Royal Pleasezonic Educative Page

Seeking the will been of The Pleaser's Educative page and giving accuate information. Is all about bringing my fellow student together and encouraging them not to give up.For more information about the page contact the service provider on his email address at [email protected]" rel="nofollow,noopener" target="_blank">https://www.pleaser'[email protected]

[11/15/15]   The Is A Saying That Say, He Who Learns,teaches.So I Want To Take Dis Time To Say Thanxs To My Friends And Fans Of Dis Social Media(FB)for Educating Me Each Day Dat Shows It Face!!!

[11/15/15]   Life Is Not All Abat What You Are Called,but What You Answer To Make U To Be Who U Want To Be..


Royal Pleasezonic Educative Page

[07/14/15]   The earth is a beehive,we all enter by the same door..

[07/14/15]   Between true friends even water dunk together is sweet enough.

[07/13/15]   When GOD cooks,you don't see smoke.

[07/13/15]   One falsehood spoils a thousand thruths.

[07/08/15]   Mr.pleaser just from taking his test on the frist day.


Royal Pleasezonic Educative Page





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Margibi Student's Union Margibi Student's Union
Kakata, Liberia
Kakata, 00123

The Margibi Student's Union is the umbrella organization of all students and Students' Institutions in Margibi County.

Kingsland Internation School System Kingsland Internation School System

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