Peter's Surf Shop

Peter's Surf Shop is the first in Liberia. We offer surf lesson, board rental, surf tours, and vehicles for surf trip. We have surf gear that may suit your adventure.
[email protected]

Peter Swen Jr is a professional Liberian surfer and two time National champion. Peter’s Surf Shop offers the best surf training for beginner and intermediate surfers. For our service, we kindly request you to make a reservation at the above contact. Make a difference in Liberia by supporting a local business through paying $20.00 US for an hour surf lesson, and $10.00 for surfboard rental. We also help upgrade your surfing skill for $10.00 US.

Operating as usual

Photos from Peter's Surf Shop's post 13/06/2021

Great surf with Samantha. The waves has been really amazing since morning!


Sunday surf 🏄‍♂️ blast 💥

Sunday surf 🏄‍♂️ blast 💥

Photos from Peter's Surf Shop's post 28/05/2021

We’ve been waiting for waves for AGES! Pile everyone you know in your car and come to Robertsport this Saturday to watch Liberia’s best rip. The competition is open to anyone this year! 🙌

Huge thanks to Landis Wyatt!

Peter's Surf Shop updated their address. 06/05/2021

Peter's Surf Shop updated their address.

Peter's Surf Shop updated their address.


Surf session!

Surf session!


It is great to have Sam out here. The morning surf has been glassy!

It is great to have Sam out here. The morning surf has been glassy!


Nice to have Bobby out here, hope to see you some time soon brother!

Nice to have Bobby out here, hope to see you some time soon brother!


Great time with the kids today!
#bestvideo #swimming #bestfriends


One of the best of all season!
We will be going live in few hours at this location. Via “Surf West Africa” group!
The surf has been unforgettable, with a crowd just under five people.

Surf up! 29/04/2020

Surf West Africa Group, Liberia Project

Thanks to Sally James and Andy Swen for this amazing Covid-19 awareness song. As the corona virus (Covid-19) continue to decimate various nations, preventive measures has been the greatest priority. We have started a safety gear production…


As the corona virus (Covid-19) continue to decimate various nations, preventive measures has been the greatest priority.

We have started a safety gear production and Sanitization Project. The importance has been demonstrated and presented before distribution in various communities.

Unfortunately, insufficient fund to maintain such amazing project has been our worst enemy.

We please to ask of your benevolence;
By supporting as a sponsor could be the only essential that may save our project.

The quality of the mask is unique. Therefore, it can be use repeatedly.
All it requires is soap and water after all day ventilation.

The expense to produce one mask is one dollar American ($1.00). And one hundred has been produced daily.

If we may not save all, let save many!



Liberia his some of the best waves in the world.
Point break and beach break!
Great location for professional surfer and beginners!
Warm water, no wetsuit.
Beautiful sunshine and green lands.
Surfboard rental, travel stress-free.
Received the best experience from a great surf instructor.
Please join us by contacting us!
Surf up


Amazing surf this morning.
Clean and small.
Eric has been having some fun surf out here.
Come and do a surf session with us.
Beautiful waves season!


This is not the arena, but an antidote to kill the stress.
Exercise whenever and however!


Amazing surf had us going for hours.
It is Great to have you out here Chris, I have seeing lot of people learning how to surf but not as fast as you. You were amazing today.


Who wants to go for a surf session, you don’t require to bring a surf board, We have boards at the beach. This information is for all.

During the dry season, two days a week surf session would be open for all who wish to learn. These sessions are totally free.
We hope by presenting these water safety method, would help to create a safe and healthy environment.

Surfers Safe Lives!

[12/20/18]   Great picture!
Huge thanks to Ethan Lovell.


Peter's Surf Shop


The sun has been nice for surfing during summer but not for the surfboards, we are happy to move them to a secure location. We still need to do lot of repiars, and finding supplies out here is difficult. We please to ask you guys out there for any of surfing supplies that you want to get ridoff. Your help is appreciated, Thanks.
We also like to say a huge thanks to Samir Al Kadi, and the Tropicana family, the space for the surfboards rack looks amazing!


Amazing waves this morning!
Rory and I had a great time out there.


His first time holding a surf board and he already start loving it, He believe to stand and surf a wave today, and we would make sure he acknowledged all the best mental he need!


Learning slow pop up skills!


Amazing sunshine and nice waves today!

Melvin S. Kabakole Jr. is showing a basic skill to walk into the ocean with a surfboard.


Summertime is here, Surf all you can, New Waves, New Location ,Swimming and meeting new people.

Tropicana is one of the best surfing location in Monrovia Liberia, you don't have to worry about the lineup, it's save and reliable.

