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Pegasus ELS offers classes of English as a Foreign Language to young learners and adults. We promote the use of digital technology in the classroom to help students develop both their English language and digital skills.

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💫It's an End-of-School-Year fun time! 💫

This year we are continuing the tradition of organizing the 💥Pegasus Loves Kahoot!💥 online contest for all our students who are our true digital heroes, and who have remained a part of this magical adventure throughout this difficult school year.

We wish all our students a safe and happy summer!

💫It's an End-of-School-Year fun time! 💫

This year we are continuing the tradition of organizing the 💥Pegasus Loves Kahoot!💥 online contest for all our students who are our true digital heroes, and who have remained a part of this magical adventure throughout this difficult school year.

We wish all our students a safe and happy summer!


The first ONLINE BIRTHDAY PARTY organized by Pegasus ELS.

Happy birthday to Vasilij!

Wishing you all the best.

The first ONLINE BIRTHDAY PARTY organized by Pegasus ELS.

Happy birthday to Vasilij!

Wishing you all the best.

Photos from Pegasus ELS's post 09/03/2021

As a response to the challenges imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic, Pegasus ELS together with the EU Institute - Skopje implemented a series of training sessions within the program Digital Literacy for Adults, aiming at developing the most required digital skills primarily for educators in order to enable them to improve their performance during distance learning.


Pegasus ELS is celebrating International Women's Day 2021

#internationalwomensday2021 #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge #PegasusELS

Pegasus ELS is celebrating International Women's Day 2021

#internationalwomensday2021 #IWD2021 #ChooseToChallenge #PegasusELS


Who run this world?

Pegasus ELS is celebrating International Women's Day!

You are all amazing in your own way! Be true to yourself! Be the power this world needs!


Dear students,

We hope you enjoyed your winter break and had a good rest!

It’s been a fun holiday season with lots to do, but the new semester is starting, so good luck to you!

Pegasus ELS is ready to welcome you with cheer, and lots of fun stuff to do till the end of the school year!

Dear students,

We hope you enjoyed your winter break and had a good rest!

It’s been a fun holiday season with lots to do, but the new semester is starting, so good luck to you!

Pegasus ELS is ready to welcome you with cheer, and lots of fun stuff to do till the end of the school year!


What a year! The Pegasus ELS team would like to thank all our students and supporters for being part of our amazing experience this year!

This certainly was the most unusual year ever, and despite all the hard times, we learned how important it is to be together, in the classroom or online.

Here's to better times ahead for everyone. Stay healthy and safe in 2021.

Happy holidays from the Pegasus ELS team. 24/12/2020

Pegasus ELS Christmas Video Card

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021

...from the Pegasus ELS team... Pegasus ELS 2020 Highlights


Give yourself a happiness check up with our 2021 Action for Happiness calendar.

Despite all the fears, 2020 was still a year full of joy and cheer.

Let us remember the good things, forget all the bad things, and hope for the best in the year to come.

Pegasus ELS wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Pegasus ELS's cover photo


Pegasus ELS Christmas Logo (all credits to Nenad Hristoski)



How We Stole Christmas from the Grinch!




Skills Development:
- Writing Skills
- Speech Delivery
- Digital Skills
- Creative Design Skills

The INTERACTIVE POSTERS presented on this Padlet were designed by students of EFL at Pegasus ELS as part of a multimedia school project.

Students were invited to prepare nomination speeches for people that inspire them, and then record them, upload them on the web, and promote them via the QR codes and the posters they designed.

Scan the QR Codes to listen to the nomination speeches delivered by our students and vote for those that inspired you most!




In this VR tour, you will explore the ancient Mayan legacy and 'visit' some of the most amazing Mayan sites with a 360-degree view of some fascinating landmarks in Chichen Itza and Tikal.

Scan the QR code to register for this online adventure!

Enjoy the journey!

#escaperoom #vrtour #mayans #chichenitza #tikal #mayancivilization #pegasusels


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Culture Corner - Halloween 2020

Halloween is mostly celebrated in Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. However, it is also a big festival in the United States and Canada because emigrants from Celtic-speaking countries brought it to these countries.

