Office of the County Superintendent, Hon. Lee Nagbe Chea Sr.

Office of the County Superintendent, Hon. Lee Nagbe Chea Sr.

The perfect way of helping Dukuly's aid to Sinoeans

Photos from Office of the County Superintendent, Hon. Lee Nagbe Chea Sr.'s post 03/06/2023

It was indeed a honor today as Chairman of the Mighty Coliation For Demoncratic Change CDC, Sinoe Chapter as I chaired a meeting attended by some executives of the party.

President Weah's one round victory is sure!
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Above all else, power to the people.


Good Morning fellow compatriots

Today marks another milestone in my lifetime. I am happy to inform you that I have added another year to my years.

I dedicate this birthday to every citizen of Sinoe County as the election is pending.

Let's peace reign. No matter our political sides, we will always remain Sinoeans; this is the core value.

Again, Happy birthday to me!!!!!!
Catch me and drink as much as you can.....



Respond to Huge Potah Bladee's sentiments against my person

Fellow Sinoeans, I have come to acknowledge you that I have lived and continue to live peacefully with my people; this I intend doing throughout my lifetime.

Over the years, Senator Teahjay and his likes have been heard using profanities against me and my office.

Let me remind Mr. Bladee a bit.

✓Mr. Bladee unlike Senator Teahjay who during his superintendency fought Rep. Zarzar and was jailed, I am peaceful. I haven't fought anyone or any lawmaker even under extreme situations.

✓Mr. Bladee I have not used my power as superintendent to forcefully take someone's land or properties. You are aware of how your political master forcefully took away a poor woman's land.

When approached by the lady, he arrogantly called the lady a "pr******te". The lady stood her legal grounds and that land including the house was taken from him.

✓Mr. Bladee maybe you are unaware of how your political godfather in Senator Teahjah criminally diverted the people of Sinoe County money for his personal use. For this reason, he was dragged to court. A living testimony is the Fourteenth Judiciary Circuit Court of Liberia.

✓Mr. Bladee, you have pretentiously forgotten when your job was chased because you weren't going the way of this senator who doesn't understand what democracy means. You were/are among several young people that job is/have been chased by this senator we have.

For the record, I am Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea Sr. I have dedicated my time and efforts to the people of Sinoe. Senator Teahjah has been fighting me. You of all people know that all his fights have landed on an unproductive soil.

Let Senator Teahjah prepare for the battle ahead of him. He fully understands that he has lost political grounds and so he's bitter with everyone.

My Sinoe people, Senator Teahjah is a roaring lion seeking to devour anyone. Keep a distance!

After he's retired as Senator, he can now move from ministry to ministry seeking my removal... 😂😂😂😂

I will serve my people to the best of my ability and nothing more.

~Let me wish myself a happy pre-birthday~



My peace and law abiding loving people of Sinoe, fellow compatriots; it's indeed a honor that all of us participated in the Biometric Voter Registration Exercise.

Let me thank the people of Sinoe and other Liberians in Sinoe for the high level of civility exhibited during the exercise.

We know as long as we live as humans, we will always have issues. But in the midst of this, peace should be the hallmark.

To all aspirants, I like to encourage you to bring down your posters/flyers on or before May 15, 2023 as mandated by the National Elections Commission of Liberia.

Fellow compatriots, let's avoid all forms of violence as we are in this political season. We should speak positive, act positive and think positive.

Sinoe should be first and last!

A quick reminder, my birthday is slated for May 15. Happy pre-birthday to me.


As Sinoeans and many Liberians climax the second and final phase of the Voter Biometric Exercise, I will like to encourage those who haven't registered to do so between now and tomorrow.

Your voter's card is the biggest political tool you can use to right the wrong or the other way around.

My fellow compatriots, let's keep violence out of this elections forthcoming and allow the ballot box to speak for us.

Sinoe first, Sinoe last!


There are over 30 students currently benefitting from Mr. Dukuly's gesture. Very soon as the project manager (PM) I shall bring you the names of the students and their various schools.


Here is the Chief executive officer (CEO) of the David Dukuly Solidarity that is paying the fees of over 30 students in various schools here in Sinoe County

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college?