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Mission: Auxilio autem et

We don't "move on" from grief. We move forward with it

If you have lost a loved one and thought that you needed to 'move on' think again. This incredible Ted talk by Nora Mcinerny is funny, heartbreakingly sad and should be watched by anyone who has ever grieved. In a talk that's by turns heartbreaking and hilarious, writer and podcaster Nora McInerny shares her hard-earned wisdom about life and death. Her candid approach to something that will, let's face it, affect us all, is as liberating as it is gut-wrenching. Most powerfully, she encourages us to shift...

BBC Cymru Wales

For people with Parkinson’s, creative and expressive dance can help inspire a feeling of freedom away from the everyday reality of the condition.


Primark sign baby with Down's syndrome as model 14-month-old Rio Williams beams an infectious smile as he works the camera for Primark.

New ambulances will make getting down Cornwall's narrow roads easier The Duchy is getting 63 new ones

Cornwall is getting 63 brand new high-tech ambulances And they even have Blutooth...

Such an amazing story courtesy of Nikki Smith

Meet Jacee! This 12 year old helped deliver her baby brother and the emotions on her face is too amazing not to share! You're a superstar jacee!

ZackNdede Carraway congratulations!

Ellen DeGeneres check out this 12 year old!


"Treat time!" (By Better Together Cattery)

Courtesy of Aliza’s Story

Aliza Rose was perfectly healthy the day she was born. A day and a half later her sugar started dropping. Then she started sleeping more and more and not wanting to eat and turning orange. She started swelling from all the fluid building up in her lungs and on her brain. The HSV-1 virus also known as the common cold sore virus attached itself to her spine from a kiss or a dirty touch and killed her. It ate away her organs until the seizures and virus had eaten her brain. Before you kiss a baby or don’t wash your hands before touching please remember the story of Aliza. 14,000 babies die every year in the United States, make sure it’s not yours. I didn’t know this was possible until it happened, now you do. #RememberingAliza

The Uplift

LIFE SAVER: This 3-year-old girl learned how to do CPR by watching her dad, who is an instructor. He says if she can learn, anyone can ❤️️

Animals Are Joy

The cutest face ever seen! 🐶

What Did I Just Watch?

This is the incredible moment a doctor manually turns the baby around while it's still in the womb! 👏 🙌

Our Dear Michael J. Fox Is Losing ‘Heartbreaking’ Fight To Parkinson’s (VIDEO) MICHAEL HAS BEEN AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL. THIS MAN HAS PUBLICALLY MADE HIMSELF VULNERABLE AND TRANSPARENT THROUGHOUT HIS STRUGGLES WITH PARKINSON’S. Sometimes he seems to be winning and others it looks dark again. It’s been up and down. But, he never gives up. “The truth is that on most days,...

CBS News

This dad was paralyzed from the shoulders down, but he was determined to walk again by New Year's Eve – the day of his daughter's wedding 💖

Hall Of Fame Memes

Not for the faint hearted



The polar vortex is going to make parts of the U.S. so cold, experts warn not to take deep breaths or talk too much outside — here's how to prepare

MP45 Workout

Cerebral palsy is no match for @smile_taylor

Genius Club

This is going to save lives 🤗 Lucas CPR

The Depression Project

BBC Sesh

Nadia and Becky share their experience of living with dyspraxia...

BBC Wales News

🚨 "It feels like you're going to die"

The sepsis symptoms you need to know.

How to Act Around People With Special Needs

Your family may have given you advice like saying "please" and "thank you," raising your hand before talking in class, and saying "excuse me" before leaving the dinner table. But that advice rarely extends to how to be courteous when you're with a person with a disability. Here is how to be respectful of them and help them (and you) feel at ease.

1) Understand that disabled people are no less human than non-disabled people. They have wants, needs, and people who love them just like others do. They may have a different way of living, and may learn things differently, but they are smart, wonderful people.

2) Treat them as your equals. Many people talk down to people with disabilities, as they would to a child. However, plenty of disabled can pick up on this and will be hurt, annoyed, or angered by it. Patience is key. If a person with a disability doesn't understand you, try to accommodate them instead of giving up.

Rephrase what you said, pronounce things carefully, and/or say it a bit slower as needed.

Avoid using complex or technical terms if they have issues with understanding them. So instead of Expand that stub please try Write more things about the title, if you can, please.

3) Stay calm if something happens. Don't panic if they fall down, experience sensory overload, or get injured. Kindly ask "How can I help you?" and let them tell you what they need (if anything).

Sometimes, they can handle it themselves. If they say they don't need help, don't try to force your "help" onto them.

During sensory overload, a person may not be able to speak or advocate for themselves. See if they can write, sign, or type. If not, take them somewhere quiet and relaxing, and encourage others to leave them alone.

4) Smile, and be friendly. It makes you seem nice and approachable. Plus, it can boost your mood!

5) Make small talk with them. They like to talk and share their feelings, just like us. Ask them about their day, school/work, travels they have taken, friends, hobbies, anything! People love to talk about themselves and their interests.