Halloween has pagan roots and was originally a pagan festival. Celts saw 31 October as the day marking the gateway between this world and the next world, when they believed spirits could enter the human world and do harm. The Celts would then put out the fires in their houses, put on masks in order the scare away the evil spirits.

Later on, the Christian Church, in an attempt to replace this pagan tradition, introduced All Saint's Day to be venerated on the 1st November, and the eve before this day became known as All Hallow's Eve, which later grew into Halloween.

The Celtic emigrants brought their traditions to the USA, where they mixed with the traditions of other people who celebrated All Saint's Day, which is how Halloween slowly became one of the most popular holidays for children.

Every year, Pegasus ELS organizes a series of fun activities, and events for Halloween.

This year, although we were not able to get together in our classrooms, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we managed to get together online, and had the best Halloween parties ever.

Life is not fair, without a good scare!

We all have to keep the spirits high, and laugh our fears away!

That's what Halloween is all about! It's simply spook-tacular!

Happy Halloween!


This year we celebrated Halloween online! With our face-masks on! 😷

Due to the pandemic, we had to celebrate it online, but we managed to keep the spirits high, and had some amazing virtual explorations this Halloween.

We had a VR Tour of the notorious Villisca Axe Murder house, and we explored the ancient Egyptian tombs, where mummies were made. We also played a lot of spooky games with the Addams Family, and we even managed to escape their Mystery Mansion.

What a party! Happy Halloween everyone! 🎃👻

Promoting the culture of the English-speaking world.

Promoting the culture of the English-speaking world. 01/11/2020

Promoting the culture of the English-speaking world.


Pegasus ELS Halloween Logo


Pegasus ELS's cover photo 27/10/2020

Promoting LOL - Link Online Learners

LOL - Link Online Learners

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a group of educators decided to start hosting a series of weekly live link-ups between young people of different cultures from all around the world.

The idea was to give young people an opportunity to exchange ideas, interact, collaborate, and develop authentic friendships across cultures, world views, and geographical boundaries during the lockdown.

These are the kinds of quality interactions that only usually happen in once-in-a-lifetime school foreign exchange trips. With LOL, students can now experience the world from the comfort of their homes, every Tuesday in four different time slots.

The LOL team believes that empathic listening and active engagement with people from places you may never go to will help build a world that appreciates our shared humanity.

Check out the video to hear the story of one of the most active LOL participants and an amazing young actor - Marko Ristoski, who is a student at Pegasus ELS.

P.S. For those of you interested in joining the LOL sessions, please contact teacher Pero. Presenter: Marko Ristoski Production: Pegasus ELS, Macedonia


Halloween is coming! 🎃

And Pegasus ELS is ready! 👻

However, this year, we'll celebrate it from home. 😷

We wish you a festive season and a lot of online fun this Halloween!

Stay at home, drink a lot of tea, and keep the spirits high!

Happy Halloween!


EU Institute Skopje

Пегасус ЕЛС во соработка со ЕУ Институт - Скопје организира обука за возрасни слушатели на тема ОСНОВИ НА ДИГИТАЛНА ПИСМЕНОСТ.

Пријавувањето е во тек!

Уште 3 дена до одржување на првите 5 модули од вебинарот ОСНОВИ НА ДИГИТАЛНА ПИСМЕНОСТ. Регистрирајте се преку директен линк за пријава:ОСНОВИНАДИГИТАЛНАПИСМЕНОСТ
Унапредте ја својата кариера и остварете подобри резултати . Придружете се на нашите обуки.
#euinstitutskopje #pegasusels #vericapandiloska #perosardzoski #osnovinadigitalnapismenost #komunikaciskivesstini #digitalnikomunikaciskivestini


During school year 2019-2020, Pegasus ELS supported a group of enthusiastic young learners who decided to join the Global Social Leaders Global Goals Competition 2019-2020.

Their idea was to promote quality education solutions within their school environments.

Unfortunately, they could not complete all activities of their project due to the Covid-19 crisis and the schools lockdown.

However, their efforts are valued and have not passed unnoticed.

Congratulation to all the young participants and the winners of this competition.

We believe and hope their ideas can and will change the world to better!

