I work with individuals, groups and businesses and provide services for workshops, lessons, events, and commissions. I offer art experiences in drawing fundamentals ,painting, digital arts and mixed media.

My course work is ideal for beginer to intermediate artists. I share information about the art industry and give regular tips on how to build your business around your art.

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Photos from David Lagesse's post 24/02/2021

Photos from David Lagesse's post


David Lagesse

Hello, friends of Facebook. I invite you into the world of dragons and storytelling with my latest post all about character development and illustration.
*Discover how characters are designed.
*Learn about the terms & components of storytelling.
*Get real feedback about the frustrations and challenges.
*See first hand how drawings evolve to finished art.
*You too can be a concept artist.
Do you have a story to tell? Why not share it with me and let's discover the process together.
#learnhowtodraw @followyourartjourney


David Lagesse

Well, it has now been 1 month since we have all been in self-confinement. With the uncertainties of future business activities for some it is a time of reflection and for others a time to act.

After 4 years of running my studio "artlab" I have taken the decision to vacate my physical space in favor of creating an online learning platform. I invite you to like and follow my new page dedicated to tutorials and tips all about drawing and visual arts.

I am currently in the process of setting up a virtual lab to start sharing with you video-based tutorials and articles all about my journey as an artist. Stay tuned in to get the link to my U-Tube channel soon. Let's unpack the myth of drawing together.

#learnhowtodraw @followyourartjourney

What if you could have the tools to learn how to draw anything!

Join me on a journey into the fundamentals of drawing. Take the 36-hour challenge and follow my user-friendly approach to understanding everything you need to know to draw whatever you desire. Time to unpack the myth of drawing.

#learnhowtodraw @followyourartjourney 11/03/2020

Turn your art into a business | Art journal David Lagesse

I have updated this post with additional information relating to some business and marketing strategies if you are interested to boost sales and get your work out to potential buyers.

One of my interests is to understand how artists can relate more to a business context when dealing with promoting their activities. It is not our natural tendency as artists, however essential to moving forward in this economy.

Sometimes getting more business means adapting to your collaborators and clients. Putting a few of these ideas and tips into action can be the catalyst for the change you are looking for. Do you want to learn how to turn your art into a business? How can you make it easier for your customers to consume your art? 11/03/2020

Art composition tips for beginners | Art journal David Lagesse Follow these art composition tips for beginners and set your next artwork up for a professional and successful outcome for your viewers. 18/02/2020

Imagination vs Reference drawing | Artistic encounters with David Lagesse The great debate of drawing from imagination vs reference drawing is one that comes up a lot, especially with new and emerging artists. 27/01/2020

Artistic encounters with David Lagesse | Discover my latest artistic projects, art tips and services. I am an art enthusiast, practicing traditional and digital art with interests to travel and discover new adventures.

Please be advised that the artlab website has been redirected to the following address. Discover my latest artistic projects, art tips and services. I am an art enthusiast, practicing traditional and digital art with interests to travel and discover new adventures.


Artlab's cover photo 15/01/2020

Drawing Fundamentals: Weeks 1 & 2 | ARTLAB Mauritius

Drawing fundamentals broken down into a compact 2 week program designed to prepare students for more complex artistic processes. Understanding the importance of basic shapes, perspective and gesture drawing can unlock many problems people face when attempting to make a drawing. #learntodraw with #davidlagesse

this course is already booked but you can follow our weekly posts to try some techniques at home. In weeks 1&2 you will discover the six stages to understanding the fundamentals of drawing. Easy to follow exercises to build confidence. 20/12/2019

Team Focus Art Workshops will boost your creativity | ARTLAB Mauritius

Have you considered introducing art into your workplace in 2020. Why not expose your employees and clients to a creative team focused workshop. it's fun, relaxing, entertainig and rewarding. Anyone can take part and feel inspired.

