MAAI MAHIU covid-19 preparedness

MAAI MAHIU covid-19 preparedness

creating awareness and educating people about covid-19 in Maai Mahiu


Corruption is evil
Corruption is worse than covid -19
Corruption is the reason we poor.


Murang'a county has built ICU block with 35bed capacity within 21days which will take care of COVID- 19 patients .Things can be done in this country if we push and fight to end corruption ."WHAT HAVE NAKURU COUNTY DONE"join the anti-Corruption crusaders and be counted


(CORRUPTION MACHINE NAKURU COUNTY)Freedom denotes the right of each human being to live his own life,to have cognitive power to decide right and wrong and to decide under which laws he will be governed . All this rights have been taken away my countrymen by men and women whose interest is not to for you and me but their own interest. Corruption is there main agenda in government .lets join the anti-Corruption crusade and become crusaders A CRUSADER OF ANTI-CORRUPTION. Contribute ideas ,post the corruption evil and lets start the awareness.STAY SAFE


(CORRUPTION MACHINE NAKURU COUNTY) Today we look at the AGRICULTURAL POTENTIAL )of Nakuru county.Number of farmers in our County have an average land holding of 0.77 hectares (that is about 1.9 acres). 49% of these people are poor, whilst 36% of the county’s population is food poor. Over and above this, livelihoods of 60% of the county’s population that is either directly or indirectly employed by the agriculture sector are endangered.This is the state of our
agriculture and the county spends 6.5million
buying 130 sheep's
Tommorrow we look at the integrity equivalent of spending (Kshs6.5million )for the benefit of WANJIKU if we harnessed our Agriculture by conserving water


(CORRUPTION MACHINE NAKURU COUNTY) CORRUPTION has been normalised in Nakuru county with people thinking there is nothing wrong about it.Even before the (kshs250,000,000) relief fund is accounted for yesturday the county was distributing goats in Bahati worth 6.5million.
The goats are okey but we highly think(kshs 50,000) does not make economic sense unless somebody was making some money of the deal.THIS COUNTY MANAGEMENT IS A TOTAL DISGRACE AND EVERYBODY SHOULD WAKE UP TO THE FACT TO STOP IT.


(HOW CORRUPTION MACHINE WORKS IN NAKURU COUNTY).Projects in Nakuru county contain unbelievable ethical lapses and most of them have signs of criminal activities. The relief money of 250,000,000 (1/4) will disappear just like the Boresha barabara nonsense which made kshs(1000,000,000) one billion disappear in thin air.Lets not have what is called wilful blindness by burying our heads inthe sand while the county is performing illegal action because by allowing this to happen we as guilty as the criminals.STAY HOME STAY SAFE AND BE VIGILANT


HOW CORRUPTION MACHINE WORKS IN NAKURU COUNTY (250,000,000)"Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all"Alexander the great.Those words were relevant over 2000 yrs ago as they are today.When you seated home and you have enough but maybe you dont have enough to give which is okey,not fighting for the poor who are hungry yet relief money is being stolen at this time of disaster make one as guilty as the thief.When i started reporting about how the corruption machine works ,people thought its propaganda but now already people of Lakeview ward are complaining that the food is not getting to the most vulnerable. This section will analyse the beneficiaries wing of corruption
Whenever food all any or government relief goes out only 30% of the deserving cases get to benefit
So if according to the calculation of 4,500,000 which was the initial amount 2,500,000 million is appropriated for food remain .Remember this is hypothetical (.3*2,500,000)=750,000
Of the 4,500,000 relief money you can take this to the bank only about Kshs1,000,000 to Kshs750,000. at best will get to the most vulnerable .I have used general average analysis


(CORRUPTION MACHINE NAKURU COUNTY)Today we following the relief money kshs250,000,000 earmarked to assist the most vulnerable within Nakuru county Hypothetically each ward will recieve 4,500,000.We analysing how the stealing and corruption machine is already on the ground planning to steal this money.We have covered administrative cost which will see hypothetically a million disappear in every ward.The procurement and tendering bureaucracy that will see another (kshs500,000) in every ward disappear and today we see how the distribution corruption machine works.
Mostly the county cannot support local business so they will procure from outside the wards so there will be transport cost which depending on the source will cost about (kshs150,0000) ground distribution and logistics to the vulnerable will take another (kshs350,000 )hypothetically So another kshs500,000 will dissapear inthe thin air .Already kshs2,000,000 in ever ward will dissapear even before the ist UNGA is delivered to the most vulnerable .STAY SAFE ,STAY VIGILANT ,CARE FOR THE VULNERABLE AND DEFEND THEIR MONEY


This is Third follow up of how the relief money in Nakuru county of kshs250,000,000 will be manipulated by county stealing machine if we not vigilant. Yesterday I showed how one million will be lost through stipends.Now see how the other million disappears through procurement and tendering corruption machine.
Most people who supply the county are identified at the begining of every financial year.It a very tedious and complex process so 99.999 will not qualify or choose to stay away all together.Its by law they follow this already existing corruption bureaucracy. We all know that mostly tenders will double the cost
So if they decide to buy Unga worth one million.Only half will be supplied because tenders will reflect double the cost.
Kshs500000/140/12=297 bundles of Unga.
So another million which should have delivered almost 600buddles of Unga will supply half that so another kshs500,000 will be stolen.
Now of 4,500,0000 ear marked for every ward already 1,500,000 will have disappeared through deception without even ONE UNGA is delivered to the most vulnerable
Let's follow the distribution supply machine tommorrow and see how another million will dissapear.


