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Copper compound as promising quantum computing unit

dlvr.it Chemists have now synthesized a molecule that can perform the function of a computing unit in a quantum computer.

sciencedaily.com 11/12/2018

Chemical engineers develop new theory to build improved nanomaterials

sciencedaily.com Researchers have developed a new theory to better predict how nanoclusters will behave when a given metal is introduced to their structure.

sciencedaily.com 11/12/2018

Did supernovae kill off large ocean animals at dawn of Pleistocene?

sciencedaily.com The effects of a supernova -- and possibly more than one -- on large ocean life like school-bus-sized Megalodon 2.6 million years ago are detailed in a new article.

sciencedaily.com 10/12/2018

Tiny droplets of early universe matter created

sciencedaily.com Researchers have created tiny droplets of the ultra-hot matter that once filled the early universe, forming three distinct shapes and sizes: circles, ellipses and triangles.

sciencedaily.com 10/12/2018

Novel laser technology for microchip-size chemical sensors

sciencedaily.com A special laser system has been developed, using two slightly different frequency combs. This allows for chemical analysis on tiny spaces -- it is a millimeter-format chemistry lab. With this new patent-pending technology, frequency combs can be created on a single chip in a very simple and robust m...

sciencedaily.com 10/12/2018

Antenna evaluation method could help boost 5G network capacity and cut costs

sciencedaily.com Researchers have developed a method for evaluating and selecting optimal antenna designs for future fifth-generation (5G) cellphones, other wireless devices and base stations.


Stress from using electronic health records is linked to physician burnout

dlvr.it Researchers have found that health information technology-related stress was most common among primary care doctors.

sciencedaily.com 09/12/2018

Write with heat, cool and then repeat with rewritable paper

sciencedaily.com Scientists have developed an easy-to-make 'rewritable' paper that can be drawn or printed on over and over again. The messages can last more than half a year, compared to other rewritable papers whose messages fade after a few days or a few months.


Paving the way for more efficient hydrogen cars

dlvr.it For hydrogen cars to become mainstream, scientists need to develop more efficient hydrogen-storage systems. Now, researchers have used metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) to set a new record for hydrogen storage capacity under normal operating conditions.

sciencedaily.com 08/12/2018

Scientists exchanged quantum information on daylight in a free-space quantum key distribution

sciencedaily.com Scientists have reported a successful free-space quantum key distribution (QKD) in daylight with the self-developed polarization encoding chip for the first time. QKD is one of the most promising secure communication technologies, which encodes information into a single-photon, the smallest measurab...

sciencedaily.com 08/12/2018

Scientists to produce anti-cancer drugs in yeast

sciencedaily.com Nature is so complex that natural molecules used for i.e. cancer treatment still can't be produced by chemical synthesis. Today, major chemical and pharmaceutical companies harvest large amounts of rare plants and seeds in order to extract valuable substances.

sciencedaily.com 08/12/2018

Molecular insights into spider silk

sciencedaily.com Spider silk belongs to the toughest fibers in nature and has astounding properties. Scientists have now discovered new molecular details of self-assembly of a spider silk fiber protein.

sciencedaily.com 07/12/2018

An exoplanet inflated like a balloon

sciencedaily.com Although helium is a rare element on Earth, it is ubiquitous in the universe. It is, after hydrogen, the main component of stars and gaseous giant planets. Despite its abundance, helium was only detected recently in the atmosphere of a gaseous giant by an international team. The team has observed fo...


Mice display altered immune system following spaceflight

dlvr.it Based on examinations of mice that had been on board the Bion-M1 biosatellite, new research demonstrates that the outer space environment impairs the production of B lymphocytes, the white blood cells responsible for antibody production. The study also shows that such adverse effects persist at leas...

sciencedaily.com 07/12/2018

Method to transfer entire 2D circuits to any smooth surface

sciencedaily.com Engineers have developed a method to transfer complete, flexible, two-dimensional circuits from their fabrication platforms to curved and other smooth surfaces. Such circuits are able to couple with near-field electromagnetic waves and offer next-generation sensing for optical fibers and other appli...


On the trail of the Higgs Boson: The elusive particle won't share all the secrets of its creation mechanism at once

dlvr.it In a quest to understand the production mechanisms for the Higgs Boson, a researcher has investigated the traces of a rare process, called ttH, in which the Higgs Boson is produced in association with a pair of elementary particles referred to as top quarks.

sciencedaily.com 06/12/2018

Pollution: New ammonia emission sources detected from space

sciencedaily.com Researchers have prepared the first global map of the distribution of atmospheric ammonia (NH3) by analyzing measurements taken by satellites between 2008 and 2016. The IASI interferometer allowed them to catalog more than 200 ammonia sources, two-thirds of which had never been identified before. Th...

sciencedaily.com 06/12/2018

COSINE-100 experiment investigates dark matter mystery

sciencedaily.com A new international experiment challenges previous claims about the detection of non-luminous dark matter.


