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agile is your leading partner -highest international qualified - providing personalized & innovative Our team members are highly educated with academic graduation, continuing international education, having huge international experiences as athletes, world champions and coaches.

We guarantee world class knowledge in Fitness, Sports science, Dietetics, Yoga, Meditation, Athletic Training, Cranio-Sacraltherapy and - most important our common sense to provide you the best for you and your fitness and health. agile - premium personal & corporate training, superior seminars & workshops, efficient further education

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Train smart, not hard! Get the best results!
Training smarter doesn’t mean training longer, adding more exercising into your week or bringing your heart rate to the max. It’s all about what kind of exercise you are doing when and how according to your goal and prerequisites. Your brain controls your 600 muscles. Unfortunately it's a bit more complicated to achieve results. Exercising in an online zoom conference in front of your laptop or pushing yourself hard in "no pain, no gain" cross fit sessions might be a way. But everybody agrees that training with an expert offline live 1:1 is fastest & healthiest solution to achieve your goals. Exploring more? We provide qualified & international experienced personal coaching customized to your needs. Limited slots available as from the 18th May. Please feel free to contact us! Stay fit & healthy!


Well done, Mauritius. Zero active Corona cases at the moment. Health should be top priority. It's a state of physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease. Are you interested to improve your health?
Our premium personal training provides a holistic proven approach. It is safe & easy at your home - of course we guarantee the highest level of hygiene standards. Book now a free consultation. Stay healthy!


Stay healthy! In this difficult time with plenty of uncertainties, one thing has more than ever top priority: Your fitness & health. The easiest way is to focus on the things you can control. There are a lot! Interested in more? We provide tailor made solutions only for you - specialized to ensure your best fitness & health. Please feel free to drop us a line.


We are lucky to spend most of the time outdoor. Exercising without shoes is just awesome, even indoor. Our interns Lena and Oli exploring some partner exercises. Looks like Lena is the living landmine...;))
Bytheway: Who knows this beautiful place?


What is functional training? "Functional' is overused nowadays, not only in fitness. Does Improving mobility barefoot outdoor at 28 C 'functional make sense? What do you think?


Personaltraining is much more than exercising 2x week. Feeling fit and healthy is a lifestyle, far beyond the gym with latest fancy machines and exercises. Riding on a horse in the sea on a wednesday is good...


What an awesome place to get your energy back. Recovery is one essential pillar for fitness and health. Have you already been here?


Everybody has more than 600 #muscles. A morning Muay Thai #personaltraining is a perfect & #smart way to use them all. Even better if you can do it at your #home #outdoor with the world champion Ranini Cundasawmy 's Bio


Living in paradise has a lot of advantages. Visits from friends from all over the world is an important one. Christina from Germany shows us a multiplane movement with our customized fitness toy: 20L waterbottles attached at a windsurfmast. We love it.


We love surfing. Wind-,kite-, paddle-. This is a great way to improve stability and coordination with fun.


100% organic. Can you eat & drink your fitness tools?


Personaltraining sunset session. Body & soul. Can you hear the waves?


Functional family fitness. Spending time & having fun with the family at the beach. Probably the best you can do for your health (&fitness).


Morning sesh. Hiking this mountain, freestylefitness with view. Am not quite sure, if internetaccess in the middle of nowhere is an advantage...


Outdoor, barefoot under a palmtree at the beach. Is there any better place for a personal training?


One of our clients is a semi-professional athlete. His first time on SUP doing some bodyweight exercises.


Our home (- 'gym') & playground.


It's all about sharing passion. Our team mates having fun with this full body and soul workout incl xtra dose of vitamin D.


Sunset at our "gym". We love it.


Surfing the big waves 😋


Morning session. How did you start your weekend?


