Public Forum Debate

Public Forum Debate


Trump fired the State inspector

Long time overdue. Congress, Senate, Supreme court should be run by congressmen, senators and judged only! Not by special interests and lobbyist!! And so should be the white house! If Republicans win it, run it by republicans. If Democrats win it, run by democrats. Any other molls and spies need to be eliminated. For decades the us was run by syndicate of professional politicians. People were fooled by the semantics. 40 seat change in congress changed its name from republicans to democrats and versa. But the rotten core of reminding 520 criminals stayed in power so in effect nothing changed for decades. Its mind bugling how the people don't see this truth how ever ugly it is!

Arguing about what that actually matter! This is to allow people share their thoughts and views about critical issues in and out of liberia.

Operating as usual


Mamadee Diakite Ya Beitafo

The Beitafo show plays host to TEAM SESAY on tomorrow’s Saturday at 2 PM ahead of the grand finale of the famous Cabila Tournament 2020.

The Team will discuss their experiences on their way to the final with absolute certainty of nothing short of victory against TEAM KAMARA. We will also look into the female category as TEAM KONNEH battles TEAM KOUYATEH in kickball.

Join us tomorrow on Prime 105.5 FM with me Uthman Danfodio Kromah and Asata Dukuly your hosts.
CALL: 0770100051 to participate.

NOTE: all conversations are done in Mandingo.


Mamadee Diakite Ya Beitafo

Mr. Ibrahim Diawara will be our Beitafo Show guest tomorrow at 2 to 3 PM.

As a high profile member of Guinea's ruling political party (RPG), he will discuss the REFERENDUM and ELECTION scheduled for Sunday, March 22, 202o.

Call us on: 0770100051 or 0555588888 to have your say.

NOTE: All conversations are done in mandingo with your hosts Uthman Danfodio Kromah and Asata Dukuly.
Beitafo Show is only on PRIME 105.5 FM every Saturday at 2 to 3 PM.


Mamadee Diakite Ya Beitafo

Please TUNE in to PRIME 105.5 FM today and every Saturday @ 2 to 3 PM as we talk to folks from MANDE RECORDS on their new song.


Mamadee Diakite Ya Beitafo

The BEITAFO show plays host to two high profile individuals tomorrow.

At 2 to 3 PM, we will be joined by a visiting SCHOLAR in person of Miss Matenjay Turay from KINGS UNIVERSITY COLLEGE in Ghana to discuss SEXUAL HARASSMENT. She's also the founder of NOAH'S DAUGHTER FOUNDATION.

On the second segment at 3 to 4PM, will be Mr Manssa Mouramani Keita who will represent the RALLY OF THE GUINEAN PEOPLE (RPG) Liberia chapter to appreciate Guineans who took their time to register for the upcoming REFERENDUM.

You can call us on 0770100051 to participate in the discussions.
Note: All conversations are done in mandingo.


Mamadee Diakite Ya Beitafo

Your number one most interactive Mandingo talk show presents another splendid weekend’s edition on tomorrow April 20, 2019 at 2 to 4 PM.

1. First segment takes us through trending national issues: news, politics, social and economics. 2PM to 3 PM

2. On the second segment will be a young visionary group very determined to bring the SHERIFF ( CABILA) family together through unity. They have named and styled themselves as TEAM SHERIFF.

Plus many many more including your calls, reactions, Facebook likes, comments and shares.....


With Uthman Danfodio Kromah and Asata Dukuly your hosts. 21/12/2015

The World's Most Notorious Gang Started TATTOOING THEIR EYEBALLS... Now It's Becoming A...

The world is going insane. As eyeball tattooing starts to get more popular across the globe, some violent gangs are picking up on the trend.


Nothing but love.. Show love with what you have.
Nay or Yop?


That's what it is always


Mama Africa


Don't you think we still need more L.E.A.D.E.R?


On this day in history, Liberia independent proclaimed July 26, 1847


We want to take this time to extend our condolence to the families of the late Sheikh Kafumba Konneh. One of Liberia patriotic hero and Religion leader. Liberia going to miss you a lot. Your death have not only cause pain to the Muslims community but the Liberian society at large.
Indeed when the biggest tree in the forest fall, all other trees must feel it..
May your soul rest in perfect peace (Ameen)


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Public Forum Debate




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Other Education in Paynesville (show all)
Education Development for Gradual Empowerment - EDGE Education Development for Gradual Empowerment - EDGE
72nd Community
Paynesville, 1000-10

EDGE is a Non-profit organization that seek to provide free education to Students in need. EDGE also seek to provide awareness on Environmental Hazards.

Liberian youth Educational Initiative Liberian youth Educational Initiative
Soul Clinic Community, Red-light
Paynesville, 00231

The Liberian Youth Educational Initiative aims are: create a smooth educational plain field, promote high academic excellence, etc.

Movement against Inferiority Complex to Promote Innovation - MICPI Movement against Inferiority Complex to Promote Innovation - MICPI
Hoodquoi Community

Official page of Movement against Inferiority Complex to Promote Innovation MAICPI Management: Solomon Reeves Executive Director cell#: +231 8886 283906 Gardahyee Juine Director of Programs Cell#: +231 776 383757

Grace Bible School, GBS Grace Bible School, GBS
ELWA Junction Box 5188
Paynesville, 1000 MONROVIA 10, LIBERIA

Grace Bible School, GBS was established in 2001 as a community based Christian education program for church workers who desires to mature in the faith.

National Safety Partnership Of Liberia, Inc. National Safety Partnership Of Liberia, Inc.
102 Weaver Street
Paynesville, 1001

NASAPAL-Advocate for legislations to promote safety measures and regulations to prevent calamities.

Dyawulu Cooperative Learning Center Dyawulu Cooperative Learning Center

Dyawulu Cooperative Learning Center is a Daycare and Elementary school attending to the educational needs of future Leaders and helping to provide quality daycare and elementary education to Liberian children.

Fanawin Christian Academy Fanawin Christian Academy
Paynesville, 1000 MONROVIA 10 LIBERIA

Fanawin Christian Academy is an Elementary school located in Monrovia, Liberia. We provide daycare services, and run classes from Nursery to 8th Grade.

Rural Mission Professional Cosmetology Training program Rural Mission Professional Cosmetology Training program
Lover's Street Liberia
Paynesville, 10001

Christopolis Achievement Academy Christopolis Achievement Academy
Police Academy Road
Paynesville, 1000-10

CAA is committed to ensuring equal and equitable access to basic educational services (mainly for underprivileged children) and enhanced community support.

ABATE of Liberia - Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education of Liberia ABATE of Liberia - Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education of Liberia
102 Weaver Street, Adjacent Effort Baptist Church
Paynesville, 1001

ABATE of Liberia is a is a subset organization of the NATIONAL SAFETY PARTNERSHIP OF LIBERIA, NASAPAL INC, a NGO of Liberian motorcyclists dedicated to change their environment for all through legislations, safety awareness and education, opened to all.

Be The Change Academy Paynesville Be The Change Academy Paynesville
Paynesville, 00231