essential to the meaning of the sentence. Otherwise, there is nothing to indicate which of the multitude of novelists is being referred to.

Correct: America’s first president, George Washington, served from 1789 to 1797.

Incorrect: America’s first president George Washington served from 1789 to 1797.

Explanation: America has only one first president. Identifying him by name is not essential to the meaning of the sentence.

9. Use a dictionary

Is it U.S.A. or USA? Co-worker or coworker? Lets or let’s? Teachers’ college or teachers college? Though these examples implicate punctuation marks (the use or omission of periods, hyphens, or apostrophes), the correct form can be easily determined with a good dictionary.

10. If in doubt, rewrite

The easiest way to solve a vexing punctuation problem is to avoid it. If you aren’t sure how to properly punctuate a sentence—or if the proper punctuation results in a convoluted, confusing, or inelegant sentence—rewrite it. Perhaps as more than one sentence.

[10/05/15]   ENGLISH PAPER (Good luck)
Writing Paper
Section 1

Read the question carefully to understand the situation, task and content points.

Always follow the format in the question. If no format is given, then you should follow the format prescribed by your teacher.

Develop the 03 contents in equal detail, whenever possible.

Write 4 – 5 paragraphs in your letter/report/speech/article/account.

Write a proper beginning and ending sentence.

The word limit is 200 – 300 words. You should write around 250 words at least.
Use formal language in all directed writing tasks, except Informal letter.

Always plan your response before you start writing. You can divide the examination time in the following way:
1. Planning your response: 3/4 minutes.
2. Writing : 22 – 24 minutes.
3. Editing: 3 – 4 minutes.

Section 2
Read all the given topics at least twice, before choosing the topic you want to respond to.

Choose the topic according to your strengths and preparation, and whether you have enough ideas to write between 350 – 500 words.
Avoid writing an argumentative essay, unless you have thoroughly practiced this type of writing.

Plan before you start wiring and always recheck your work before you hand it in. You can divide the examination time in the following way:
1. Planning your response: 7/8 minutes.
2. Writing: 45 minutes.
3. Editing: 5 – 6 minutes.

Descriptive and Argumentative essays should have a proper introduction (1 paragraph), a detailed body (3 – 6 paragraphs) and a logical conclusion (1 paragraph).

Stories should have an engaging opening, with an intriguing middle to sustain readers’ interest and a logical ending to bring a proper resolution to the plot.

Use similes, metaphors and effective descriptive words to create verbal pictures in a descriptive essay.

Keep your stories believable and realistic. Use flashback, dialogues and description of setting to make your narrative composition engaging for the reader.

Avoid writing stories which end up as a ‘bad dream.’ Avoid copying the plots from popular movies you have watched. Also refrain from showing violence, racism or glorifying crime in your stories.

Editing your essay is immensely important before handing it in. You should know what your common errors in grammar,punctuation and spelling are.

Also keep an eye out for commonly committed slips in English writing: its/it’s, there/their, ‘i’ instead of ‘I’, use of articles (a, an and the), subject-verb agreement (He don’t/doesn’t etc), run-on sentences etc.

Don’t try to use ambitious vocabulary unless you are sure about its meaning and use. Using a simple word correctly is going to gain you more marks than using an unfamiliar word incorrectly, while trying to impress the examiner.


Courage pour demain -_-


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The most painful Goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained, she left too early,Graziella L'amour Beeharry, RIP, She forms part of City College! May God give patience to her family...


Timeline Photos


Let us be happy, life is too short for complains, Live your life as if there is no tomorrow. . .

Who knows, what is awaiting for us next. . . SMILE :)


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[11/13/14]   I am sad, academic school year is over, I will be missing all my sweet students..Enjoy your holidays, time to relax..Good luck to those who will go for oral exams! Bizou and love :)

[11/08/14]   Last week for exams, Good luck ahead guys, do your best for the remaining papers. . .


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[11/06/14]   Hey guys, welcome here, go ahead..Share this page with everyone..The best way where teachers and students shall be together..

OUTING with students Year 2013 06/11/2014

Smile, peace and togetherness

Smile, peace and togetherness


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