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Центар за дополнителна и додатна настава по англиски јазик. Приватни часови по англиски јазик за ученици од основно и средно образование.
За матуранти:
- Спремање по посебно изготвени материјали за државна матура.
Дополнителни услуги:
- Пишување на есеи;
- Превод од англиски на македонски и обратно.

Operating as usual


The future is now 💻

The future is now 💻

Geeky Language Club updated their phone number. 19/10/2020

Geeky Language Club updated their phone number.

Geeky Language Club updated their phone number.


What is your favorite exercise? 💪

🏋🏾‍♀️ Not only does regular exercise keep you fit and healthy and increase muscle strength, it also improves brain function – which can be particularly beneficial when learning a language.

Here are the names of some different exercises.

Do you know the names of any other exercises in English? What exercises do you enjoy doing? 💪 01/05/2020

QUIZ: Is Your Life a Shakespearean Comedy or a Tragedy? | The SparkNotes Blog

If you really need to know 😅 Either you're going to have a happy ending, or you're going to die an easily preventable death at the hands of your dearest friend and greatest enemy. There is no in between. (Unless your life is actually one of Shakespeare's problem plays, but that's another quiz altogether.)


Cambridge Assessment English

It’s important to know how to say these computer signs and symbols in English, especially when speaking on the telephone at work.

For more business vocabulary, take a look at the Cambridge English B1 Business Preliminary word list:


National Geographic Learning Europe

#DidYouKnow that every two weeks a language disappears taking with it an entire cultural and intellectual heritage? We are celebrating International Mother Language Day today and wanted to share this quote from Linguist David Harrison >> See his full video from our ‘Voices’ series and learn how teaching English contributes to the survival of endangered languages.



Do you think something like this will be useful in your native country or country of residence? 🤔

Borrow rather than buy? Welcome to the circular economy!





Geeky Language Club


Cambridge Assessment English

Today is International Mountain Day! ⛰️

When was the last time you climbed a mountain? If you haven’t, would you like to?


A tour of the British Isles in accents.

Quite amazing. 🤓

The person doing the voice is Andrew Jack who is a dialect coach. Visit his website at Original audio here:



Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'quibble'


LearnEnglish – British Council

Where is the stress in the word 'photographer'?
a) PHO-tog-raph-er
b) pho-TOG-raph-er
c) pho-to-GRAPH-er
In this great #MiniEnglishLesson from British Council France, Kate looks at how important word stress is, and how to practise it!



Cambridge Assessment English

A portmanteau is a word that is formed by combining two different words to create a new one.

How many of these portmanteaus have you heard before? Do you know of any more?


It's true 😄

The plot of pretty much every Shakespearean tragedy


American English at State

Most colleges and universities in the United States offer support so students will graduate rather than withdraw from the institution. If you’re interested in learning more about how YOU can study in the United States, please go to #EducationUSA #StudyintheUSA




Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'feisty'


LearnEnglish Teens – British Council

Can you correct the mistake in this sentence?
- She told me don't speak in the library.

Find out more in our Grammar Snack!



Interesting 🧐

Good morning! Today's #WordOfTheDay is 'bardolater'


What is the correct answer? 🤔

One of the choices below is the correct phrase to use if you want to say you can do a variety of things easily. Which is the right option? #english_language_teaching_elt #learnenglish 03/01/2019

How to Teach Conversational English: 9 Best Practices When other teachers, even other ESL teachers, hear I'm teaching an ESL conversation class, they often say it sounds...

21/12/2018 20/12/2018

The top 100 songs of 2018 Guardian music writers have picked their favourite songs of the year – from UK drill breakthroughs to pure pop anthems – and put them all on a giant playlist 12/12/2018

John Lennon’s Report Card at Age 15: “He Has Too Many Wrong Ambitions and His Energy Is Too Often Misplaced”

A good reminder that grades do not predict the future! In September 1956, a young John Lennon took home a dismal report card--the kind that many smart, wayward kids can probably relate to. French teacher: 'An intelligent boy who could be very much better with a little concentration in class.' Math teacher:



We all need a little more of this. ❤️


Modern Language Association

Celebrate National Color Day by learning about how language affects how we see color.


BBC Learning English

☺️Hello from London!☺️
How many #people do you know?
Can you describe your #relationship with them?
Are they friends? Acquaintances?
🤔What’s the difference?😕
Let your #bestie Dan explain. 📹 Watch the video.

#friend #colleague #acquaintances #vocabulary #learnenglish


BBC Learning English


That's what it's all about.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

When preceding a consonant sound, 'a' is used: "a slice of cake"

Before a vowel sound, 'an' is usual: "an excellent slice of cake"


TRT World

Finnish students are learning a English with the help of a robot. 'Elias' can teach 23 languages using endless repetition.


Culturally Speaking

In this episode of Many People Many Countries, citizen's reveal the funny tongue twisters from more than 70 different countries.


All 4

The complete guide to understanding what British people really mean...

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Blaže Koneski Bio
Colloquial English & Slang
Промотивен материјал кој ќе Ве запознае подобро со работата на G.L.C. Ве очекуваме. ^_^




-Приватни часови по англиски јазик;
-Спремање за државна матура или екстерно тестирање;
-Консекутивни услуги при вработување во странство.