Relief fund Nakuru county-250,000,000
Everyward -4,500,000 if money is devided equally. This is how this money will disappear if we put our heads inthe sand and dont pay attention to facts.
Committee members( 8*5000per diem*5days week meetings)=kshs200,000
Food and beverages (8*5000*5)=kshs200,000
Miscellaneous expenses- kshs1,000,000.This is one week so if they meet for two weeks one million will be done.
After meeting and planning before even the ist packet of maize is delivered to the most vulnerable. Tommorrow we continue to breakdown how money is and will be stolen if you not vigilant .But one thing is they dont care but some of us care ( ONE MILLION WILL BE GONE)


This article is a follow up of yesturdays article of "Truth ,deception and how relief money, case study Nakuru county kshs(250,000,000) will be stolen if we not vigilant .Deception and stealing from public always takes a familiar path.Its usually very simplistic in application but very difficulty to prosecute.It always starts with mediocre personalities with dubious charactors running the finance committees who don't understand basic accounting procedures led by a very shrewd evil political leader who uses his strong personality to lay the groundwork for looting.The committee lack both intellectual capacity to discern the complex government bureaucracy and the courage to ask question and this coupled with ignorant and uninformed public becomes the best combination for money to disappear. But if people become vigilant and follow every step of the money just as they take care of their own money ,This process is so simple to dismantle. Tomorrow I will give numbers which will show how Nakuru kshs250,000,000 millions meant for relief might disappear in thin air if we not vigilant SAFE AND BE VIGILANT


Deception and truth surely do not mix.Covid-19 is a stuck reminder that if we don't learn from lessons of history we will repeat them. Nothing much can change from this leadership and if we deceive ourselves we doomed to fail again and again.My main concern is how the counties went ahead and allocated money to assist most vulnerable members of our society. Case study:NAKURU COUNTY
IF these money was allocated equally every ward including Maai mahiu ward would get
Kshs4,5000,000 .Yes this money if well managed would take care of the most vulnerables for months within Nakuru county but the bureaucratic machine of stealing that money is up and running and only less than a million will see the light of the day.I will show how this machine of deception and stealing works tommorrow


This is very sad ,the government that cannot take care of its citizens in times of crisis compromise it's moral authority to govern.Anybody who has encountered Chinese racism knows unlike western racism which is driven by power and control of black people, Chinese racism is driven by hate period. These people are not only untichrist but have no conscious and has no respect for human life.If our embassy officials appointees were guided by knowledge rather than political expedient Sarah Serem could not even have been close to becoming ambassador of such a complex communist regime.That office needs intellectuals with knowledge of how the Chinese behaves and advice Nairobi office that if they do not evacuate these citizens they will start dissapearing because China does not care,Yes China put the whole world in ICU and now will use their propaganda machine to pass the blame.Stay home and stay safe


We need a detailed plan proposal of what the government is achieving in this lockdown so we can come on board. 3 weeks are almost done and the cases keep rising so the questions are
1)Are we flattening the curve and
does the lockdown continue and if it does where is the detailed plan going foward?
2)Do we open the economy and let this monster March to our rural areas?
3)what's the plan for the most vulnerable members apart from the elderly who are getting a stipend ?
4)Where the county governments which measures is the national government putting to force them to do more?
It might be hard for the government but also ignoring Kenyans does not help either ,Yes information from the health ministry is good but where are the other government institutions ?


Yesturdays news were very depressing ,the Homabay burial saga and the many others happening around the country . There is no need for people to take this CORONA virus to rural folks,they are most vulnerable not only because most of them are old but also uninformed. Everybody should take simple mathematics and see how their actions would be catastrophic to our parents and grand parents .I personally did count how many members of my family I would compromise (10) not taking into account multiplying factor. Personally am not visiting them anytime soon.I love them but I also want them to live
If this monster goes marching to informal and rural communities in Africa it will wipe out millions and completely compromise social fabric as we know it becoming a catalyst of social disorder.Lets not take this disease to our most vulnerable members please.STAY HOME OR HUSSLE HERE INTHE CITY IF YOU HAVE TO .


