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Positively transforming the lives of youths through coorperative ideas and action and through socialization.

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At the Great Commission Orphanage on December 23, 2017

[09/01/17]   God bless the people in Liberia and help them have a free and safe election.

[07/27/17]   T all Liberians living in Liberia and abroad Happy belated Independence day. July 26, make you 170 years. May God continue to bless and safe your Nation. May peace and stability be ours forever, Amen


Sunday was a wonderful day at the Great Commission Ministries , Victoria's Island. 🌤️☂It was the women Celebrating their Anniversary. Oh! Glory to God in the highest.🎂🎂🎂

[04/06/17]   Good looking people of Liberia as we come closer to the coming election, October, 2017. shine your eyes and let's selected a leader that will care for us and our nation that we may be more than our little sister Ghana.

[02/25/17]   Young people of the world are all future leaders. Therefore do your best to live a life that will speak good of you tomorrow.

[12/23/16]   To all likes of this page, Welcome 2016. Let us be focus and continue our works in the changing of the lives of youths, unfortunate & less fortunate people in our society to a positive one that these people will be positive contributor to society and not liability or people that the society can depend on for growth and sucess.


[05/04/16]   Hey Ladies and gentlemen. There is an upcoming Human capacity building workshop in June and we need all of you import. More information will the posted later. Better-still, if you will need additional info please call our numbers +231 777 789 267, +231 886 629 874


Happy New Year to all the children of Great commission Orphanage.


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God loves u all children

[01/02/16]   The Year have ended and now is the time for change. As youths of Liberia and any other country what are your resolutions? Will it bring change in the positive direction or will you still continue that which you have started, as our name is we are in this 2016 for change in the positive direction.


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[12/19/15]   Negative, Negative, So many people think Negative about Christmas and new year day celebration and do it negatively. To likes of this page can we give our views about Christmas and new year celebrations?
Answer and Give your views.

[10/19/15]   How can the world transformation be explained positively.

[09/11/15]   Should in case, Life turns on the opposite(i,e from positive to negative or from Negative to positive) what are our individual experiences in advice can we give to a person on these effects each to a youth who is experiencing these at this present moment?

[08/18/15]   What can youths of the world learn from past experiences at home, at school or at job?

[07/08/15]   To all members and those who will be attending the program on July 26 at the Great Commission attention:

YAPPOC members buy your T. Shirt and pay the amount of $ 275.LD

Those who have lived or worked at Great commission Us $ 10.

[07/02/15]   Ladies and gentlemen! Our plan of Action for this year should have start with an under 13 soccer league in this month July but members of this great organization decided to change it to a grand program at the Great Commission Orphanage among the orphans and people who have lived at the orphanage home before on the 26th of July starting at 10:00am. The aim of this program is to unite the youths of this Orphanage who have lived there and are living there. Even if you have not lived there before you are welcome Just call us and have us inform and we will be expecting you.

[05/11/15]   Thank God that Ebola a deadly virus have leave our country. We are now at liberty to do our works. We are no longer slave to Ebola but please ladies and gentleman observe the rules.

[04/27/15]   Thanks to all likes of this page. Let us brainstorm or share ideas that will create actions and positively transform the lives of youths.

[04/27/15]   We are what we are if we stand and defend what are, then Liberia can depend on us youths.

[04/26/15]   Ladies n gentlemen! Liberia is all we have. Join the Youths Actions for Progressive Positive Change as we strive to transform the lives of youths.

[04/20/15]   Friends or comrades, ladies and gentlement. The YAPPOC had its plan of action for this year, 2015 which are: hosting an under thirteen league in July, hosting a human capacity building workshop in September, and an d a grand children party in December. What are your ideas of contribution post it so that we can analyze together, thanks.

[04/08/15]   Unto us a Child is born. Unto us a son is Given. Today a Child who will become one of the member of YAPPOC his name is George C. Sumo, Jr.

[02/19/15]   York University International Student Program
Last updated: 19 Feb 2015 |
York University
Bachelors (BS) Degree
Deadline: 15 March 2015 (annual)
Study in: Canada
Course starts September 2015
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York University offers Global Leader of Tomorrow Scholarships, United World College Scholarships, and International Entrance Scholarships specifically for international students who would like to take a full-time undergraduate degree at University of York.
To be considered for International Scholarships & Awards, you must:
• Submit a formal application for undergraduate admission to York University either by the OUAC website or York online application for September entry.
• Be an international student who is required to have a Study Permit to study in Canada.
• Be nominated for the award(s) by your high school. Note that a student can be nominated for more than one award, however only one nominee per school will be considered for each award.
• Be entering directly from high school (no more than two years after graduation) to the first year of a full-time undergraduate degree program in one of the following Faculties: Arts, Media, Performance & Design; Environmental Studies; Glendon; Health; Lassonde School of Engineering; Liberal Arts & Professional Studies; Science; and the Schulich School of Business.
• Possess an excellent academic record (“A” average or equivalent) and have demonstrated leadership through community service or excellence in the arts, sports or other areas of individual achievement.
• Submit required application documentation. Refer to the “Required Supporting Documentation” checklist on the application form
• Specific to York’s United World College Scholarship: You must be enrolled in or must have graduated within the past two years from a United World College to qualify for this scholarship
Application instructions:
To apply, you must submit the scholarship application form together with supporting documentation (listed in the form) to the University. The next deadline for applications is 15 March 2015 for entry in September 2015.
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Official Scholarship Website:


Oh Give thanks to the Lord for he is good for his mercies endureth forever.


Youths Actions for Progressive Positive Change

[02/05/15]   Oh! I Give God Thank For The Meeting Attendance This Gone Sunday. God Was In Our Midst And We Have A Fruitful Discussion.

[01/30/15]   Ladies and Gentlemen as we enter the new year (2015), We know that the center point of everything is God. Therefore, as we have made God to be the center point of our organization please come and let us continue our meeting this Sunday February1, 2014. @ the same venue at about 3:30pm. Thank You.

[12/28/14]   Today is the second meeting of YAPPOC At 4:00pm On Great Commission Campus, Chicken Soup Factory Community. Come Let Us Discuss Things That Will Positively Have Impact On Liberian Youths And Youths Of The World At Large.

[12/18/14]   YAPPOC had her first meeting on Dec. 14, 2014 at the GCO compound at 4:00pm. pls watch out for the next meeting on Dec 28, 2014. at same time same venue.




Chicken Soup Factory Community
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