6) Don't overthink it! Again, people with disabilities are no different from anyone else, so simply treat them like an average person.

7) Be supportive of them. If they seem very proud of something, tell them when they've done a good job! If will make them proud to know that they have done something to be happy about.

8)Refrain from using unkind words. Being considerate is important, and respectful language makes it clear that you care about them and don't view them as lesser than yourself.

Never ask what is "wrong" with them. Not only is prying about someone's disability rude, the word "wrong" is hurtful and insensitive. Discrimination and careless behavior by others can cause a person more problems than their disability does, at times. Be sensitive and, if you really want to know the details, ask a friend or relative about it, or read up on their condition, if possible. It's typically best to give people with disabilities the benefit of the doubt when they do something that you find odd or rude.

Especially avoid using the word r*tard(ed), which is known as the "R" word. It's considered an insult, and many people within the special needs and disabled community find this word deeply hurtful and offensive.

9) Involve them. Include them in the conversation, throw the ball to them during a game and notice if they are confused or putting themselves in danger, at which time you should discreetly offer a hand.

If they are in a wheelchair, sit down on some steps or swings and indicate to the group to follow your example to keep everyone at the same eye level.

If they're blind, try not to rely on humorous facial expressions or mimes. If you're talking about something that looks funny or interesting, provide a quick description so that no one is left out.. Instead of pointing say Wow, there goes a really cool car. I think it's a Ferrari. and instead of just laughing along as your friend does a daft impression, say something like Honestly Darragh, you look more like Father Christmas when you pull that face than some sort of pop star!

Explain jokes or sarcasm if it looks like someone doesn't get it.

10) Don't assume what they can or can't do. Each disabled person is unique, and two people with the same disability may have very different needs and capabilities. Get to know them as an individual. Use this knowledge to be aware of any potentially dangerous or awkward situations or to know if you can do anything to help, such as gently pointing out an unexpected step.

11) Don't be afraid to ask. If you aren't sure about their needs or how to accommodate them, just ask. They are the experts on their own needs, and can tell you how to be helpful and respectful.

"You seem a bit distracted and uncomfortable. Should we sit somewhere less busy?"

"You usually turn down my help when I offer to help out with jars and doorknobs. Do you want me to keep offering, or should I wait until you ask?"

"This building is kind of a maze. Do you need help finding your professor's office?"

"If you ever have a shutdown when I'm around, what should I do to help you?"

12) Understand that they'll have good and bad days. Their needs and abilities may vary day to day. Some days they may be able to do something easily, and the next they may find it difficult.

The Uplift

FAIRY GODMOTHER: This 5-year-old with autism met her real-life Cinderella, who raised enough money to send her to Disney World.

Home Bargains introduces quiet hour for shoppers with autism DISCOUNT shop Home Bargains has introduced a weekly quiet hour to create a calmer environment for shoppers with autism.

CNC3 Television, Trinidad and Tobago


KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE: This boy with autism was never expected to say more than a word or two. Now, he's singing Christmas songs as if he's been doing it his whole life.


Please note this video courtesy of talkRADIO (a radio station based in the UK) and the topics raised by Iain Lee (radio presenter) are highly upsetting and we advise discretion is advisable but please share this to highlight about being alone at Christmas you are never alone.

Iain Lee and his colleague managed to keep this man on the phone and occupied whilst they arranged for emergency services to arrive, after he called in saying he had taken an overdose. Two absolute heroes 👏🏻

The Uplift

This doctor sews personalized blankets for every single baby he delivers ❤️️

A bereavement expert explains how to cope with grief at Christmas For some, it is the most painful time of year

Episode 9: Breaking down the myth of Aspergers by White Wolf Inspirations & Wise Words for You • A podcast on Anchor Asperger syndrome, or Asperger’s, is a previously used diagnosis on the autism spectrum. In 2013, it became part of one umbrella diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the...

The final Preparations before Christmas

Are you ready for the big day, if so enjoy this video made by Melissa.

Our final preparations for our first Christmas together.

Animal Tales


The entire process of a C-Section birth from start to finish... This is amazing 👏👏

Touch Surgery

CBS News

What these Kentucky women do for people with Alzheimer's and dementia will melt your heart 💖👶

Episode 7: You Are Not Alone by White Wolf Inspirations & Wise Words for You • A podcast on Anchor A motivational speech to fight depression from: Will Smith, Sekou Andrews, Jordan Peterson, Andrew Solomon, Cara Delevingne, Prince Ea, Noah Galloway, Mel Robbins and Robin Sharma to help you overcome depression, anxiety and mental health problem. You are not alone Depression is a more than just a b...

Humankind Stories

This mom came face to face with the teen who murdered her son.

Why Not Us?

9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Linked To Emotional States Are your emotions causing physical pain?


This athlete born without limbs wants to show the world what she’s made of (via NowThis Her)

In The Know Innovation

This device can improve the quality of life of those suffering from Parkinson's disease

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GLOBAL YOUTH CAMP is all about teaching English language, English talking clubs, communication and recreational activities for children in ISSIK-KUL KYRGYZ

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