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Central Bank of Liberia Press Briefing: NO MONEY MISSING

[07/09/15]   I AM THINKING

[10/18/14]   We are understanding that there are some good news coming out of the treatment unit. We give God the glory for sending people home, and that there are more empty bed in the treatment center CDC, u are a lier God will previl.

[10/18/14]   Ebola is real it is no politic we all must say no to the spear of this deadly virus. Keep the rules to be save.

[10/01/14]   EBOLA the most wicked person I have ever seen in my life, you ask me to stay away from friends and family I did, you ask me to smell sweet I bath with chloride, chlorine and tiesope, you ask me to be selfish I stay away from my mom, dad, brothers, ans sisters when ever they are ill. I ask you to leave my one and only beloved mother, mama Liberia, now you are killing her sons and daughters. Why Ebola are you so wicked. Please leave mama Liberia.
"Please friends and love one Ebola is real, let prevent it to stay save."

[02/24/14]   A new day of success will soon break for LYMPICE.


Lympice)'s cover photo


Photos from Lympice)'s post


Photos from Lympice)'s post

[12/09/13]   LYMPICE, take a big step this saturday, with a cleaning up process on the Pileline - Road, Paynesville. Join us as we take Mama Liberia to another level. Come December 14, 2013


Lympice)'s cover photo

[12/09/13]   Nelson Madidba Mandela, the true father of freedom. We must remember him in all we can as the father of freedom.

[09/07/13]   Tomorrow September 7, 2013, at 8:00pm, we start our outreach in the Wien Town community,Pipeline - Road, Paynesville, come one come all, let reach to our friends let discuss the betterment of mama LIBERIA.


After a regular LYMPICE meeting on August 25, 2013.


After a regular meeting on August 25, 2013.

[09/03/13]   Hae liberians,it's time to let mama liberia know d truth about youth education n empowerment through lympice

[08/29/13]   The world at large need youth that will be history maker, and I believe LYMPICE, can produce some of those history maker, join us in the process that we can produce the best.

[08/28/13]   On this day, August 28, 1963, Dr. Martain Luther King Jr. deliver his famous '' I HAVE A DREAM '' speech, how do u think this dream have affected the world?

[08/25/13]   Today meeting giving us another strength to move farward. Thank God for collective idea, LYMPICE will soon be at your door.

[08/24/13]   Happy flag day to all Liberian, no matter who you are or were you are LYMPICE, say mama Liberia love us all.

[08/22/13]   Another bad day for Liberian youth seeking education, University of Liberia entrance exam 25,000, sit for the test all all fail the exam, why? That is the big question, but we hope to hear or see the stander at which the test was be corrected by.

[08/21/13]   Meeting set for August 25, 2013. At Paynesville Central Academy, Pipeline-Road, Paynesville Liberia

[08/21/13]   The official voice of the Liberian Youth. LYMPICE




Other Schools in Paynesville (show all)
Crest Foundation School Crest Foundation School
Duport Rd.
Paynesville, 1000-10

To God be the glory.Founded in 2010 this school is a low-income institution catering to underprivileged kids. Sponsor a child or teacher to fulfill a dream

Alice Ziah christian school system Alice Ziah christian school system

a day care & primary school owned and operated by Gaziawon Nellay Nelson.its uniform is forest green and butter was founded 2011,February,

William Bean Institute- World Wide Mission School System William Bean Institute- World Wide Mission School System

this is the official page of WBI

Royal Academy International School Royal Academy International School
Weaver Street
Paynesville, 011231

Student Environmental Leadership Program -SELP Student Environmental Leadership Program -SELP
Paynesville, 100010

The Student Environmental Leadership Program is an environmental education program which aim is to build the capacity of youth and students in conservation

Monrovia Vocational Training Center - MVTC Monrovia Vocational Training Center - MVTC
Somalia Drive
Paynesville, 1000

It is all about the visibility of the institution to the world

Paynesville, 1000

DOLAKEH is a third generation family members of the Baars and Kwaizahs families including all of it associates; whether by birth or marriage.

Elwa Academy Senior High School Elwa Academy Senior High School
Elwa Compound
Paynesville, 192

Toddlers Foundation International School Toddlers Foundation International School
Monrovia, Liberia

Prime System School of Christ Prime System School of Christ
ELWA Studio Junction

Prime System is a small school with a big heart to prepare mature Christian leaders for God's kingdom.

Star Baptist School System 1989 Star Baptist School System 1989
Somalia Drive, Jacob Town
Paynesville, 4467

Miracle's Haven Miracle's Haven
Paynesville, Lover Street
Paynesville, 1000- 10

Human Resource Development Education Enlightenment Entertainment