Mathematical model offers new strategies for urban burglary prevention

dlvr.it As with most crime, the highest rates of burglary occur in urban communities. However, existing mathematical models typically examine burglaries in residential, suburban environments. In a new article, researchers present a nonlinear model of urban burglary dynamics that accounts for the deterring e...


Discovery of single material that produces white light could boost efficiency of LED bulbs

dlvr.it The equation to make the inorganic compound combines a lead-free double perovskite with sodium.

sciencedaily.com 05/12/2018

Electrochemical techniques for monitoring microbial growth demonstrated

sciencedaily.com Researchers have demonstrated the use of electrochemical techniques to monitor the growth status and energy levels of microorganisms used in biotechnology industries.


Retail outlets using telehealth pose significant privacy, policy concerns for health care

dlvr.it As retail outlets deliver health care services, including telehealth, physicians say more needs to be done to protect patient privacy, anticipate the capabilities of artificial intelligence and other rapidly advancing technologies.


To detect new odors, fruit fly brains improve on a well-known computer algorithm

dlvr.it It might seem like fruit flies would have nothing in common with computers, but new research reveals that the two identify novel information in similar ways. The work not only sheds light on an important neurobiological problem -- how organisms detect new odors -- but could also improve algorithms f...


Can predictive analytics help banks, consumers avoid overdraft issues? New study says, yes

dlvr.it In 2012, consumers paid $32 billion in overdraft fees, which represented the single largest source of revenue for banks from demand deposit accounts, while leading to significant levels of consumer dissatisfaction and attracting attention from government regulators. In a recent study, researchers ha...

sciencedaily.com 03/12/2018

Combination of space-based and ground-based telescopes reveals more than 100 exoplanets

sciencedaily.com Astronomers using a combination of ground and space based telescopes have reported more than 100 extrasolar planets (exoplanets) in only three months. These planets are quite diverse and expected to play a large role in developing the research field of exoplanets and life in the Universe.

sciencedaily.com 03/12/2018

Artificial intelligence for studying the ancient human populations of Patagonia

sciencedaily.com Researchers have used statistical techniques of automatic learning to analyze mobility patterns and technology of the hunter-gatherer groups that inhabited the Southern Cone of America, from the time they arrived about 12,000 years ago until the end of the 19th century. Big data from archaeological....


Will light be the basis for quantum computing?

dlvr.it Using a compact optical platform that exploits the quantum characteristics of light, scientists are one step closer to realizing the first powerful photonic quantum computer. The researchers revealed to have generated a particular class of quantum states - d-level cluster states, robust and powerful...

sciencedaily.com 01/12/2018

Great strides for carbon capture using earth-abundant elements as photocatalytic system

sciencedaily.com Researchers at Tokyo Tech have designed a CO2 reduction method based only on commonly occurring elements. Achieving a 57 percent overall quantum yield of CO2 reduction products, it is the highest performing system of its kind reported to date, raising prospects for cost-effective carbon capture solu...

sciencedaily.com 01/12/2018

Light triggers gold in unexpected way: Mechanism to control output of a nanoscale antenna

sciencedaily.com Researchers have discovered a fundamentally different form of light-matter interaction in their experiments with gold nanoparticles. The discovery may become useful in the development of next-generation, ultrasmall optical components for computers and antennas.


A new way to see stress -- using supercomputers: Stressed materials show asymmetric distributions in simulations on Comet and Jetstream supercomputers through XSEDE allocations

dlvr.it Supercomputer simulations show that at the atomic level, material stress doesn't behave symmetrically. Widely-used atomic stress formulae significantly underestimate stress near stress concentrators such as dislocation core, crack tip, or interface, in a material under deformation. Supercomputers si...


New research could fine-tune the gene scissors CRISPR

dlvr.it When researchers and doctors use the tool CRISPR to correct genetic errors, it may have side effects on the human genome. Now, researchers have learned how the molecular machinery behind CRISPR works and thus expect to be able to fine-tune CRISPR and remove the undesired effects.

sciencedaily.com 30/11/2018

It's not a shock: Better bandage promotes powerful healing

sciencedaily.com A new, low-cost wound dressing could dramatically speed up healing in a surprising way. The method leverages energy generated from a patient's own body motions to apply gentle electrical pulses at the site of an injury.


Revealing hidden information in sound waves

dlvr.it By essentially turning down the pitch of sound waves, engineering researchers have devised a way to unlock greater amounts of data from acoustic fields than ever before.

sciencedaily.com 29/11/2018

Atomic jet: First lens for extreme-ultraviolet light developed

sciencedaily.com Scientists have developed the first refractive lens that focuses extreme ultraviolet beams. Instead of using a glass lens, which is non-transparent in the extreme-ultraviolet region, the researchers have demonstrated a lens that is formed by a jet of atoms. The results provide novel opportunities fo...

sciencedaily.com 29/11/2018

Device could provide refrigeration for off-grid locations

sciencedaily.com A new system can provide passive cooling without the need for power, and could be used to preserve food or vaccines in hot, off-grid locations.





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