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Our international school welcomes all parents who wish for a life long learning path without institutional or economic constraints for their children.

ZUKA Partners is a Mauritian based domestic limited company with the mission to improve the contemporary Mauritian pre-primary and primary educational sectors. We are owner operated. Our principles guide us to act far-sightedly, to convey strong values. We work with people that understand the importance of sustainability and social economic relationships.

Operating as usual

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Finally we are back at school! Thank you so much to all our families for their hard work and dedication during home schooling time. Especially for our pre-primary section it has been a real challenge and we are so glad to have you all back. #mauritius #learnercentered #backtoschool #internationschool


Yesterday we had the honour to host the Cleft Care Mauritius open day in our school. The association is making sure that Cleft palate surgeries are taken care of professionally by providing proper expertise and funding for affected children. #everysmilehasastory


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We are Saint Exupéry International School!


See you all after the holidays!


Our headmistress Mélanie interviewed by RMC France 23/09/2020


Join the Creative Bravery Festival. Participate online and shape the future of education with us! Join the festival of learning, celebrating acts of bravery that can help transform and rethink the way we educate. From 21st – 27th September, events, workshops, talks and useful resources will fill this space and together we will reimagine education. #CreativeBravery


L'école Saint Exupéry, aux côtés des élèves, au niveau de la pédagogie et du lien relationnel.

Even if we are not able to have you at our school we like to keep in touch. Remote teaching is our new challenge and we are receiving messages from our little ones every day. Here is our message!


We are Saint Exupéry International School!


SEIS is proud to announce an official partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. We are committing to plant 10 new trees per registered child at their Madagascar sites helping nature to rebuild and people to find jobs and purpose. More info on


We wish our families and friends glorious holidays!


SEIS is planting trees for saving lives in Madagascar. Stay tuned to hear more about our new project partner. Coming soon!


The power of youth. There are all kinds of different opinions about how things could and should be done in this world. For a young person growing up in an aging society it can be a challenge to speak up. As educators it is our duty to enable our young ones to receive the knowledge, skills and tools to participate in result driven debates and discussions. Enabling children to act responsibly and to make their own decisions. Their way in becoming independent citizens is full of boundaries, challenges, surprise and change. Making the world a better place starts here and now.

Greta Thunberg is TIME's 2019 Person of the Year

2019 10/12/2019



How did your math lessons go at school?



These seed-firing drones are helping to restore forests on an incredible scale!

By using drones to reach diverse and remote landscapes, this tech company is working to accelerate global restoration efforts by planting thousands of trees every day.

Could innovative ideas like this help re-green our planet?

#ShareOurPlanet @WorldEconomicForum #VoiceForThePlanet


Imagine an Alexander von Humboldt wouldn't have had the chance to explore and discover when he was a boy... We certainly can't let that happen.



Welcomed some curious minds from Antoine de Saint Exupéry International School Mauritius today! With the help of some new tools, we journeyed into the hidden universe of the microscopic world and explored beyond what our eyes could see.



We are proud of Farmcity and their latest initiative to transform the islands way of education in agriculture and socioeconomics. A way to help our communities to make a real difference. Come and let us all join.

A closer look inside Farmcity and our current GlobalGiving project, supported by a global community of friends, for 150 junior youths in Mauritius. This is Chapter 1 of a 3-part program, and your support will enable us to continue our work with them. [Link to support]


Blue sky and plenty of discovery at our school excursion.


Last call for our upcoming term. Contact us now to register your child.


Mechanics, puzzles, word and number games. Our brain commands and our hands connect. Or the other way around?




Well done guys

Today we concluded Chapter 1 of our Agripreneurship Program, with our 6th and final group who joined us from Cottage, Goodlands and L’Amitié. We were greatly impressed by their eagerness to learn more about entrepreneurship, and their curiosity about how a social enterprise model works financially. Our deepest gratitude to our global supporters and the volunteers who came out to help, your generous support was invaluable in making this a success with junior youths across the North of Mauritius.


School visit from one of the only organic Cocoa makers on the island. They were showing us what delicious things can be done out of the Cocoa bean. Meet our own Cocoa nursery and thank you to our friends from Kakao Ti Gerard


L'épuisement du phosphore: Le Phosphore confronte l’humanité à de nouveaux défis.

Comment relancer le travail des petits agriculteurs ? Trouver des solutions fait partie de la nature humaine.

Le Phosphore, cet élément essentiel à la vie, confronte l’humanité à de nouveaux défis. Pour l’instant, il reste assez de Phosphore et suffisamment de temps ...


Photos from Antoine de Saint Exupéry International School Mauritius's post


Following the artwork of Yves Klein

[11/22/19]   Imperfect action is better
than perfect inaction


Our cooking courses for children are in great demand and offer a lot of fun. Part of the program is to harvest fresh ingredients from our organic school garden.


SEIS, partnered with Barnes International offer you the Mauritius Buyers Guide - 30/10/2019

Learning is a Lifelong Game Where the Score Doesn't Matter - Education Reimagined

Learning is a life-long game “The score never interested me, only the game.” - We encourage our people to follow this motto everyday. Worth a read to understand why playing matters so much and should never be underestimated. What can we do to show young people that learning is a game where the score does not matter? Elliot Washor explores this topic through the lens of gaming.


Great support from our friends Alain and Heike to build this wonderful SEIS road sign. Soon holidays are over. Looking forward to see you all back at school! 22/10/2019

Burn-out des enfants : quand les petits s'effondrent

Respectons le rythme des enfants ! Soumis à la pression parentale et aux exigences scolaires, les enfants sont de plus en plus nombreux à craquer et à faire un véritable burn-out. Parfois dès la maternelle. Enquête.

[09/24/19]   We've found it disturbing to see other schools turn away from education in nature and science. So we've created our own!

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How did your math lessons go at school?
Blue sky and plenty of discovery at our school excursion.
SEIS on interview in German-speaking #muxxtv #internationalschool #mauritius #expatlife #germansabroat
Meet one of our school hens. Introducing "Poulette".



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