St. Peter's Sec. School-Nduundune

St. Peter's Sec. School-Nduundune


arise and shine
Good morning ma guys have a fantastic moment
Wishing success to our beloved brothers an siz as I remember our tchrs mr mwesh,Mr mung'ewa, princ mwoni ,mdm wambua all the best good parents an also tchers
Join me in wishing our young brothers and sisters all the best in their forthcoming K.C.S.E Examination,,
Leo nmelala nkaota ati my meal card ime expire alafu na hio njaa yote kuingia daro kucheki timetable napata ni physics double alafu kidogo nkaskia kong kong kong nkajua katitu ako mtaaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nka whisper kwa daro katitu katitu na nka faint Hadi lesson ikaishaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ niokotwe dragon
Hakuna class ilinibaba ka form 4 ya 2016 ,c mniangushie nap zenue aki
I like de school although c ynye nachopia nifanye nn?
i lov u all
wow xaintee mah formah xkul,form 4 leaverx 2019 how wax dah egzama?
this is where i started my sec education,i lv it so much i too recognize my teachers may lord be with them all through
Success 2 Jose Tornado...
Hello guyz... On behalf of matiku school, I have a word to the form fours. If I may say David killed a giant Goliath. I may wish 2 assure u also u can kill a giant which is de exam. A giant though sounds 2b big, u can do away wid it. De exam is a giant but take 'G' 4 Giant to be God, 'I' as urself en 'ant' a small animal... Then u can kill ant bcoz its small

St. Peters Sec. Sch-Nduundune is a mixed day and boarding school located within ikanga mkt mutomo subcounty in Kitui county.

[03/06/21]   join me in wishing these young boys and girls success in their forth coming exam!

[08/09/20]   Goodmorning great people.....

[06/03/20]   Hello good people, wash hands, sanitize and keep social distance. Pamoja tumalize corona.

[04/22/20]   hello big family, i hope you are sanitizing, washing hands and staying safe. Good day.

[10/19/19]   To all the candidates waiting for their exam: may the Lord be with you and success be your story.

[07/08/19]   Hello good people! Long time since i heard from you

[11/13/18]   Success to you guys

[11/12/17]   Exams enter second week tomorrow.....all the best


RIP.......We loved you bt God loved you most.

[06/09/17]   Mr Musili who taught b/studies here is no more.....RIP.

[08/07/16]   its unfortunate...

[05/22/16]   Watu nguyaz....bado mpo?

[10/11/15]   I tek this earliest opportunity to wish ol da candidates success as u prepare to start ur exams dis week.....kila la kheri!


St. Peter's Sec. School-Nduundune

[05/05/15]   river nzeeu floods on da first day of opening

[03/31/15]   exam season is here with us again....

[09/13/14]   33 days to go


Form 2-2014


Mobile Uploads

[07/03/14]   work hard boys n girls

[06/21/14]   exam mood

[12/24/13]   hapy xmas to u all!

[12/19/13]   invite more friends to like da page

[11/24/13]   here comes da holiday

[11/08/13]   physics paper 3- all da best!

[09/28/13]   wish our forms 1,2 & 3 ol da best as they prepare 4 their exam on monday. pls type 'SUCCESS'

[09/28/13]   old boys & girls, members and friends karibuni.

[09/28/13]   welcome




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