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The Margibi Student's Union is the umbrella organization of all students and Students' Institutions in Margibi County. The Margibi Student’s Union (MARSU) is a not-for-profit-making, voluntary, non-governmental and students’ based organization in Margibi County.

MARSU is the umbrella organization of all Students and Students’ Institutions in Margibi and it represents the Liberia National Student Union in the County. The mission of the Margibi Student’s Union is to seek the wellbeing of all students, promote academic excellence, encourage students to take key initiatives in the developmental process of their communities, and motivate them to serve as peace

Operating as usual


This is a perfect way to start your celebration if you was born in March, if today is your birthday I want to use this medium to say have a joyous day.

[01/16/19]   With few more minutes to the closure of nomination-5pm, we enough all students to still make use of the remaining time.


Distinguished students and people of Margibi, please find below the guidelines for the conduct of the 4th Congress of the Margibi Students' Union. This all important Students' event is scheduled for January 18, 2019 at 10: am on the BWI campus.

The Congress is held under the theme "The Role of Students leadership in improving the Quality of Education in Liberia"

Guidelines read:

The Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) Congress Preparatory Committee (CPC) to Conduct the Margibi County Student Union (MARSU) Congress, a Subset of LINSU General Congress Friday, January 18, 2019

In pursuance of democratic practice and in keeping with the RESOLUTION dated September 21st, 2018 mandating the Elected National Executive Committee (NEC) members of the Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) to conduct Counties Elections in Ninety (90) Days, therefore in keeping with said RESOLUTION the NEC in consultation with the Margibi County Student Union Leadership has resolved to conduct MARSU General Congress on Friday, January 18 , 2019 and present the following as guidelines for students interested in participating in the elections and becoming Leaders of the Margibi County Student Union.

1. All interested candidates of the Margibi Student Union MUST be elected on a simple majority vote of all delegates present.
2. Only High Schools Students are eligible to contest any Position at the level of MARSU.
3. All schools participating in the congress MUST send the names of two students as delegate to the General Congress who will be recognized as the school voters on or before Wednesday, January 16th, 2018, 4pm.
4. All students aspiring to contest any elected position (President, Vice President, Secretary General, Financial Secretary and Treasure) MUST obtain a letter of NOMINATION from their School through the Dean of Student Affairs Office indicating the student moral and academic standings and photo copy of either their first or second period grade sheet.
5. Candidates can be elected in absentia provided the candidate meets all the requirements provided by the CPC.

1. All candidate registration starts Monday, January 7th – Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 8am-5pm.
2. Qualified Candidates list will be posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 by 12noon.
3. Campaign will start immediately after the posting of qualified candidate till the poll is declared open on Friday, January 18th, 2019.

4. All candidates will be required to go through debate to present their plans for the Student Union on Friday, December 18, 2019.

Students interested in occupying any of the elected positions MUST meet the following criteria.

1. Must be a Senior Student of any of the High Schools in Margibi County with good moral and academic standing.
2. Must be nominated by His/Her School.

1. Must be at least an Eleventh (11th) grade Student of any of the High Schools in Margibi County with good moral and academic standing.
2. Must be nominated by His/Her School.

1. Must be at least a Tenth (10th) grade Student of any of the High Schools in Margibi County with good moral and academic standing.
2. Must be nominated by His/Her School.

1. Must be at least a Tenth (10th) grade Student of any of the High Schools in Margibi County.
2. Must be nominated by His/Her School.

1. Must be at least a Tenth (10th) grade Student of any of the High Schools in Margibi County.
2. Must be nominated by His/Her School.

1. Elections will be conducted on Friday, January 18th, 2019.
2. The election results will be announced on the same day.
3. During the period of counting, all candidates will be required to send an observer.

All concern against Elections irregularities from any candidate MUST be file to the Election Commissioners within three (3) Hours through a type written Communication stating your points of irregularities.