Jeremiah 15 verse 20"I will make you a wall to this people, fortified wall of bronze,they will fight against you but will not overcome You,for I am with you to rescue and save you"declares the Lord..
We all afraid of uncertainty
We feel desperate
We feel hopeless
We are afraid of fear itself
But we can overcome this if we believe and have faith and like he promised Jeremiah he will build a fortified wall of bronze around him so will he for us if we believe .HAVE A BLESSED SUNDAY


Leadership is most necessary in times of crisis .Our leaders have disappeared but again this is the best time to reflect on what leadership is"LEADERSHIP IS WHEN ONE CAN DELIVER RESOURCES ,SERVICES AND SUBSTANCE TO THE PEOPLE ESPECIALLY IN TIMES OF CRISIS ".Our leaders have let us down but we all along new this are not leaders but phony people.


My father used to tell me "mucii ukuwagwo ngaguro"this is a kikuyu idiom meaning a homestead honour is measured by its generosity.Our forefathers New these centuries before white man came here.for over 50yrs all institutions and community welfare system have collapsed, rarely do we think about a fellow neighbours problems because we always thinking about ourselves.But this pendamic has taught us we all inthe same bucket of human .Think about your neighbour now more than ever and help them if you can


COVID -19 is of course a global tragedy but also a big lesson.We have been hearing about corruption all our lives but very few people paid attention on how it impacts us all. Its time to reflect and see that corruption is the worst enemy of our civilisation than even COVID-19.Thanks to corruption we have no hospitals, Thanks to corruption we have no food,Thanks to corruption we headed for social instability. We need to rethink our country's destiny post COVID- 19 and make sure we fight corruption with the same zeal we fighting covid-19


A health crisis is the most difficult crisis which is followed by economic crisis. inept governments will act like they have a plan but they don't ,the only plan they have is force . The only plan which is reliable is your own plan which can be complimented with community plan.So at this difficulty times learn few skills to survive.
1)Have a food plan and if you can spare extra help a neighbour
2)Think about school plan for kids ,schools will re-open without considering parents opinion capabilities to raise fees
3)Plan to re-adjust post COVID- 19 you might have to change careers or occupation.
All these things are possible but just plan early.God bless and have a great day


This lockdown season has made me to reflect more to the bible and try to understand relationship between God and man.John 13 verse 35 Jesus says "by this all men will know that you are my disciple if you love one another"These words were spoken by Jesus to his disciples. I find that teaching related to how we should understand love and act upon it.We tested how we care and love each other in times of crisis, so just check what your neighbour is doing and help them out of love for jesus


Easter Monday is here none like we have ever experienced in our lifetime. But also this is the best time to reflect on who we are.Most feel hopeless because they are not sure what's awaits them going foward. But God is very clear that we worry about today cos he will provide tommorrow, I know that sound unrealistic for pragmatics and great for believers,But it's self evident now that nobody knows about tommorrow with this pandemic. Have a great Easter Monday and God bless


I hope everybody is having a great Easter weekend , this is the time to reflect on the teaching of the bible when man is confronted with a pandemic beyond his control Isaiah 24,See the Lord is going to lay waste the earth and devastate it,he will ruin it's face and scatter its inhabitants it will be the same.for priests as for people, for master as for servant. For mistress as for maid.For seller as for buyer.For borrower as for lender.For debtor as for creditor. The earth will be completely laid waste and totally plundered. But we hope and pray that it's not time yet.AMEN


We cannot afford to loose our doctors to these pandemic,statistic shows that for every doctor lost that's equivalent to 10000 deaths. With cases of community transmission in our midst, it is standard healthcare policy for healthcare staff in the frontline to be protected. Many healthcare workers are concerned that if one doctor, nurse or cleaner becomes infected, they will transmit the virus to everyone seeking healthcare.Its necessary for all us to help the frontline warriors fight these monster


The coronavirus pandemic will turn global economic growth "sharply negative" this year, the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned.Lockdowns imposed by governments have forced many companies to close and lay off staff.But again this economic crisis always helps western countries to come up with economic blueprint that make them stronger after the crisis. Africans should think hard and not be left out this time


Statistics in American of death rate shows that black Americans are succumbing to CORONA virus way more than their white counterparts,in the state of Louisiana with a 30% black population 70%fatalities are black.When the virus started infecting people in America just like here in African some propagandist opined that these virus don't kill black people so people become ignorant about it.The truth is that is a fallacy debunked these virus is a killer to all races let's listen to the health officials and stay safe and stop the spread and stay home please


COVID- 19 is shutting down global economies unlike anything we ever seen.The world has seen this huge economic shocks like the great depression of 1929,terrorist attacks of 911 and sublime mortgage crisis of 2007 but this threatens to be bigger.The swiftness and severity of the shock for demand and supply is unprecedented. But African countries need to come up with ingenious ideas as they revive their economies. Western nations have figured how to come out of this challenges stronger,let's emulate them this time


While developing countries economies are taking a big hit from CORONA penadamic corrupt officials and weak instutions are not helping either.Disaster entrepreneurs are gouging prices for personal protective gear and the already weak health infrastructure is feeling the heat.Corona virus aftermath might be the worst instability African countries will experience since independence

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