Kekopey Secondary School

Kekopey Secondary School


I hereby take this moment to wish all Kekopey sec schl candsates great success in their foth coming examinations
Watu wa kekopey mnarudi
Nani atawezana
Ni mwalimu mgani mkari chuo ya Kikopey secondary School
It's time to keep on studying.
NYS kenya
Wana Kekos High,if U Get Madam Maina Say Hae 2 Her.Namsalute Kaa Princee
Mimi Niko 2
usidhanyy holidai ni mwaka unarudi chuo nxt week bt three it spund intresting kuwa student wa maroon chicago ...kekoperian remember wat rinsy husema hung ur uniform next tu ur bed
it owsme tube in kikopey

Hi guys life after school is hectic, so lets join and build this page so as to relive the good old school days. If you get this invite play your role in inviting as many others as possible.

[03/21/21]   A man reaps what he sows, in that regard I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every student from our school good returns in the forthcoming examinations which shall be commensurate with the hardwork that each has invested.

[09/28/20]   At last, sasa imedhihirika kuwa COVID-19 inaogopa wanfunzi na walimu kabisa!!!

[09/18/20]   Tufungue shule ama tusifungue????

[12/31/18]   HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019




[11/05/18]   I wish to take this opportunity to wish our 2018 candidates success in their national exam. Go bravely out there and slay that dragon.

Take a moment and wish your brothers n sisters success in their exams.


Congratulations are in order for this once queen of our school for being a mother. Hope she won't slay too much

Congratulations are in order for this once queen of our school for being a mother. Hope she won't slay too much

[08/12/18]   Kekopeians say something on this page we grow together

[06/15/18]   The world cup bug is biting, which teams are you supporting or rooting for?

[05/13/18]   The beging of a new week, lets set our targets and work towards them, shalom.

[05/09/18]   Hallo all alumni and current Kekopeians

[03/07/17]   Imagine a prisoner in a prison. He is sentenced to death and has been told that he will be killed on one day of the following week. He has been assured that the day will be a surprise to him, so he will not be anticipating the hangman on a particular day, so keeping his stress levels in check.
The prisoner starts to think to himself, if I am still alive on Thursday, then clearly I shall be hanged on Friday, this would mean that I then know the day of my death, therefore I cannot be hanged on Friday. Now then, if I am still alive on Wednesday, then clearly I shall be hanged on Thursday, since I have already ruled out Friday. The prisoner works back with this logic, finally concluding that he cannot after all be hanged, without already knowing which day it was.
Casually, resting on his laurels, sitting in his prison cell on Tuesday, the warden arrives to take him to be hanged, the prisoner was obviously surprised!
Why is this so......?

[03/03/17]   Wahenga husema:
Utakiona cha mtema kuni.
Swali ni kwani huyo mtema kuni aliona nini? na alikuwa wapi aliposhuhudia hilo jambo?

[02/25/17]   What's your take on the proposed change to the current education system, will it have any implications in the country?

[02/17/17]   Hi guys, those of you with pics of our good sch kindly feel free to share them on our wall, thanks.

[11/09/16]   Wishing to all you candidates in this institution success as you tackle on of your obstacle in your bright future....

[04/09/16]   It's that time again. April holiday be safe

[02/09/16]   I welcome all our news followers. Feel free to interact

[10/13/15]   One sunday an armed gang stormed a church and ordered the ushers to close every windows and doors.
They told the congregation they were going to kill everyone but in alphabetical order.
So they approached the pastor. "What is your name?"
The pastor said, "Zechariah Zimwangi."
They moved to the pianist. "Your name?"
The pianist said, "Zemanuel Zinjuguna."
Out of fear, he pointed at the deacon and said, "His name is Abraham Omondi."
The deacon shouted, "He is such a liar, my name is Zabraham Zomondi."
What would have been your name if you were in this church on that day?

[10/11/15]   Write your name in Japanese language, pls
dont spoil the fun!!! Lets laugh a bit by
writing your name in JAPANESE ALPHABET:
A= ka, B= tu, C= mi, D= te, E= ku, F= lu, G=
ji, H= ri, bI= ki, J= zu, K= me, L= ta, M= rin,
N= to, O= mo, P= no, Q= ke, R= shi, S= ari,
T= chi, U= do, V= ru, W= mei, X= na Y= fu,
Z= zi. Pls lets see your funny names.

[10/11/15]   Who is the author of the book of 1& 2 Corinthians?
A. Peter
B. Simon
C. Mark
D. Paul

[10/11/15]   Ngeus umekua ukihanda aki-insist lazima m-have without sheathing it, utakubali? Kwa
nini utakataa?

