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We are excited to welcome Keturah N. Garsuah to the Concern Worldwide Partners Programme’s Project Team. Keturah is the Project Coordinator of the 10 months project with funding support from Concern Worldwide Liberia Office under the European Union in Liberia funded PARTNERS Programme. She shall report directly to the Director of Programs and the CEO of YONER Liberia. She shall lead and be responsible for the successful ex*****on of the CWW PARTNERS Project. Amongst other things, she shall:
● Collaborate with the Director of Programs and CEO to design overall program strategy, work plan and result-based management tools.
● Provide leadership, ownership, delivery, management and oversight to the CWW PARTNERS Project.
● Define program and project goals, processes, deadlines, milestones and implementation mechanisms based on YONER’s strategic program objectives.
● Collaborate with the CEO and Directors of Programs, Finance and Administration to manage the CWW PARTNERS Project budget and staffing.
● Facilitate preparation and reporting on the CWW PARTNERS Project activities.
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On January 31,2022 our team had a strategic Monitoring & Evaluation capacity building training with the CEO of TRIBE Liberia Liberia Mr. Wainright Acquoi.
Knowledge obtained from the training with aid our team through the office of our M&E officer to measure the effectiveness of our project, help provide the necessary data to guide strategic planning for upcoming activities, and to allocate & re-allocate resources in better ways among other things.

We are grateful to Mr.Acquoi for such an incredible experience.

TRIBE Liberia has launched its pre- entrepreneurial academy, RE-Novate, in an effort to integrate and teach entrepreneurship in secondary schools in Liberia, thereby creating and nurturing an ecosystem of young entrepreneurs.
RE-Novate is TRIBE’s novel approach to improving learning outcomes for secondary school students in Liberia. Acumen, and non-profitable organization has invested $50,000 in RE-Novate .

The program, which is in its pilot phase, is being tested at three private secondary schools in Monrovia and Paynesville. The partner schools include B.W. Harris Episcopal High School, ELWA Academy, and Revelation SDA High School.
Results from the pilot will inform RE-Novate’s scalability and expansion. It runs in Sequence with the academic calendar as laid out by the Ministry of Education. The pilot phase is recruiting and working with 50 students from the partner schools. Students wanting to be chosen will go through a accurate application process and demonstrate their socio-emotional growth, strong character, and cognitive abilities.
@Wainright Acquoi, CEO of TRIBE, said: "My life’s turning point came right before I graduated high school when I was introduced to fundamental real-world skills to think, solve problems and learn how to learn. It was not part of my school’s core curriculum. At TRIBE, we argue strongly that these skills are essential to thrive in the workforce, and they are tenets of entrepreneurship. Therefore, we believe that every student should be an entrepreneur. Our promise is to deliver a model that makes this possible".

We at YONER Liberia are extremely excited to share that we held a successful meeting with Concern Worldwide Liberia and Welthungerhilfe Liberia today at our Head office in Paynesville. The purpose of the meeting was to renew and strengthen our existing partnerships and to expand the scope of YONER Liberia's roles under the EU Partners Programme, ("The Prosperous Agriculture Roadmap to Nutrition and Entrepreneurship, Reinforcing Sustainability) funded by the European Union.

The @PARTNERS Programme aims to “Improve the productivity and sustainability of nutrition sensitive agriculture at the level of smallholder farmers”. This will be achieved through 5 integrated programme components in 7 (Seven) counties of Liberia: Rivercess, Grand Kru, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi, Grand Bassa, Sinoe and Bomi with the main targeted groups/final beneficiaries being smallholder farmers, producers, processors, households with high food or nutrition insecurity, aspiring entrepreneurs (start-ups and enterprises along the value chains of the PARTNERS Programme.

The meeting was attended by representatives from Concern Worldwide, Welthungerhilfe and the PARTNERS Programme.

We look forward to concluding arrangements over the next few weeks and to immediately begin implementation in the seven targeted counties.

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Happy New Week. Story Highlights‼️

Five months ago we started full scale operations at Tete’s Afro-Interiors .We have been able to grow steadily, and recently emerged as a finalist in the J-Palm Kernel Fresh - Liberia Startups Pitch Competition, executed by TRIBE Liberia .

Though we did not win, but for the first time I’m grateful that I had a platform to tell my brand story, and share the social impact we’re making at TAI.

The past months have been nothing less than a cumulation of hard work, strategizing, and sacrificial efforts not just from me, but also my team who shares in TAI’s vision.

Building a brand, juggling between work and school, and staying active in community service initiatives requires a combination of sleepless nights, failing and trying again, and mental endurance to sail through.

