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Photos from Dr. Charles Gbollie's post 09/07/2021

Photos from Dr. Charles Gbollie's post

Photos from Dr. Charles Gbollie's post 08/07/2021

Photos from Dr. Charles Gbollie's post




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The Golden Sides of Tough Times (COVID-19): Pathways to Overcoming, Thriving and Remaining Positive and Resilient When All Hell Breaks Loose is a well-researched and experience-rich life-changing book designed to help you respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and any other challenging situation you may be confronted with by looking at the golden (positive) sides. It is a panacea to dealing with anxiety, fear and panic. With you is every answer we could find, which has helped us and many others from the days of old till now to overcome adversities. It is tailored toward helping you to respond rather than react to COVID-19 by unveiling proven ways and practical positive actions to prevent yourself, family, country and the world from the disaster. Through this, you will be yielding to Elvis Presley’s progressive advice: “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”

As a soldier needs a weapon to move confidently for a battle so is this book to you. It is a good sword to help you to better respond with clear pathways to thriving and remaining positive and resilient in tough times. Carefully designed across various parts and chapters, you will learn how the changes brought as a result of the pandemic will revolutionize our world for the better. More importantly, we unravel hidden golden opportunities and offer practical suggestions and strategies to help you harness them, thrive and remain positive and resilient in the midst of the pandemic as well as demonstrate maturity and readjustment capacity in chaotic times.

In essence, this book would afford you the opportunity not only to enjoy the journey, but to learn real means of turning worst situations to your best advantage, knowing that as Albert Einstein puts it “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." Grab a copy and come with us; let’s show you the golden sides—the opportunities in such tough times as this!

A snapshot of what you will get from this book

1. Help you to positively respond instead of react to the COVID-19 pandemic and other tough times.

2. Nurture a culture of thriving, positive mental attitude and resilience to maximize your full potential.

3. Empower you to use the pandemic to your advantage—to see and exploit opportunities in the adversity.

4. Develop a skill to convert bad situation to a good one.

5. Help you to demonstrate maturity in chaotic times.

6. Help you remove any frustration and anger, which may result in bitterness, hate, accusation, and destructive attitudes towards others.

7. Better understand yourself, the world systems and the Creator.

8. Prepare you to thrive and engage the future with boldness and productivity.

9. Create lasting progressive memories and suggest appropriate ways to forge ahead for a better future through notable lessons of COVID-19.

10. Contribute to better person, better world revolution.

amazon.com 08/09/2020

The Golden Sides of Tough Times: Pathways to Overcoming, Thriving and Remaining Positive and Resilient When All Hell Breaks Loose

amazon.com The Golden Sides of Tough Times: Pathways to Overcoming, Thriving and Remaining Positive and Resilient When All Hell Breaks Loose

drcharlesgbollie.com 01/09/2020





You-CAN Motivation


Topic: Never complain; strive to conquer

One of the key hindrances to success and recovery is complaints. Complaints have become pervasive in various settings, prompting a countless number of challenges. Some individuals nearly complain about everything. They complain about economic conditions, traffic, and even nature. Why it is raining? Oh, there is no sun today and the like.

If you are in the habit of complaining, I want to respectfully ask you to quit. Nothing will hold you back more than complaints. They are as dangerous as atomic bombs because they have led millions astray and silently shortened their lives than weapons. Whenever you complain about things, especially those beyond your control, it creates pain, resentment, and grief, which many at times result to medical problems, including hypertension (heart attack).

In the midst of adversity, complaints are even more dangerous. You are already being hit; you don’t need to be stoned by complaints. For this reason, learn to see the positive side of things because on every side of a complaint, there is a feasible solution and opportunity to do exploit. The best option is to strive to conquer the situation.

Thought for the Day

“Complaining or blame shifting is a deadly spear in adversity; deliverance begins with taking full responsibility and trusting fully in the Creator.”


You-CAN Motivation




You-CAN Motivation

Liberia Books Launch.....ALL IS SET.

Save the date: November 8,2019

Inbox me for official invitation.


You-CAN Motivation


You-CAN Motivation


You-CAN Motivation


You-CAN Motivation

Match your qualification and defense ability

Imagine a graduate from a teacher training institute who cannot teach and manage a class well. Imagine a civil engineer who cannot give meaningful advice on road design and maintenance. Imagine a medical doctor who cannot give a clear prescription about common illnesses. And, imagine a person in your field who has good credentials from a prestigious university, but cannot perform up to the task.

In all these situations, the professional competence of those concerned will come into question. Why am I highlighting this? Well, I want to challenge you, dear reader and myself that we need to do exploit in our chosen fields in order to make good contributions to the world. This is not just about the integrity of the institution you are a product of, but your person.

We need to continuously remind ourselves that education entails both qualification and the ability to defend it at all times. I surmise this is why universities have made thesis and dissertation defenses a matter of must before graduation to signify that you are doing to defend your education as long as you live in words and deeds. For your own good, take your education into your own hands.

Thought for the Day

Until your education level matches your ability to defend or justify it always, its validity and reliability are questionable.


You-CAN Motivation


You-CAN Motivation

Affirm to remain firm.....!!!!


You-CAN Motivation

Affirm to remain firm.....!!!!


You-CAN Motivation

No one can suitably label you; only You-CAN!!!!!


You-CAN Motivation

No one can suitably label you; only You-CAN!!!!!


You-CAN Motivation

Talk & Do....!!!


You-CAN Motivation





You-CAN Motivation

Collective success is the truest success...


You-CAN Motivation



You-CAN Motivation

Pass your exams...!!!


You-CAN Motivation

Do you deserve it?


You-CAN Motivation

Pursued ideas make you ideal...


You-CAN Motivation



You-CAN Motivation


Topic: You have an equal chance

Take a keen look at ants and spiders. They are among the smallest species on earth. In spite of their smallness and not being strong, ants prepare their food in summer while spiders dwell in the finest palaces with kings.

It may even look more astonishing when you look at other creatures, including lions. Lions, for instance, are not among the biggest animals, yet they rule the juggle.

As we continue with our daily inspiration, I want to remind you that you have an equal chance as any humans in the world do. Do not see others as more superior or in possession of more opportunities than you do.

It does not matter whether you are tall or short, fat or thin or from a poor or rich family. They play little or no role in the success arena. Time and chance are at everyone’s disposal.

You stand an equal chance once you resolve to make a difference in the society. The main thing is “resolve to make a difference in the society.”
If my story and the stories of many others can be changed into a proud history, then you are no exception. Go and get what you desire!

Thought for the Day

“Intelligence and success are not determined by your height or weight, race or background. Your optimum use of time and application of the basic principles of life will determine who you truly become.”


You-CAN Motivation



academicjournals.org 27/04/2018

Enhancing pre-K-12 student learning outcomes: The need for synergies of policy-makers, school administrators and parents


Knowledge sharing is at the center of academic excellence. You are cordially invited to follow our latest research effort.

In this manuscript indexed in key education database, ERIC, others, we proffered an important solution towards improved student learning outcomes, particularly in Liberia.

You are kindly encouraged to give your feedback after reading, join the process and/or intensify your resolve for more empirical literature on Liberia.

Scholars are leaders of today preparing for days ahead.



academicjournals.org Building strong synergy among policy-makers, school administrators, teachers and parents in the ex*****on of their roles is very important to improve student learning outcomes. It helps to lay a firm educational foundation for children from Pre-K-12 and facilitates life-long learning in order to ass...





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