Workshops include coaching tips and creative support. Team Focus Art Workshops can be personal and individual or social, and interactive. It is a discovery kept simple yet intriguing. 20/12/2019

Art classes for adults in Mauritius | ARTLAB Mauritius

Wednesday morning art program for 2020. Classes start on the 15th of January. Block one is the introduction to art via drawing and painting. Understanding composition and design fundamentals. Duration 12 weeks. limited to 8 places.
#anyonecanlearnhowtodraw #artinmauritius #artlabmu Art classes for adults in Mauritius are relaxing and educational. Learn the fundamentals of visual art and develop skills at your own pace.


The project place making in collaboration with La Croisettte Grand Baie Mauritius. Thank you to the management team for this opportunity. It was a pleasure working with you.
#lieudevie #artinmauritius #artlab #livelife


Some souvineers from our last Wednesday morning class for 2019. 15/12/2019

Illustrated Book: The Curse of Engan ebook

Set in Mauritius 8 million years ago, discover the mountains of Mauritius and its volcanic origins, including Saya de Malha. The Curse of Engan is an illustrated short story recognized by the President’s Fund for Creative Writing in Mauritius and expected to be published in 2020 as an illustrated paperback storybook.

We are very excited to share with you our ebook version and would like to thank everyone who has supported us during this journey. Set in Mauritius eight million years ago, the curse of Engan is a story about the challenges and fate of a dragon. (readers age 12+)


Stencil reveal from an expression session with the little artists for our last Thursday class of 2019.


Wrapping up the Lieu de vie project at la Croisette with my touch of African influence.


Stair art. Grand baie la Croisette.


Latest work in progress. a little before and during photo.


Photos from Artlab's post


Day 13 #lacroisette.


Day 9. #grandbaielacroisette


Grand Baie La Croisette

La Croisette, votre lieu de vie en mode relooking...a très bientôt ! :D

#LaCroisette #GrandBaie #PlusQunUnMall #VotreLieuDeVie


A special thank you to the Eclosia Group for the opportunity to collaborate with them during this creative workshop.
Article published by Trait d'union - Magazine du Groupe Eclosia.
#artisforeveryone #beinspired


Sofitel Mauritius L'Impérial Resort & Spa


Last week at the Sofitel Hotel in Flic en Flac 10 enthusiastic staff members from the maintenance team tackled a huge project over 3 evenings and 14 hours of painting to complete a series of murals covering 4 containers. Each one different from the other, with influences of various painting styles and artists. The evolution of each wall says a lot about the confidence acquired by each person during these past 3 days. I am thrilled to have been part of this process. With the right tools and a few techniques, any plain surface can be transformed into a work of art. Proving once again that anyone and everyone can be an artist with a little bit of motivation.
#anyonecanlearntodraw #artistsmauritius #creativeinitiatives


Live at the Sofitel. 4 containers on the agenda.


Learning how to draw is a step by step process. It helps to understand proportions, details and the overall structure of the subject you are representing.
#learnhowtodraw #artmauritius


Dive Into the minds of children and you will discover worlds never before imagined. I have selected a few drawings from this week's class because they were just too interresting not to show.

[09/20/19]   Artlab is open tomorrow from 9am to 11:30am for lessons.


Little artlab Thursday afternoons. Pretty cool spending time With the kids today and watching them develop their skills. Today was especially social with the addition of a few new students. 17/09/2019

Understanding the 3 stages of your art career. | artlab Mauritius

Our Story

I am a graduate student from Curtin University in Western Australia. I hold a degree in Contemporary Art with a major in drawing and painting. Shortly after my graduation I began working in the design and signage industry where I spent 15 years acquiring business experience as an employee and business owner in Australia and Mauritius.

My services as an artist vary from tuition, commission and consultancy. When I am not working on a specific mission, I take pleasure in experimenting with my own artistic development in the form of traditional and digital art.

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The project place making in collaboration with La Croisettte Grand Baie Mauritius. Thank you to the management team for ...
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