But there are far better things ahead that keeps me going: the social impact we’re making at TAI and the family we’re building. The family of artisans and local craftsmen, and school going girls we’re impacting through skills training and income generation.

This is what success means for us, and I’m grateful that we’re finally living this dream. I’m forever thankful to you, our customers, who share in our beliefs and values as a social enterprise. You do not only remind us of your interior/home needs daily, but embrace our solutions through your patronage.

Tete’s African Interiors] is still becoming... for you... with a degree of difference. Let’s keep rocking together.

Ruth T. Farkollie
Tete’s African Interiors

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Congratulations to Nimba Ventures, the winner of the first edition of the JPL Startup Challenge!

Nimba Ventures operates a snail farm, where they grow, harvest and sell highly nutritious local snails.

They also provide support to other entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up their own snail farming operations.

We are also grateful to our esteemed panel of judges for helping us select the winner. The judging panel comprised of Agriculture Minister Hon. Jeanine Milly Cooper, US Ambassador Michael McCarthy, TipMe Liberia CEO Laureine Guilao, and Loop Academies CEO Marvin Tarawally.

The JPL Startup Challenge is sponsored by J-Palm Liberia and implemented by TRIBE Liberia. The winner will receive a prize of L$100,000, in addition to mentorship and support to help grow his business.

The other finalists will also receive mentorship and technical assistance to grow their businesses.

We thank all of our partners and supporters for standing with us, as we all strive to build a stronger and more inclusive Liberian economy.

Congrats again to the winner, and to all the finalists!!

Join us tomorrow, October 16, for a reception in honor of the finalists, at the Kernel Fresh Store at Boulevard Palace. Come and meet our finalists, and network with emerging Liberian entrepreneurs. The event will start at 1pm.

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As an emerging leader I'm proud to be part of this noble organization.

Inspiring and empowering a new generation of young entrepreneurs, innovators, and storytellers.

Operating as usual


RE-Novate Official Launch!


Elaine Reeves will host the official launch of RE-Novate today.

We look forward to seeing you!



The ICON Jesslyn will take the stage at the official Launch of RE-Novate tomorrow.

Click on this link to RSVP:



Would you like to attend RE-Novate's Official Launch. Click on this link to RSVP:



It's two days to go – and we could not be any happier to announce the official keynote speaker for RE-Novate's launch, former Minister of Education, George K. Werner.
Hon. Werner has been a big believer and supporter of TRIBE since our inception, and we are delighted to have him officially present TRIBE's flagship alternative learning model.


Ahead of our official launch on Thursday, the Ministry of Education, through the office of the Deputy Minister for Administration, has endorsed RE-Novate.
The Ministry believes that ""RE-Novate has the potential to create wide-scale impact in Liberia's secondary education system.""


The Vice President of the Republic of Liberia, H.E. Jewel Howard-Taylor, is RE-Novate's official Chief Launcher!
Madam Howard-Taylor has been a long-standing supporter of quality education in Liberia.
Our team is honored by your involvement in RE-Novate, and we look forward to a continued relationship and partnership.

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 14/02/2022

Last week, our team conducted our final recruitment activity for RE-Novate inaugural fellows at our three partner schools.
We will officially announce our inaugural class this week, and here are special moments we captured of our students' passion, brilliance and excitement for RE-Novate.


We are counting down four days to RE-Novate's official launch ceremony!

Would you love to attend the event on Thursday? DM us your name and email.

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 12/02/2022

As we prepare to launch RE-Novate next week, we are sharing with you some intimate moments of our team work sessions with you.
Over the past seven months, we have worked hundreds of hours, nights and weekends to design RE-Novate.


We are thrilled to announce that next week, we are officially launching RE-Novate.
After seven months of conceputualization, design and navigating the building of an alternative learning model for Liberian high school students, we excitedly look forward to see RE-Novate finally take shape next week.
We will share more details subsequently, and we hope you will join us to celebrate and support.


Our partner school principal shares the importance of RE-Novate to his school and students.


On Becoming a Social Intrapreneur - TRIBE 01/02/2022

On Becoming a Social Intrapreneur - TRIBE

In his recent blog, our Senior Operations Associate, El Dequincy shares an inspiring story about his passion for innovation and what it means to co-lead a startup's operations.

"As a geoscience student, you may surmise that I know nothing about entrepreneurship and would have difficulty finding my way through building a social enterprise startup. But, oh no, perhaps my many hours of college physics and calculus were not just about discussing abstract concepts—I find it painlessly easy learning how to think. And through the hell and sh*ts of college, I unknowingly gained a resilient spirit and developed a growth mindset; essential skill-sets every entrepreneur should possess."

