Akili Academy

Akili Academy

Akili Academy is an Early Childhood Education Center at Holo Kadawa, along the Kisumu Bondo Road. Pay us a visit any day of the week.

We welcome children for daily baby class, from playgroup 2 years and up to 5 years. We love taking care of your child.

Operating as usual

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Akili Academy wishes our children and families a very Happy Easter Holiday weekend to celebrate this annual feast. We will be off until next Tuesday when we will meet again.

To our parents, we are looking forward to meeting with you next Wednesday so that you can see your child's school, enjoy some entertainment and begin the long holidays.

We are grateful for your consistency in ensuring your child is able to come to school every week day. Let your friends and families know about Akili Academy , a great place to learn.

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Akili Academy we are proud of our students and the parents who have trusted us with them for the one term that we started. Through your hard work and dedication we can see that it is possible to change the lives of our children.

Whether it is number work or reading and writing, we emphasize the participation of parents and guardians in improving the lives of the children. Indeed we have made a mark as a community and children can access education and other learnings.

We encourage you to keep making us part of your child's education and learning. Check our page this week for some very exciting news for parents and a special invitation for new parents in the coming term. Because we care about your child.

Akili Academy a great place to learn.


Putting children to learn together in a classroom allows them to interact with one another like a brother and a sister. This teamwork makes it possible for them to share in their knowledge and learning.

At Akili Academy we blend learning with children's personal life experience to help them retain knowledge. Reading and writing and singing together creates a social bond that is important for their growth.

Please bring your child to Akili Academy today and worry about other things later. We will accept them and involve them in education as soon as they enter our doors. Our teachers are here for you and your baby.

Akili Academy is a great place to learn.


Akili Academy in Holo is providing early childhood education for children in and around Kisumu West area and promotes quality education in the county. We make affordable education accessible to you and your child.

Our facilities are spacious, clean and supportive of quality education and learning for your child. We also have an open ground for the children to play and exercise because all work and no play makes Jack and Jill a dull child.

Visit our school today to see what the future of your child's education looks like. We are open Monday to Friday and are welcoming you to register your child with us for education.

Akili Academy is a great place to learn.

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Happy International Women's Day. Akili Academy is proud to serve and support you and your child in forming their early learning. We thank you for trusting us with your child's growth and education. Ero kamano Mzazi.

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After a one week break, we are back in school cheerful and ready to teach. At Akili Academy we teach about local and national values in order for the students to understand our homes, our county and our country.

Akili Academy promotes blended learning for a more effective understanding for the children. We continue to support parents in the education of their children and in conformity to the required standards of learning.

We welcome you and your child for a more efficient, quality and blended education. Akili Academy is a great place to learn.


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Oral Hygiene requires good dental care and practice, making it possible for them to know how to take care of their teeth at an early age.

At Akili Academy we emphasize the value of self care for the children alongside their learning program. A healthy body and an educated mind helps a child become a better adult.

Bring your child to Akili Academy for a better future. Welcome anytime.


Children will play whether they are at home or in school. They play when they make new friends and reflect their life through play, which stimulates their brain development.

At Akili Academy we provide your child with toys and tools to play even as they learn their As and Bs, and their 1s and 2s. Blending learning and play enables your child to perform better.

Visit Akili Academy today and learn how your child learning abilities increases with every moment they play with their friends. Our teachers facilitate the environment and skills needed to allow children to excel. Akili Academy is a great place to learn.


Teaching children through wholistic learning helps them broaden their understanding. They can connect one thing to the other and improve on their interpersonal and cognitive skills.

Akili Academy keeps your child engaged and exposes them to the different aspects of life, faith and action. As a parent, you want the best for your child and we are here to make it happen.

Please visit us and see how your child can improve on their performance and benefit from Akili Academy teaching, which is a great place to learn.

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