#unsdg #globalsocialleaders #PegasusELS #education


Study English with paperless Pegasus ELS.

#onlineschool #digitalschooling #distancelearning


Back to School

#PegasusELS Student Registration is open from 31 August - 11 September 2020.


Pegasus ELS Young Learners Poster (credits to Nenad Hristoski)


Pegasus ELS Online Lessons - What Do Students Think?

Despite the many challenges, Pegasus ELS managed to set up online classes with some of the students during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

This is what they think about it!

Take a look!

P.S. Many thanks to all the students who took part in the online lessons. Your contribution has been of great value.

A short video of students recommending Pegasus ELS online classes.


✨Amazing Pegasus!✨

Another year has passed with:

⭐️ Fun Games and Activities
⭐️ Creative Workshops
⭐️ Escape Rooms
⭐️ Skype Lessons
⭐️ Online Learning
⭐️ and much more...

We are always there for you...

See you in September.

Happy Summer Holidays!


Pegasus ELS's cover photo 24/05/2020

NEW Registration: May 26 LOL Chat Session

LOL (Link Online Learners) е бесплатна виртуелна заедница на ученици од сите возрасти од целиот светот. LOL поврзува ученици од целиот свет, под надзор на едукатори. Секој вторник се одржуваат четири виртуелни сесии во времетраење од 45 минути, (учениците и едукаторите сами бираат од која сесија сакаат да бидат дел). Во секоја сесија, учениците вложуваат колку што тие сакаат. LOL има едукатори во функција на модератори од целиот свет (Македонија, Канада, САД, Велика Британија, Нигерија, Виетнам и многу други), и ученици од уште поголем број на држави: Австралија, САД, Велика Британија Нов Зеланд, Колумбија, Саудиска Арабија, Македонија, Нигерија и многу други.

Некои од најинтересните настани кои досега се случуваа во сесиите се: создавање на виртуелен бенд и снимање на првата песна, подкаст во кој разрушуваме стереотипи поврзани со различна држава секоја недела, виртуелна прошетка низ Напа во САД, како и неколку града во Виетнам и Нов Зеланд, драмски монолог, како се тренираат извиднички кучиња и многу други проекти кои што се сѐ уште во изработка.

LOL е виртуелно село во кое се вмрежуваат ученици и едукатори од целиот свет. Ние, едукаторите, работиме да им помогнеме на учениците да осмислат идеја, да ја остварат и да ја споделат со светот.

Главната и најважна мисија на LOL e да им помогне на деца од целиот свет да го осознаат целиот свет и по пат на тоа да станат погрижливи, поразбирливи и потолерантни за сите култури од светот. Освен тоа, ова е и прекрасна можност да го усовршите вашиот англиски!

Ученици, придружете ни се!
На линкот долу може да се регистрирате за некоја од следните сесии во вторник. Welcome to LOL: Link Online Learners! If you are a youth (ages 10-21) and would like to join an LOL chat session, please submit the form below. Link Online Learners is a global youth network that links youth (ages 10-21) to each other for conversations, communication, and connections. Youth from ove...


Pegasus ELS's cover photo


Teaching English Online - Demo Lesson: The Solar System

Tips and tricks on how to teach English online with #Zoom, #Edmodo, #Quizlet and other web-based learning tools...


Pegasus Craftathon - A Valentine Card

*Pegasus Craftathon - A Valentine Card*

*Pegasus Puppethon - A Fairytale Puppet Theatre*

Our Story

We promote innovation in education by enhancing the use of technology in TEFL.

Pegasus ELS is a language school situated in Tetovo, Macedonia, which specialises in promoting the English language and culture through language courses for adults and young learners, employing contemporary methodology and modern technical applications. The school works with a team of qualified teachers trained by CELTA/ESOL standards.

We help young learners develop their English language skills through the use of digital technology in the classroom.

Pegasus ELS is an institution promoting creative approaches in the informal education of young learners. Its aims are to research new models and approaches that will enable a more successful attainment of our goal: developing the participants’ communicative skills in a variety of contexts. We also help our students attain the most required life skills through language learning, focusing on creative and presentation skills, digital branding, entrepreneurship skills, and global citizenship.

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