If you want to learn how to swim, surf or like your kids to try it out bring them over, you will be taught by professionals.

See you soon

Tropicana Beach Thinkers Village.


This year raining season is fortunately different for surfing!

Hi Peter how are you?

Peter: I'm fine and you?

Good, will the waves be good on Sunday?

Peter: it might be big, but I will check it out in the morning.

Cool, I will be heading out there by ten, can you bring me a longboard?

Peter: yeah...if the waves are good for learning.

Great, thanks Peter!

Peter: Okay, you are welcome.

It's amazing how the waves look today, they are not as big as a thought, perfect size for learning.

Elizabeth is one of our legit surf client, she ask about the surf condition during the week and come for a surf section every weekend. The first time I saw her surf she look amazing on the longboard.

Nice to have you out here Elizabeth!


Liberian surfer got push around and insulted by the General Manager of Kendeja Resort, Liberia.

I'm Melvin Kabakole an Assistant surf instructor to Peter.

I had been tormented by the GM several times, due to teaching surf lessons on the beach, though I have always bring my Surf Clients to check in at this Resort, some of them even stay over night, usually during the weekend they check in with fifteen United State dollars for a daily entry, sometime I even receive calls from his guests for surf lesson reservation.

I understands the General Manager trying to be a nice guy by keeping surfers out of the ocean, I have seen the sign that says (AT YOUR OWN RASK!) on the beach next to the Resort, and also believe it is noticeable to all the guests that walk to the beach for a swim or surf in the ocean , it was such a depressing experience to acknowledge the GN perform an emphatic behavior towards me today.

Surfers usually come here because of the waves, the breaks out here have lest under rip current, sitting around on the beach is fun, but not as healthy as surfing, we love surfing, it's what we do, I hope he understand.

I wasn't Teaching Surf Lesson today, I was a guest, a kid only took my surfboard to have his picture taken with it when the ("GN") ran out and started insulting and pushing me around.

We all know that Melvin is a good young man and amazing surf instructor. We hope the General Manager understand.


Everyday more Liberians are becoming surfers!

When I first started learning how to surf it was very challenging, peddling through the waves to cross the break was almost impossible, I have seen surfers peddle out easily, but my experience was unfortunately different during the first two weekends. The third week I decided to change my schedule, instead of surfing once a week I added a day, with two surfing days my muscles have become adjusted, now I'm ripping all the waves.

Thanks to Peter and Melvin for all the surf tips.


We can't help this beautiful weather, with amazing sun shine, soft wind, warm sand and good surf!

We like to be at the beach during summer rather than some place else.

Even with a sunglasses on you still see the glare from the waves, that's how ravishing our location are right now.

We are happy to be in Liberia!

Pilot Kevin and crew from the Brussel Air Line had a great time learning how to surf today.


Sunny day, Nice waves, hot sand and amazing beach break is just what we need on the weekends, perhaps a coconut water and a little meal to stay healthy. Melvin and Nader just got their first surf section of the day, though the waves were small but they were breaking amazingly. Learning how to surf is difficult, but if you are out here every weekend it become fun.


The surfing adventures go on and on, with sunny day and a right location you can get the best out of everything. It's amazing how the waves break out here, even when the surf chart said 1 meter, you still have atleast 10 second on most of the waves. Kelvin, Melvin, Slava and Oscar had one of the best surf section Yesterday ever at #Outercottontree, #Robersport, #Grand Cape Mount County.


We had a great time surfing with Max Laukens and family over the New Year break, Thanks Max for stoping by in Liberia for a surf with us, hope to see you again.


Today was very amazing, Bryant brought his crew out for a surf, we had lot of fun, and they really like it, the waves were just what we expected.
Merry Christmas!


The waves were for Beginner today, sure tomorrow will be the same, come and have fun in the water!


A huge thanks to Mark Bandy for his donation to us, one soft top surfboard, lot of wax, a T-shirt and hat. Thanks mark, the T-shirt feel good, it's amazingly soft and comfortable when it touches my body. The surf board is nice, have great stability and float very well, it made the waves seems easy to ride.


Surfers that are keeping surfing alive in Monrovia, Liberia . Ebola might slow things down, but surfing is what we love and we will not stop riding these beautiful waves on the coast of Liberia.
We are still hoping for more support to continue to expand the surfing culture in Liberia.

Lets heal the broken heart and bring joy to the soul!

Much love to all out there!

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Learning slow pop up skills!
Amazing sunshine and nice waves today!Melvin S. Kabakole Jr. is showing a basic skill to walk into the ocean with a surf...
Sun Setting after Surfing!



Surfboard Rental is $20.00 USD per hour

Surf lesson is $20.00 USD per hour



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