A Hand of Help

Oh! Margibi, glad are you for the wind of change has visited thee. From the shackle of hideout, come your children and to the limelight of leadership, thou sit with zillions of eyes dilated to thee.

How elated is my spirit to see this day, yet anxious is my soul to help them fulfill. The failure of yesterday is like a bell of reminder but ending the sound is a call to all. In medicine to heal, I submit to thee, and to such creedal passion, tied is my destiny;

But with privation, on empty belly I sit to acquire the knowledge, though positive of a congenial atmosphere to study, swallowing the bitter pills is now a way of life.

Oh! Margibi, in spite of your plentiful worth, poverty dwells amongst thy people, and dying from curable diseases is the source of income for the wicked. As though it is not sufficient, the dreams of your children died untimely and under the feet of politicians, they are buried. Pity those who wish to pursue for they are neglected; scholarships are no more, financial aid politicized; foreign studies a taboo and untold hardship is the abode of the parents. How sad it is that thy worth is not chronological with thy development.

But, amidst these, bright are your children and to all they are known. In medicine to heal, strongly I stand, but teary are my eyes and bleeding my heart for the long hours of study is only a terror. Support is prohibited yet infirmities and diseases keep creating havoc but the clarion call for support is ignored; in cold blood, lies every morning your sons and daughters.

Oh! Where is the physician? At Rennie they are, but few and overwhelmed yet here we’re, galloping in oblivion, and wishing for just a hand. Yes a hand, for nobody does this alone and never will it be. Would this crop of leaders be the helping hand? Well, maybe or maybe not, but history has a way of remembering us all, either as subjects or objects, we will be recorded.

To them all, I say congratulations, and a hand of help is what we seek.


The momentum of the activities is building up day by day; the students are excited and participants are ready. Our career discussants are young and inspiring. The two debate teams are flipping the pages of history and at the end, we shall know whether Dual citizenship should be allowed in Liberia. The quizzers are set to explode in what is expected to be the biggest quizzing competition in Margibi. The students of Margibi are ready to honor those whom honors are due and we are proud to be into this. Don't miss this historic event; join us!


Thanks to those who have accepted our invitation to attend our 2016/2017 Academic Year-End Festival. We are grateful and promise that you will have a wonderful time.Thanks for your support over the years.

[09/14/15]   The Margibi Students' Union wishes to extend its deepest compliments to Hon. Phillip Baysah Tellewoyan on his Election as President of the Margibi Association of America. MARSU also congratulates all the Patriotic and Nationalistic sons and Daughters of Margibi who were elected along with Hon. Telewoyan to stair the Affairs of MASSA and raise high the Flag of their Motherland in the foreign land of America. The Students of Margibi are with you in full and we pray that your service brings honor, prosperity, pride and dignity to your Motherland! Your ascension is at the right time, Congratulations!!!

MARSU also salutes all the conscious minded Margibians in MASSA who have refused to be carried away by Milk and Honey but to organize themselves in a common front and battled the cause for a better Margibi. Your actions exemplify a true African and your legacy will forever be buried in our hearts. With honesty and sincerity, we remain on the battle ground in your Motherland and moved by your astute passion, patriotic and nationalistic endeavor, remain committed in ensuring that Margibi remains peaceful and habitable. Our County shall raise again, Our County shall be free from corruption, social injustices and all forms of violence against humanity. Margibi shall remains the center of Academic Excellence, moral credential and holistic development in Liberia. Thank you all for keeping our hope alive and we are happy to receive our leadership. Aluta Continua!!

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Students Benefit from Psycho-Social Counseling In Margibi County

Students Benefit from Psycho-Social Counseling In Margibi County

[12/01/14]   The Margibi Student's Union certificates 100 student leaders in psychosocial counseling tomorrow at 4 PM at the Cuttington University Junior College Campus on the Bong Mines Road in Kakata, Margibi County. You are invited!!!!!!!

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Pictorial view of our Ebola fight.

Pictorial view of our Ebola fight.


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