Read more in his blog here:

On Becoming a Social Intrapreneur - TRIBE When my brother, Wainright Acquoi asked me to join TRIBE, I knew nothing about it or what to expect. I consider myself a zealous creative who was anxious about putting a dent in Liberia’s growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since he mentioned […]


Acumen has invested $50,000 in RE-Novate – TRIBE's model to teach entrepreneurship in Liberian secondary schools.
In an interview with our CEO, Wainright Acquoi, he stated that “At TRIBE, we argue strongly that these skills are essential to thrive in the workforce, and they are tenets of entrepreneurship. Therefore, we believe that every student should be an entrepreneur. Our promise is to deliver a model that makes this possible.”
Follow this link to learn more about Acumen's investment and our plan for RE-Novate.


We have ambitious plans for RE-Novate and look forward to achieving them with your continuous support!

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 26/01/2022

January 2022 Photo Dump!
1. RE-Novate launch team beach work session.
2. @__iamblessing on a work call at TRIBE Campus.
3. Program Director @bigname_lib after a work session.
4. RE-Novate launch team in-office meeting.
5. COO Lexie after hearing @bookstewart make a joke.
6. Senior Operations Associate @el_dequincy on a work break.
7. Technical Operations Associate @_thatflourine after a partner school meeting.
8. 2021 Annual report development working session.
9. Comms Associate @bookstewart at a partner school info session for RE-Novate.
10. Karaoke night at TRIBE Campus.


Under RE-Novate, we'll also connect students with local organizations for internships and student project design and execution.


Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 22/01/2022

We are thrilled to on-board the core program facilitators for RE-Novate.

Our facilitators have vast experience working in education and entrepreneurship and are super excited to lead weekly training sessions at our partner schools.

We will introduce them in the coming days!


Do you have questions about RE-Novate and would love to learn more about the program? We are excited to share the webpage to serve your curiosity. Kindly visit and share you feedback with us.

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 19/01/2022

Paynesville SDA High School students are fun, smart and curious to learn.
We enjoyed sharing insights about RE-Novate with them at the climax of the student info sessions yesterday.


Through RE-Novate, we are making an intentional effort to create super talented students for the workforce.

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 18/01/2022

We work hard, but love to play sometimes. As we set new milestones for this week we would love to flash back to an amazing karaoke night last Friday!


To deliver an entrepreneurial education that makes students adequately prepared and relevant, we focus on four areas of development.

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 12/01/2022

Today we hosted the second info session for RE-Novate at our partner school, B. W. Harris Episcopal High School.
We were thrilled to interact with our potential students, present RE-Novate and launched the Call for Application.


At TRIBE, we are reimagining secondary education as transition point to the workforce by integrating entrepreneurship and skills training as core curriculum.

Photos from TRIBE Liberia's post 11/01/2022

Today we began organizing info sessions at our partner school, Elwa Academy Senior High School, to present RE-Novate and launched the Call for Application.
We are deeply grateful for the opportunities to create an experience that students believe will create new opportunities for them.


To improve learning outcomes for Liberian students, we have an ambitious plan to teach entrepreneurship in secondary schools.
We are inspired by students' potentials and aspirations, and are up late every night. Here's why!
Join us and support, if you are inspired.


We are on a mission to reimagine secondary education as a transition point to the workforce by integrating entrepreneurship education as a core curriculum and building and strengthening an entrepreneurial ecosystem that nurtures and prepares young people with the ideas, skills, and access to thrive in the uncertain future of work.



In the 21st century, the best anti poverty program is a world class education.~Barack Obama


Launching RE-Novate required an all hands on deck approach from team members. The stronger our ideas, the smarter we work.



We are excited to be working with B.W. Harris Episcopal High School, ELWA Academy and Paynesville SDA High School to launch RE-Novate!



For most students in Liberia, secondary education may be the last rite of a formal education they’d ever have. With no additional skill set, gaining entry into the workforce can be quite an uphill challenge.
We intend to alter this narrative by launching our flagship pilot program, RE-Novate. An entrepreneurial academy with an ambitious plan to inspire and nurture local entrepreneurial geniuses, RE-Novate will teach secondary school students entrepreneurship.
Click the link below to read more!


As we launch RE-Novate, we dare to take a 'leap of faith' in transforming Liberia's secondary education system.
To an optimistic future of Liberia's secondary education system, RE-Novate is here, AND to stay!

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