[10/03/15]   Fumbo Mfumbie Mjinga Mwerevu

Haya:nitajie Jina La Ndege Ambaye Jina Lake Lina Herufi 7. Ukitoa Herufi Mbili Za
Mwisho, unapata Jina La Tunda. Litaje Tunda Hilo. Ukitoa Silabi Ya Mwanzo Kwenye Jina La Ndege Huyo, unapata Jina La Samaki. Mtaje Samaki Huyo. Na Jina La Samaki Huyo Ukilisoma Kinyumenyume,unapata Jina La Silaha.
Itaje Silaha Hiyo.

[10/03/15]   Life in high skul, where you find your love one, are they for life, are they to have fun ama ni wa?

[10/02/15]   Mgomo wa maodijo unaendelea kuwa ngori. Unaona k**a wenzetu tuliowaacha shule na wako shule watatoboa kweli huu mwaka? Tupeane maideas wasee.

[10/01/15]   Ni pano gani umewaipewa ukiwa system ambayo ilikuwa ngori?

Timeline Photos 11/08/2015

One of the alumni of our great school. She has done us proud

One of the alumni of our great school. She has done us proud

[08/01/15]   β€œThere is so much about my fate that I cannot control, but other things do fall under the jurisdiction. I can decide how I spend my time, whom I interact with, whom I share my body and life and money and energy with. I can select what I can read and eat and study. I can choose how I'm going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life-whether I will see them as curses or opportunities. I can choose my words and the tone of voice in which I speak to others. And most of all, I can choose my thoughts.”

[07/04/15]   Peter Hazard, Simon Chege thanks for liking our page


A baker was asked to print 1st John 4:18 on a wedding cake and he forgot the β€œ1st” and
printed John 4:18.

1st John 4:18 reads "There is no fear in love. But perfect love cast out fear, because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love.”

John 4:18 reads "For you have had five husbands; and he whom you now have is not your husband."

[07/04/15]   Simon Chege, Silva Wiilka Xushmada Mudan and Jonah Kipchikilei, thank you for your likes

[07/02/15]   It is high time that our school got a school bus so as to hype our swag. What do you think guys?

[06/11/15]   I want to take this opportunity to thank those new members who have liked our page.
I would also like to urge all members of this page to develop an attitude of sharing on our page. Let's share ideas, jokes, life events, challenges, pictures etc. Don't feel shy to write on our wall

yours sincerely,
page admin

[06/01/15]   It's good to have people around that you can trust, but it's most important to trust yourself.

[05/19/15]   I want mathematicians. Haya
twende: Tom went to a shop
with a fake thousand note for
shopping, he bought items worth
sh800. The shopkeeper had no
change and went to next shop to
borrow. He came back and gave Tom
his change. Shopkeeper B realised
that shopkeeper A had given him a
fake 1000 note for change and he
went to him and was given a valid
thousand note. Quiz; by how much
loss had shopkeeper A realized?

[03/31/15]   #time
time prevents everything from happening twice

[03/17/15]   Guys let's make this platform active. We have been quiet for so long.

Who can update us on how our school performed....

[12/04/14]   Our hearts go out to Mr. Waweru and his family, our former deputy principal, during this time that they have lost their dear father, may the Lord be with you during this trying time.

[10/14/14]   It hurts to see products from this school wasting their lives doing such shameful acts. Jane Karanja what happened to you? You were a very good girl. Does it mean Madam Maina was right all along?

We have in our custody uncensored photos of a leading TV
host. The photos clearly shows the siren opening her
fundamentals in all angles to whoever they were meant to.
Unfortunately for her the photos have landed right in our
custody n Will be exposing them to the public.
Due to Facebook policies on nudity we can't post the
photos here. However if u wanna see them n judge for
yourself just comment below with word SEND n will inbox
Celebrities are wreckless n so is deadbeat. If u have any
photo u wanna be Exposed, inbox us too.
Comment SEND below n check your inbox in 3 minutes.

Timeline Photos 20/08/2014



Timeline Photos 30/07/2014

Be proud of your school's name coz...

Be proud of your school's name coz...

Timeline Photos 08/07/2014

One word for Vera Sindika

One word for Vera Sindika

Timeline Photos 07/07/2014

Namhurumia huyu, laiti angalijua. Wewe waona nini? Mimi naona mfugo 2.

Namhurumia huyu, laiti angalijua. Wewe waona nini? Mimi naona mfugo 2.




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