Real world functional fitness

Athletic training with worldclass kiteboarder Louka Eole Pitot in his backyard "gym". Real world functional training with fun for outstanding performance and prevention of injuries. CORE Kiteboarding Red Bull Airswitch Kitesurfing Mauritius Oliver Zaenkert


Mauritius Parkour and Free Running Team - Impulsion

Contact Gireesh Kumar Mahaveersing Rene Louis Axel for more details.........
Nandini Rms Dwain John Nile Enzo Curtis Olivier Quetel Gopal Olivier Joalan-steven Chedumbrun Andy Lee Sarah Lee Dhonovan Modeste Alvinio Fidelle Damien Bazile Brandon Onil Tanya Cn Drackk FOu Arbaaz Ezio Auditore Jadaav Haradhun Irfaan Luckhoo Tosh*ta Parmeshwaree Mohabeer Shika Dindoyal Shiva Le Rider Pick Dish Nitin MysticSoul Olivier Nagapene Amber Korimdun



We are looking for a Yoga Instructor in Le Morne.
For any further information please feel free to click here:


Do you want it all? Core booster incl. abs, obliques, quads, upper back, shoulder, pecs, lat & and all the rest of your 600 muscles...Train smart, less time, better results...


LUX* Le Morne

“Most people spend their entire lives on a fantasy island called ‘Someday I’ll'."— Denis Waitley

What about you?
#dreamholidays #beautifuldestinations


Yes, true, we prefer exercising outdoor in nature. Just have a look at our videos. But sometimes a gym is a perfect place, esp. Very nice ones like here... Shanti Maurice
#personaltraining #kettlebell #fitness #needacoldbeer


Surfer-Knee-Exercises that really work

Fitness outside the box that really works. Because everybody is unique.
Problem: Severe knee injury (Tear of ACL and medial meniscus).
Solution: No surgery. Knee-Rehab focusing on efficiency, motivation, fun.
Results: faster recovery, better core and knee stability, improved movement patterns.
agile - premium personal training


Nice training session with you guys. Core is essentiel - even better when your glutes and quads are firing too. Kitesurf world champion Louka and his friends in their gym.


Beach Gym

Power. Strength. Stability.Outdoor. The functional way. When 2 Personal Trainers are playing around at their gym.Do you want to join us?
agile - Extraordinary Personal Training


single-hand-sliding-plank with fun...great bodycontrol from Willow-River Shakes Tonkin


📸 : Taylor Holl

CORE Kiteboarding | Kiteboarding Tricktionary


The next level.

Integrating your whole body to functional movements is the secret of weightloss and to gain muscles in a healthy way. Just combine elements of Yoga, Pilates, Functional Fitness & Martial Arts in a movement flow, choosing your very own style, rythm and individual breathing.
Can you do that in a group class, too?
agile - qualified personal fitness and health training


Vitamin Sea Ltd Mauritius

Very excited to share this NEW video of a dolphin swimming session that we had last week 🐬🌞🌊

Perfect weather conditions, great spot, the spinners were very receptive, playful & communicative (turn sound ON 🔉).
We were in perfect communion with them in THEIR element 💧

Share our passion by sharing the video! Show everybody the beauty of OUR island 🌴 #mauritius #proud #vitaminsea #local #nature #passion


Yoga goes kite

Your choice.
Fitness isn't just about exercising in a gym. It is about feeling good, pampering body & soul.
Yoga or Kite?
agile - extraordinary personal training.


Saturday at sunset in Mauritius with one of our Personal Trainers: Vriksasana.- yes, we know, a bit overused and clichéd, but still awesome...;)))
agile - premium personal training

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We love surfing. Wind-,kite-, paddle-. This is a great way to improve stability and coordination with fun.
One of our clients is a semi-professional athlete. His first time on SUP doing some bodyweight exercises.
we love mauritian gyms
Real world functional fitness
Surfer-Knee-Exercises that really work
Beach Gym
The next level.
Yoga goes kite
coconut fitness
the most professional way
Sunset Swim Session
Lightsword Movement preparation





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